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  1. I agree. 1. Phones are waterproof nowadays so Lee Ahn's phone should be fine. Samsung even sold exploding phones that they had to recall, right? (lol) 2. It's superfluous to watch: a. Lee Ahn panicking and calling the ambulance b. ambulance arriving and undoing the chain c. police cars chasing the criminal and the criminal escaping on foot I can connect the dots so I don't have to SEE the scenes to know that rescue happened and that the criminal eluded them again. It's more important to MOVE the plot along than to shoot these redundant ambulance and chase scenes. Anyway, here are my thoughts on Kim Gab Yong's "Client" who didn't want loose ends. To me, the worst case scenario is not "Hyung....omoni," as Lee Ahn speculated. It's somebody else. And THAT person is the reason Sungmo's mom "attempted suicide the day she found out the deaths of Kang Hee Sook and Park Soo Young." https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/17/hes-psychometric-kim-gab-yongs-boss And here are my random comments on Episode 12: My comments on Ep 12 https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/18/hes-psychometric-ep-12-random-notes Same here. I want her safe and I want her happy. About two weeks ago, I said that she'd been ignoring death and I didn't like it. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/07/hes-psychometric-ignoring-death Here's my interpretation of the sunflowers. This was written almost two weeks ago, too, so I haven't updated the sunflower sighting. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/10/hes-psychometric-ep-10-on-sunflowers-mums-and-yss-construction and here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/15/hes-psychometric-osts-and-sunflowers As you can see I've been busy writing all sorts of nonsense about this kdrama. lol. Even though I expect the worst for Jisoo, I do wish nothing but the very best for her. Enjoy!!
  2. Just dropping by to post a brief excerpt of my analysis of the "Little Prince." ... She became more important to him than his pain. He was responsible for her, as the little prince was responsible for his rose. In the story, the little prince realized how important the rose was for him, and he wanted to return to his planet. He worried about the flower he left in his planet unprotected. He was searching for his way back to the planet when he encountered the narrator. Likewise Lee Ahn realized that Jaein was more important to him than his personal demons. And that's why the staging of this exact moment was brilliant to me. Sungmo (aka the fox) reassured Jaein (aka the rose) that Lee Ahn just needed some time but he would be back soon. Like the little prince, he had to travel outside his own world of hurt and anger to see what truly matters to him the most. link: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/12/hes-psychometric-on-the-little-prince *************** There's also some concern that in Episode 10, it's Lee Ahn who's been doing the giving while Jaein doesn't do squat for Ahn. In case there are some of you who also feel this way, my answer is here: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/13/hes-psychometric-on-creating-heroes/ I'm sorry I haven't contributed much to this thread. I've been busy blogging about this, too, so soompi has unfortunately fallen on the wayside. Part of me would like to see another guy, other than a blood-relation of SM, be the killer/stalker. I think it's a terrible burden on any individual to know that he's genetically flawed or that he carries in his blood, not designer genes, but "monster" genes.
  3. Thanks @lynne22, I recently started watching chinese dramas. But I'm going to dip my toesies into Chinese historical dramas. The problem is they're all 50+ episodes so the first one has to be pretty (visually pretty), romantic (no unhappy and open endings), solid (no plot holes and too-stupid-to-live heroines) and conventional love story so I'm not traumatized. Meaning, nothing like Scarlet Heart, nothing epic like Gone with the Wind, and absolutely nothing Game of Thrones-ish. lol. Did I cross out all the Chinese historical dramas? Do you know about this historical drama where the female lead is a general and the guy is a sulky prince she's forced to marry? I read a small blurb about it but I lost my notes. Do you recommend it? Thanks. Maybe @angelangie will know, too. +2 914
  4. Yes, ma'am. I almost didn't join in because I didn't want to backtrack. @lynne22 What Cdrama is this? I'm on team add, right? If not, oh well. I just made a basket for the opposing team. hahaha. 842
  5. That's our Taecyeon!! With all the disgusting and criminal actions of the "oppas" involving in that Burning Sands? Sun? Sandals? I'm glad Guigui's husband knew better. That's why I said in my blog that I'm going to support him as an idol-actor. I don't care if he isn't going to win any award soon for acting. He's a good guy and he gets my vote.
  6. That painting is by Titian, @nrllee "Allegory of Prudence." The three men, Old Man, Adult, Youth, represent the passage of time, or the past, present, and the future. There's an inscription on the upper part of the painting -- written like a rainbow arc on top of the heads. "Ex praeterito praesens prudenter agit, ni futuram actione deturpet" which means roughly, "From the past (or learning from the past), the present acts prudently, to avoid messing up future action." My take on it: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/26/hes-psychometric-ep-5-the-painting
  7. Just finished writing on props. My take on this statue, tarot card, and the unfinished butterfly will be there: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/23/hes-psychometric-on-the-use-of-props Also finished my partial take on Kang SungMo. Link to the post is here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/22/hes-a-psychometric-ep-4-on-kang-sungmo Enjoy the weekend!
