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  1. Haewon is not my favourite character and seems self centred. Her strong point is that she speaks her mind and seems highly aware of her own needs and thoughts . Yes, she takes care of ES but that also because of her own emotions. She was a teenager when her father died but she didn't seem aware of her mother's sufferings. Her aunt took care of her and her grandmother, HW didn't seem to even understand that her aunt could not see properly. When her aunt said that she was going to write a book, she was brusque and didn't seem to think that her aunt may actually need money. She was hurt etc etc, but many people in life are hurt too, and she made little effort to move on from there. She is a grown up now and does not seem to do much to care for her aunt, except when she felt like chopping wood or clear out the store when in a bad mood or offering to cook a breakfast. However, it may be good to have heroines with warts and all because which of us is not self centred and is perfect.