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  1. 10 hours ago, tarjig said:

    OMG! I love Dongjoo!!! It was such a satisfying scene.  All i can say is Song ah finally knows what a real man is like.  Lol

    it was hilarious. she was really swooning and grinning. I was wondering why that whitney houston song was popping up and then I realized bodyguard - so dong joo is her bodyguard. LOL. and yong man misinterpreted and thinks song ah is living with dong joo. LOL. and neither of them bothered to clear that confusion. hahahah...


    now that kyung in knows who yong man is and dong joo has banned her from going back, guess, there is no room for love connection there? phew


    3 hours ago, tulip06 said:

    Eun Ji is a Princess. I bet the grandad will try to marry her off to Man Soo.

    going to laugh so hard if that happens. can you imagine the chaos around the poor fella? it will be fun to watch. :D


    17 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    Is she trying to commit suicide?

    it was more like she was having those kind of thoughts that it would be better to end it but she told man soo that she decided that she wants to live and do what she wants. don't know why she keeps telling him things instead of the actual person who has imprisoned her -- shady mom. :huh:

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  2. 1 minute ago, triplem said:

    Mine was  terribly dramatic ( drama queen talking here :lol:) . I thought you were so sad about your brownies ship@USAFarmgirl 2So the email you used got hacked ?

    same here; thought it was because of the ship.


    49 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:



    Enjoy your daily drama @nohamahamoud2002. Last June weekly drama was okay only. This month look like will have more exciting weekly drama. 

    which drama?


    welcome back @Adotonly


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  3. 6 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

    @Lmangla how dare you judge my maths and call them funny eh?...:joy:...I’m clearly not in the wrong here. Add just won...again...again...and again.




    saltilicious spreading salt on wounds.

    hahahha.... well, there was no dance gif to indicate win. so I thought it was bad counting. lets face it, many cannot do math and so we see +2 or -2 instead. :tounge_wink:


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  4. 2 hours ago, refuse2sink said:

    I used to be in the LGX/ZLY ship which crashed and burnt so I became a submarine :D so I'm still #Refuse2sink.

    since it became a submarine, did this happen long ago? who are the folks in this ship (don't know the initials) and what is their connection? am bored and so would love to hear all about this ship, the connection and how it sank that it would never rise....

    that is if you are still not in pain to talk about it?


    512? wait a minute -- how did we go from 980 to 514? are there posts missing on this page? :blink:

    @sushilicious ~ are you doing funny math?


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  5. 13 minutes ago, msmy said:

    That's a stretch, isn't it?  Kidnapping an adult !  :D

    exactly. wish someone would point out that jenny is 30 years old and she is free to do as she wishes. but then again, even jenny acts like she's 15 and does not stand up for herself. so it makes sense that everyone around her treats her like a child to be protected. it is hard for me to feel sorry for jenny. even when she was crying, my response was meh. basically, every time shady mom acts psycho, she just stands there like a mute spectator. why not tell shady mom that her actions are not acceptable? instead, the only person she fights with is man soo. part of me feels that jenny is so passive that she is a danger to others. since she won't fight for them, it leaves them defenseless and vulnerable to silly accusations like kidnapping.


    1 hour ago, tarjig said:

    I'm ready for Dongjoo to manhandle Youngman tomorrow. Youngman does not know what a real man is like.  Lol

    that should be fun to watch. loved it that kyung in quit and her business proposal notes were hilarious. LOL.


    19 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    I see a tragic accident in Eun Seok's future.  He is head over heels with Jenny and wants to marry her, going against her mother and his grandfather's wishes.  There is no way shady mom or Man Su are going to allow that to happen.  I think we will be seeing an amnesia plot soon for Eun Seok based on his accident.  That will take up at least a few (40 or so) episodes in order to keep things going.  I can't think of anything else to keep the story alive at this point.  

    actually amnesia plot would be kind of fun. hahahah.. it would be nice to see jenny turn a bit aggressive and actually fight for eun seok instead of him chasing her like an idiot.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, tulip06 said:

    @celebrianna it’s true, Man Soo is Shady too. :smirk:

    kekekek... that just cracked me up. shady mom and now we have shady man soo. LOL. :lol:

    then we have dumb and dumber family. feel like the others need some label as well. hahahahha.... so the garden house gang? -- song ah + mom, dong joo + kyung ah + ma eum... jenny is ofcourse with dumb and dumber. LOL. as for eun seok and chairman?


    1 hour ago, celebrianna said:

    There are many things that can happen outside his control and there’s no guarantee that shady mom wouldn’t act contrary to his expectations if triggered by certain factors.

    thats true. the first trigger is eun seok's mad love for jenny. :D


    1 hour ago, rolisrntex said:

    This character is growing on me because I find her attempts at getting Dong Joo's attention cute and funny. She is a funny ding bat. 

    was laughing when dong joo made this huge face as he drank the chocolate latte she brought him. the poor fella. he is going to be so horrified when he realizes she has a crush on him.

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  7. 14 minutes ago, celebrianna said:


    @Lmangla, I guess it would be too much to hope another woman shows up to interest Eun Seok. To be clear, I don’t dislike Jenny but her lack of common sense and maturity makes me unsympathetic to her. On some level I can understand that Eun Seok might be attracted to her looks and even her character but as a viewer I wish he would put the brakes on his involvement with her.

    kekkee... for once I agree with you; she is way too passive and he is going to get frustrated when he realizes that she is not going to fight for what she wants. he on the other hand is very strong willed. maybe because he senses the danger and that jenny can't really process what's at stake, he may be more forgiving of her. lets see. it would be actually kind of fun if we had a triangle where jenny feels compelled to do something after she sees eun seok moving on! hahahaha...