  8. I think the mask is to contrast the two brothers: not everything is as it seems with that Hyung, Kang SungMo (KSM) while our hero Lee Ahn is what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Don't get me wrong, though. The Hyung is kind but he's got an ulterior motive. That's why when the Hyung stood in front of the posters, the posters look ominous whereas when Lee Ahn posed right smack in the middle of the three posters, the whole feel of the posters switched from being sinister to being comical. Kill me but my Spiderman tingly senses tell me that KSM lied about his mother perishing in the fire. I think his mother is the one who escaped in the middle of the night and hid when she saw the evil man with the luggage. He probably hid the truth and identified another body as his mother's so his real parent could have a "free" life. He was complicit in the lie and the rush of the investigator officer to identify Jaein's dad as the arsonist and murderer. And he becomes a "daddy-long-legs" to Jaein, as soon as he was able to afford it, in order to salve his guilty conscience. His mom's existence is his secret he's willing to risk his life on to protect. We were already shown Jaein's and Lee Ahn's secrets. That's his. I'm blogging about this kdrama. I'm late for my post on the fourth episode but I'm already gave you a preview of it: KSM's guilt and character analysis (lol!) His being chained to the bathroom is the reason that 1) he's lousy with his jokes. He lacked "toilet humor" get it? hahaha or the ability to exchange social humor because he didn't grow up normally around kids unlike Lee Ahn. 2) he doesn't want to be close to Unnie JiSoo. He grew up weird. He can't READ her cues, just like Lee Ahn can't get an accurate read of the victims 3) when he saw the dead Lone Witness was chained. Remember? He told Jisoo that the murderer was taunting them. He said, "It's a challenge from the culprit." The murderer knew he was the investigator/prosecutor for this arson. The chain was a private message to HIM. Here's the link to my first impressions on Eps 1 and 2. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/18/hes-psychometric-eps-1-and-2-first-impressions I explained the significance of this art. The Hyung is the "puppeteer" pulling the strings of the two kids, Jaein and Lee Ahn. And this is my half-review (I only did the first 30 minutes, lol) of the 3rd episode. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/20/hes-psychometric-episode-3 I explained the tea set and the mask in that post. I'll probably blog about this because I find it intriguing and comical enough to watch after a hard day's work. I'm behind on my Haechi reviews, but I should be on top of this one.
  9. Yes, I'm abstaining from meat on Fridays, And I've giving up on (hahaha) wine for Lent (seriously). But I still use cooking wine because some food would taste odd without white white, red white, sherry, port... Like what is "coq au vin" without wine?
  10. @wenchanteur You (and "Memories of the Alhambra") convinced me to start all over again and watch this series. I believed I dropped this show sometime after the elevator scene, when he winked at her. When I came back from my long trip, I already lost all interest in the show. Here's my "First Impressions" post: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/11/w-two-worlds-episode-1-first-impressions/ Somehow, it's fitting that I pick this up when I'm away on a trip again. It's okay if you tell me spoilers. I'll continue with Ep 2 when I get home.
  11. Wait. I'm confused. Do you have a child stashed somewhere? +2 688
  12. Starting Wednesday, I'm giving up beef, pork, poultry, and anything kind of meat from animals that walk on four feet, just on Fridays, for 6 weeks. I'm sticking to seafood. Raisins? Raisins sprinkled in cottage cheese is my go-to snack food. But I can't stand raisins in ice cream.
  13. GRRRrrrr. Is it that creepo bodyguard of Minister Min? I have to look at the bright side. This will definitely drive Prince Yeoning/Lee Geum insane with fury and revenge. It's just what he needs to turn the screws on the Minister Min. The plot, so far, is straight-forward and logical. Nothing as crazy as THAT other sageuk that's showing at the same time. It's on SBS; I doubt the producers are going to show anything subversive, seditious or ground-breaking. Jung Il Woo looks elegant in hanbok. He has a distinct advantage considering his mother is in textile. He's "classy" actor. https://www.soompi.com/article/364209wpp/49-days-jung-il-woo-is-from-an-elite-family But the scenes are shot in low-light so like @staygold, I feel like I'm spelunking. Hello??? I can't see anything, director. I had to brighten my screen 100% just to see the faces.
  14. Same here. I like what DM brings to the table: the ambiguity: will he or won't he? I recognized belatedly that the actor who plays DM also played a bad character in the last kdrama I was watching, Memories of the Alhambra. It was a non-speaking role so I'm glad he has lines now. As for MoonSoo, I think the actor playing him is killing it. I only saw him in Let's Fight Ghost where he played a creepy killer. I didn't know that he had it in him to play a light-hearted role. MoonSoo is too earnest though. I hope he doesn't lose that optimistic zeal as he deals with politics. My new post for Episodes 7 and 8 is here. I'm still behind four episodes but I should catch up this weekend. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/03/01/haechi-episodes-7-and-8/
  15. Same thing here, @lightbringer06. I'm enjoying this drama. Will have to continue watching this and blog some more. I've been a bit distracted with another drama. I'm liking Go Ara's character here. Hallellujah! We've a strong,THINKING female in a kdrama once again. I don't mind if she doesn't end up as a romantic interest of the Prince, MoonSoo or Dalmoon (lol). It would be nice if she did, but she's her own woman. As for the bodyguard of the Minister, yes, I wonder what his backstory is. He was there in the beginning when the Minister was discussing the Haechi symbolism with the Bad Investigator (at 3:04). I think Dalmoon will eventually side with Prince Yeoning. I often give myself the creeps when I make predictions on my "First Impressions" post, but I think we'll end up with the four main people on the "Avenger's Team" that is The Prince, Moonsoo, YeoJi and Dalmoon. If you noticed I didn't include the Good Investigator on the list because I knew he was going to die soon in the script. (His name wasn't on the top billing. lol.) Okay, I'm off to review the next episodes....
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