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  1. Finally... Author Three Lives Three Worlds series release 3rd book. Lotus Step. And additional Pillow Book ekstra! (Green book with more than 50,000 words!) About Dong Hua-Feng Jiu love story. I read somewhere our Dongfeng couple has a daughter. But must to read novel first if it's true. Hope someone can translate that green book to english. Just wait and check novel updates for english translations.
  2. So cute. Fan art. V's ALL characters celebrate his birthday today. I see Donghua Dijun also attend with his Chang He sword V in the center with his fav brand Agender. Another celebration. Today 16th Januari 2021 V hit 12M followers on his Weibo! @Only passerby YXH (Ying Xiao Hao) = Marketing account. They spread rumors to get money by clickbait or get paid by someone/agency to post something to gain favor from public or if someone/agency want to make someone else look bad in public they paid YXH to spread rumors. Don't o
  3. Finally I got the video! Guangre shippers posted on Weibo. When V wave to Reba and when Reba wave back! Here guangre shippers our sweet! Enjoy! https://m.weibo.cn/3620415292/4584551261405561
  4. Just saw Dongfengst's instagram. V+Reba cameo (maybe)? Is it too much to ask? https://www.instagram.com/p/CINoQaAlkB3/?igshid=1tpj4k3wouvyq 50,000 words??!!!
  5. So sad. Yeah just focus on her OTP. No need to bashing and mocking V. Actually, a few instagram account I used to follow now ship YY and Reba. But, it's their choice. As long they don't bashing and mocking V it's okay. Just... I feel sad. We used to ship GuangRe together. But now... I told myself... it's okay. Don't be sad. Everything is temporary. Everyone has their preference. When Reba has new project with hot male star, more handsome than YY, more suitable more sweet in their eyes with Reba, that YY-Reba shippers will change (again) their s
  6. Bad news... Shooting in 2017. After 3 years waiting to air. Good news : V's roles second lead. Zhang Yun Long is male lead and get a lot of screentime.
  7. It's 5 dramas this year! Eternal Love of Dream (FAVORITE!) January - March 2020 Candle in The Tomb : The Lost Caverns April 2020 Miss S August - Sept 2020 Living Toward The Sun Oct - Nov 2020 Drawing Sword 3 : The Lightning General Nov - Dec 2020
  8. Don't worry. It's normal. Because their RV is from same brand. Like other celebrities. Note : Their agency provide RV for their artists. Usually agency choose popular, favorite brand and model. Like if a lot of people use Toyota Prius. It doesn't meant all of them are dating right? It's not like V buy that RV. It's Jaywalk provide that RV for V. Same with Zhao Lu Si. Her agency provide that RV. She didn't buy it.
  9. Sugar Watch the video! I just checked by myself. And yes, V really gave "like" The only person he know in this clip is Reba. So why he gave "like"?
  10. @Eery2 my inner GuangRe shipper also want it. I don't want to wait that long. I want 2022 GX But their recent interview gave me those vibes. But, future is hard to predict. Maybe next year interview will give me different vibes @Fong Zhao Liying become famous because her idol dramas. Transitition from idol dramas actress to serious drama actress take time, process and luck. Not easily can switch even that actress want to. Reba also didn't have a job as an actress from Nov 2018-Sept 2019. Eventhough she's a top star. Next year Zhao Liying has 3 projects. 1 with
  11. @Fong I feel like we need to wait until 3-4 years based on V+R recent interview. Don't know why I got those vibes. V+R become more ambitious. 2019, in her interview Reba confessed she didn't have a job after ELoD finish. No one offer her a drama or movie. So, Jaywalk gave her variety show and MC job. And then LD shooting came in Sept. So for 19 Nov 2018 (ELoD finished) until 20 Sept 2019 (LD start shooting) Reba didn't have a job as an actress. After that, we saw her become more active and grab all opportunities that come. Including accept role in You Are My Glory. Repet
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