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  1. Just looking forward to the end of the drama. The production wasted a lot of time of these great actors. It wasn't what I expected, so frustrating... 3 wasted episodes which supposedly captured every viewer's heart and should be something that you'll feel excited to watch the upcoming episodes. I feel sorry for my beloved YEH and CJM, they deserve a better drama.
  2. @yukino78 True, we should be thankful for those who took their time and effort to provide us with live recap. It isn't their duty and they don't even get paid for it but it benefits most of us who cannot understand Korean language.
  3. Ep 10 and ep 11 are the most disappointing episodes in this drama for me so far. Hoping for better and brighter succeeding episodes. As the saying goes, "There is rainbow after the rain." Nevertheless, I will never cease supporting YEH and her partner until the end.
  4. I've waited for YEH for so long to watch her again in a drama. No amount lf negative vibes could ever ruin my enthuiasm in supporting my favorite YEH. In regard to the ratings, I don't really care since the fact that she's been given another lead role after years in haitus is already an indication that she still rocks!!!
  5. I enjoyed watching episode 5 for the nth time even without english sub, how much more when said subtitle becomes available... Thanks @vegaspink for your inputs, you gave me idea of what were the scenes all about.
  6. True. No matter what the haters of YEH say, I will remain a fan of hers and I will support every endeavor that she takes. As of the moment, I enjoy watching everything about her current drama.
  7. Can anyone post the live streaming of episode 5 please?.. i can't wait to watch it.
  8. I hope they could play behind the scenes clips of the drama while we wait for the upcoming episodes.
  9. I am very much satisfied with the way things are going in the drama. They are really great actors. I can't wait to see the upcoming episodes, but for now I will just be watching the previous episodes again and again and again coz I can't get over it. Super kilig!
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