    3 hours ago, celebrianna said:

    It’s like he’s playing a game with people’s lives because he already knows Jenny and Song Ah are sisters and is just sitting on that information. What, is there no legal and justice system in Korea so that the authorities can’t be trusted to take down shady mom? :blink:

    chairman has been trying for over 20 odd years to get this black rose. whatever shady mom is, she is very resourceful because she wasn't caught by the police or the previous investigators that chairman hired. in a way, it is believable. when you watch cold case files, it is depressing how people get away with something for so long. so we don't know what man soo is plotting but he may not have evidence that can be legally produced to convict her.

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  8. 53 minutes ago, joccu said:

    ANd why of why jenny is still naive? I mean she already knows that her mom is up to no good. 

    she doesn't watch kdramas. hahahahha.....^_^

    but it is given that jenny is now going to fall for this sick mom routine and give in to shady mom. it will be weird if these two get married so fast. eun seok looked like he was going to beat shady mom with the bouquet instead of walking to greet her. hahahah... but everyone does have a point -- given how weird shady mom is, why does he want jenny? and unless jenny is willing to fight for eun seok, which she won't, what is the point? guess, we will now go into the separation angst phase?

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  9. 3 minutes ago, kokodus said:

    You know it had a Disney princess dp and a cherry blossom cover photo. LOL. We were pretty sure it was her, but again it was a closed account. Sighh. 

    kekekeke.... so your search criteria was disney princess and cherry blossom photo, basically anything that looked close to her DP? ^_^


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  10. 14 minutes ago, kokodus said:

    @Lmangla @phikyl No one responded to me actually. Those were all private accounts. LOL. Maybe @Dhakra will have more interesting stories to tell. Haha. 


    kekeke... but am curious. how did you search for possible accounts? am trying to think of how you would optimize the search engine for something like this. LOL... and what did you write to them? are you our beloved farmgirl from soompi?


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  11. 58 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

    Even if the same face comes back..it will never be the same character again..that is also saddening...This is why sometimes I honestly don’t want to start a drama...because at the end I have to say goodbye...Drama acts as a friend to be with you when you are hella stressed out...so when they are done, they will leave you..Alone...I have many ‘friends’ that came & left..ha..


    I honestly treat them as a friend..Watching your friend die is like..


    you can say dramas is what supported me through my darkest time. It gives me the strength to live. So if I feel hella attached yes I am..because this is my way to cope with hardship..watch dramas..

    kekke... I started watching kdramas during the early hallyu wave where they loved melo. one never know if any of the leads would survive and invariably, there might be a tragic ending. I remember one friend saying "I didn't know there were so many different cancers till I started watching kdramas." LOL, so true! even I didn't know either...truck of doom ran over tons of leads, not just hurt them. kekeke.. . so maybe I got trained to not get too attached to characters. hahahaha...


    but still, sometimes, you get annoyed when they kill off a character you enjoyed or a resolution for quick forgiveness drives you nuts. (looking at that secretary drama. ugh). but then, at the end of the day, it is time to move on to another story and it becomes fun. am so used to new stories that all these season shows bore me for the most part.



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  12. finished watching -- am all in for disapproval from grandfather -- he is right 100%. eun seok is smitten and seems to think that he can get shady mom's approval? hahahahah... and yong man revealed that it was man su who approached him to join this entrepreneur club. so the play has been in for quite some time. ofcourse aunt just thinks it is because her son is so awesome. LOL. and kyung in and ma eum would be thrilled if song ah and dong joo end up together. song ah just thinks of dong joo as a really good man.


    jenny is beyond naive. she cost kyung in her job and all she can say is "i see" and now eun seok has proposed and she expects opposition and just says "will that be okay?"... when will folks resent her and tell her - girl, you are the reason for the problem?!

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  13. 46 minutes ago, tarjig said:

    Jenny gets on my nerves.  She is too naive.  I hope the writer's find a way to make Jenny smarter and soon.  


    Eun Soek should find another girl (scratch that, he needs a woman).  Jenny and Young Man seems like a match made in heaven. Dumb and dumber.

    omo, you just explained the puzzle. was wondering what on earth eun seok saw in jenny -- it is because she reminds him of his dumb and dumber relatives. no wonder he is fond of her and thinks of her as sweet and kind. LOL. :lol:


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  14. 8 minutes ago, nrllee said:


    Probably coz both have huge fandoms and the blame game is being fueled by media.  Plus the way it played out didn’t exactly pave the way for an amicable parting.  So their “children” are

    taking sides and fighting it out in the public space.  :huh:



    ah I see; was wondering why the song-song thread is now not allowing the fella's fans to have their say and let them be sad as well. it is shipper's thread; so both fans should be allowed to hang out. like you said, it is like the children are taking sides...



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  15. 49 minutes ago, triplem said:
    1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:

    Who the handsome face :mrgreen: , maybe I will be interested :kiss_wink:

    Lee Joon Hyuk.  He was in my favourite rom com from 2018

    should have known that you weren't referring to the ajusshi lead. :D


    1 hour ago, sushilicious said:

    So they released the script...


    originally..Male lead is supposed to fake holding a empty gun and points at Female lead. Then Swat team kills him....my heart...



    did the leads in other 2 voice dramas also die?



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  16. 20 minutes ago, cenching said:


    OCN saved lots of money in their electric bills....:joy: Beside having darker lighting can save money in makeup department too, makeups are expensive nowadays....:joy:





    kekekek... so thats why. guess ocn is never going to get those makeup PPLs then. no face masks either. ^_^



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  17. 4 minutes ago, Dhakra said:

    Same goes for me and Mystery Queen 2, it was so sad when female lead sung good bye and died in the end.


    Sigh......I NEED MYSTERY QUEEN 3! 

    she died? thought both the leads are alive and well in mystery queen 2 but there was no romance?


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