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  1. From what I read on Weibo : Alices (Reba's fanclub) demand apology from Yang Yang's fanclub about p*rnographic rumor. Alices fight back and attack YY about military status. Now, YY's fanclub demand apology about military status. And other issue is about billing order. I don't like fanwar. And I'm GuangRe shipper. But I think Alices do the right thing to defend Reba about p*rnography rumor.
  2. I immediately check her Kwaishou video and really see V's leg and white sneakers shadow! Before we can see her kwaishou video, V already see her LIVE! Standing in front of him with her body figure and summer breeze. Her kwaishou background song title is Summer Breeze.
  3. Beside Yang Mi dan Leon Lai Yi also attend Tencent event and stay at different hotel than V and Reba. Jaywalk can arrange Yang Mi-V at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel and let Reba-Leon Lai Yi at Kerry Hotel. But, no, they arrange Yang Mi-Leon at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel and make Vengo and Reba stay at Kerry Hotel together. And Reba has blue dress photoshoot at Shanghai Museum but I don't understand why V also there cause he didn't have official photoshoot at Museum for the event. He only there take photo with giant hand and posting on his weibo. So, why you at Museum V? You alre
  4. Reba and Donut (Vengo's fandom name) V and Reba's lock necklace for man and woman Same brand shoes 'Starwalk' for recent event. V for Happy Camp. Reba for birthday livestream. From Reba's official studio : GuangRe fandom said Reba wear purple. It's Donghua Dijun iconic color. https://m.weibo.cn/6269329742/4643791376488638 From GuangReCP China : https://m.weibo.cn/2585389340/4644079654408926 Same style? https://m.weibo.cn/6012290066/4644068548674682
  5. Actually in C-ent especially drama reviewer and Jaywalk's artist fans don't like their fav act in Jaywalk productions. Because Jaywalk's production dramas are notoriously lousy and sucks. There's a infamous joke about how Jaywalk manage their artist and their production drama. So that's why a lot of people really surprise with ELOD's success. Until now, ELOD is the only successful drama from Jaywalk's production. A lot of buzz. Hit 8.3 billion views. They never thought ELOD can hit 8.3 billions views 《The Long Ballad/CGX hit 3 billions. CGX has Reba, Wu
  6. New sugar from Thai fans! V posted video today with caption ...就是玩儿. Reba update her weibo 20th April with caption ...就是玩儿 So, 就是玩儿 ?
  7. Sugar! Today both Vengo and Reba update their social media. Vengo update his Weibo and Reba update her Kuaishou. They both use word 有 in their caption! Soompi forums not allow me to add their 有 version. So I only can type standard 有. Just see this twitter link I give you to see their type of 有! It's weird because both V and Reba can use simple 有 like this. But they choose to use 有 like twitter post I give you. Here! If you need to see clear version of V's Weibo post what emoji 有 both of them use today : https://m.weibo.cn/1965715555/4628745371260128
  8. What's that something he probably shouldn't say This short clip I mention I found from Guangre Thailand. And they discussed it. And I agree with GR Thai observation about that moment. This eps must be "have something". If it's not, why Happy Camp official youtube not post/remove it. Why they skip this eps. And upload the next eps but not this eps. This eps must have a hint.
  9. I also noticed that too! Happy Camp remove V-Reba together eps but upload ALL eps with different guest. Because one of the clip in that eps really really fishy. I found it on twitter. Only clip. Not full eps. I don't know where to find that video anymore. Guangre Thailand posted it. When Zhang Yunlong said he know Reba very well because they've been work together a lot. V protest and said he also know Reba very well. Then He Jiong (lead of Happy Camp MC) said (their nickname for V because his role Donghua Dijun) "Dijun is not happy. Dijun is jealous." At that tim
  10. Welcome to this forum @chloenynn! Sometimes... in entertainment industry that has super competitive, a lottttt male actor or idol said on their interview they don't want to date. Because it means end for their career. Or they don't want to ruin friendship. Or they want to focus on career first. Wallace Huo & Ruby Lin Long time best friends turned lovers. Known each other since 2005. Wallace Huo didn't dare to confess because he didn't want to ruin the friendship. At that time, he also focus to his career first. Because Ruby already top star. Wallace wasn't to
  11. Yes. That's why tomorrow Reba and Wu Lei will have livestream to promote this drama. Also the general public don't really see Reba-Wu Lei as a couple. Second lead couple (Zhao Lu Si - Liu Yuning) is popular right now, doing better than main couple (Reba-Wu Lei). I think it's because the age gap. Reba 1992. Wu Lei 1999. And in one of her interview, Reba also call Wu Lei as little brother. Beside that, Wu Lei well known as nation little brother. His background from child actor. So, that's why I think the general public don't have a sense of "couple" from them. Reba, you should call him Wu Lei, n
  12. @Gao WenThis drama start shooting 18 February 2017. And release 2020. So, that's why V was second male lead. And Zhang Yunlong as male lead. Jaywalk production drama. From dramapotatoe, this drama was canceled as many ridiculed how it turned a drama on the Second-Sino Japanese drama into an idol romance with a very serious background.
  13. Oh my! I really didn't notice it! V your love sign really smooth~~~ Here's the story : V posted on his weibo 31 March Pic : rice +meat Caption : Listen! How does it feel like? https://m.weibo.cn/1965715555/4620813892061322 At that time, I feel weird. Hah? Listen? You posted rice+meat V. It's not listen. "See" I think the correct word. Not listen to the food. Lol. BUT, today it makes sense! After I saw one of Guangre fans posting and explain! It's a sign! A sugar! Reba's new drama title is : Chang Ge Xing 长
  14. Thank you for the information @MayanEcho Oh there are 2 translations? Chapter 5? I thought last chapter is chapter 9 lol sorry Btw, thank you very much @UnluckyWhiteCatfor your hard work translate Pillow Book short novel.
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