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  1. LOL at how detailed you can recall I could only remember what scene is this, and sensed sth very heart-wrenching about their conversation which might make you cry a river, but couldn't recall what it is. Thanks to your detailed description, now I think it's the best scenario for both of them that Yushin got married to someone else and their relationship was ruler - loyal subordinate only. See how ugly the situation turned to when Chunchu sensed that Bidam might have sth with Doekman? he always thought everyone close to Doekman is a threat to his throne. On the other way around, Yushin or Bidam's clan would never be satisfied with their status if they were married to the Queen. The ruler can't belong solely to a person, he / she belongs to the nation. That's how lonely Doekman is.
  2. Because of your spoiler, I couldn't focus 100% when watching ep 7+8. I kept anticipating the corpse's identity reveal I don't wanna guess about his surviving, coz every time I guess sth, it usually goes in opposite direction. Agree, YS is super sharp and talented at inspecting. When the investigation is stuck, she's the only one who can see the light, and she knows how to ask this person this Q and that person that Q, watch their facial reactions to know if they are telling the truth or not. Brilliant!
  3. I wonder the same all the time too... that haunting voice This drama is one of the most interesting Kdramas for me (not that I've watched a lot of Kdramas, haha). Have learned many new things about reality. Although at the beginning of each ep, they show that "Characters, organizations, incidents, and situations in this drama are fictitious", the drama's script is based on real stories, right? I read this somewhere. Frankly, "bully" can happen everywhere: family, school, workplace... and in this drama, military. The consequences are so heart-breaking to watch: one died, one is amputated, one committed suicide However, high-level soldiers have reasonable excuse to not stop the bully: military is not supposed to make soldiers comfortable, it's supposed to make soldiers stronger. It's somewhat true, and makes me think a lot: is life supposed to be this hard? Don't wanna jinx it, but do you think YS's father is still alive? Although he "survives" in 2 ep 8, I have not good feeling about this. Who is the dead though? is he perhaps involved in the case?
  4. That's true, but Alcheon is loyal-till-death to Doekman, that makes me think he's the best option for her. Other men (Yushin or Bidam) only gave her heartache or headache, Alcheon would never hurt the queen QSD's writers never planed to develop the romance b/w these two, but if they wanted, there is room. Remember when Doekman prevented Alcheon from killing himself in the war, and then Alcheon paid this debt back to her later ? I think they have special bond since then. Thanks, but I don't have problem with where to watch the dramas. I already downloaded raw videos and subtitles from viki. But I only have time to watch the new episodes at weekend I can recall this scene, haha. Bet Zary also cried a bucket at this scene. QSD is not the land for shippers, writers created irresistible couples (Yudoek, Bideok), then sunk all by their own hands. Cruel!
  5. Am I the only one who never shipped Yushin and Doekman from the very beginning? I didn't feel anything about Yushin's marriage, I only felt bad for Doekman because I thought Yushin would side with Mishil after the marriage. But well, nothing was changed after that, which is kinda weird. Yushin was married to Mishil's relative, but he still followed Doekman. Although my ultimate ship is Alcheon-Doekman, I slightly shipped Bidam and Doekman at some points. I only have time for Running mates at weekend
  6. Yeah, I think they have reason to put that nuisance guy's scenes in every ep, but sometimes, I ran out of patience with him, like "this guy, no, not again..." Your theory gives me a severe headache because it was probably the case happening to him in prison, maybe not being raped but mistreat, but still it changes him from a useless and harmless person to a real psychopath one. The vet's role in the case 7 years ago is still mysterious. I think he's smart, so he didn't commit to a crime by himself but manipulated ppl, and enjoyed the crime from far. He was super confident in the interrogation room with his creepy smile and even sued YS's father for over-using force.
  7. Haha, I noticed that points too, everyone in HRC building and media acknowledge YS's ability. I think if the bad incident hadn't happened to YS's family, she would have been a detective or inspector at the police station, like her father. What her father's subordinate told YS in ep 4 more or less gives us clues abt her character and why she chose to work at powerless HRC "Do you remember me asking you why you joined the Human Rights Commission?" "You thought for a long time and said... because you were embarrassed, that you've been complaining about having no shoes, but you learned some people don't have feet. That's why." I'm touched at these lines. Apparently, no capable inspector wants to work at HRC, even Kang Ho Joon doesn't want to, but YS with her brilliant skills chose to work at HRC in the first place.
  8. FB There is always a sad vibe around HYS, she rarely smiles genuinely in the drama. Her sister and father's case really affects her deeply. I wonder if anyone, besides her father's subordinate at police squad, knows her past.
  9. FB I like the scene when he discovered that he accused the wrong person, he found HYS to ask for advice. Colleague's bond is developed. this guy gives me the vibe of Nam Jung Gi in Ms. Temper, while HYS is not like Ok Da Jung . She's not as cold or inflexible as the script describes her. Btw, I like how she's un-bothered with rages from polices, haha, even help them to catch the real culprit. Cool
  10. HRC team is wicked, they have funny trick to get what they want. Like when HYS's female colleague wanted to delay the lawyer in ep4, she asked the parking lot's staff to not let him park his car and find another parking lot. I anticipate next eps too. The drama connects the dots in cases really well. Step-by-step, the case 7 years ago will be re-investigated, I think.
  11. There is another reason that they need to find the culprit as soon as possible, it's because of "golden time" of investigation process. Ppl's memories are faded over time. For example, in HYS's younger sister's case 7 years ago, the vet got released because he didn't remember what he did days ago (it was a lie, but no one could blame him). Also, extending the investigation time-length risks culprits cleaning/removing the evidences against them. I think he had weird stare towards HYS because HYS is alike with her younger sister. This boy seemed to have a crush on HYS's sister back then. His weird stare to HYS makes me worried a bit. He may be innocent 7 years ago, but like you said, he doesn't get treated properly, hence his action and behaviour are unpredictable. He may stalk HYS mindlessly, which is no good as HYS is living alone. This drama is full of twists. There are twists in almost every case. The vet is the most suspicious for now, but I won't be surprised if real culprit is someone else, of course, he must play a role in that murder case. HYS's sister was sedated by the drug used for animals, and he happened to be a vet who was also Mr. Angel the young girl had texted many times before being murdered. I don't know how he got away from the case while everything looked obviously against him. Police was out of their mind to catch a boy with mental disability. I think HYS's dad left also because he felt shameful being sued for over-using force during the interrogation. The drama connects cases very well. Like in ep5, that the old police was false accused and committed suicide made HYS remember her father's situation. That's why she wanna re-investigate 7-year ago case in the end of ep 6. 7 years ago, she was still young, powerless and incapable, but now she's fully capable. She can even re-open the case with the reason that the human right might be violated back then. I anticipate her encounter with the vet. Police investigated the vet's apartment in ep 4? because sometimes, they mixed past and present, I missed this scene... I thought he has disappeared.
  12. Dramabean's recap of Running mates ep1 for those haven't watched yet http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/09/running-investigators-episode-1/
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