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  1. 20 minutes ago, minion23 said:

    You’re welcome! I was smiling the whole time too! She looked so pretty and detailed while decorating the cake:wub:

    It would be more perfect if KNG came along.. :D



    12 minutes ago, butterflysaga said:


    Bok Man-ah.. where are u during live? Did ur master so busy making bokkeumbap for u today so that did he didn't come? hahaha *roof roof*


    maybe he's preparing a birthday surprise for KAJ.. *i hope* :wub:



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  2. 17 minutes ago, minion23 said:

    Yes she is indeed happy. She kept saying “wow” many times till everyone present followed her saying wow and she said “dont follow me” shyly and she also keep unbelievably saying “I am really good at this” and also said “Maybe i should start selling it in Karosu-gil”:D

    i was like "errrr ????" and smiling the whole time bcs i didn't get any single word she said..hahaha.. thankyou for translating it for us.. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, sight_stv said:


    you mean this one right, she want to tease him so badly that she didnt aware her own feeling on the latest bts lol. She thinks the cameraman is in front of her so nothing to be afraid.. but taraaa we got you!!  




    Yes yes..this one. I wonder if she did that out of joke or her true feelings? Gwaenchana YKssi..admit it, we can keep it secret.. ^^

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