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  1. OFFICIAL STREAM: http://jtbc.joins.com/onair/onair.aspx From the team behind A Wife's Credentials Drama profile Title: Secret Love Affair (literal title); hangul: 밀회 Director: An Pan-Seok Writer: Jung Sung-Joo Network: JTBC Release Date: 17 March, 2014 Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:50 Cast: Kim Hee-Ae - Oh Hye-Won Yoo Ah-In - Lee Sun-Jae (young pianist) Park Hyuk-Kwon - Kang Joon-Hyung (Oh Hye-Won's husband) Shim Hye-Jin - Han Sung-Sook (Hye-Won's friend) Kim Hye-Eun - Seo Young-Woo (second wife of Hye-Won's father, Hye-Won's work rival) Kyung Soo-Jin - Park Da-Mi Shin Ji Ho - Ji Min-Woo Jin Bora Kim Chang-Wan Kim Kwon Plot: "Secret Love Affair" tells the story of secret romance between Oh Hye-Won (Kim Hee-Ae), a woman in her 40's, and Lee Sun-Jae (Yoo Ah-In), a man in his 20's. Oh Hye-Won works as the director of planning for the Seohan Arts Foundation. She is elegant and excels at dealing with other people. Oh Hye-Won becomes involved in a love affair with Lee Sun-Jae. He is genius like pianist in his 20's. credit to Asianwiki image cr Yonhap News cr. hankyung.com
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