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  1. gotta check your page if you already posted something new about Goblin. Your post is so addictive, I'm kinda waiting every the day it aired (Fri-Sat, weekend to be exactly). I hope you are not feel disturbed by me though:sweatingbullets: I miss you:)

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    2. angelangie




      tell me one day you werent blunt or harsh or trenchant or cold and above all.....i will be ready to call the ambulance on you :x

    3. packmule3


      hahaha. Don't  call the ambulance yet. First, check if it's really me or somebody else pretending to be me. THEN call the ambulance. No sense in wasting the paramedics' time for an impostor. :D

    4. CatchMine_ID


      this is so late and I'm embarrassed by fact that I can't provide you a proper reply; I can't find the words to describe it how, I forgot here and there, but I already hinted on fate-and-destiny thing, and the answer still in that concept too. My state is on mess right now for those thingy, like this.



      Hahaha no I wouldn't call the ambulance cause I don't mind dark stories and harsh words (for those things, not real life)~

      Hope you are doing well, thanks for always tagging me in Goblin's thread.

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