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  1. @missabeat -- I am of the same opinion as your friend -- there are things we can't see and better not messing with stuff like that.. my grandmother could supposedly see ghosts and she didn't tell me any stories because I was too young when I knew her. But heard some of the stories from my dad and other relatives when I was older and I was sufficiently creeped out. So while I never saw any, I would still believe -- have you stepped into a house and been really creeped out for no reason at all whereas other houses give a pleasant comfortable vibe? there are some things that just cannot be explained...

  2. just a random culture post -- a classmate of mine was a different part of my country. in his place which is quite hilly and lots of mountains, it was believed that ghosts/spirits can take the form of butterflies and apparently, they say that if you feet a strange chilly wind when walking downhill, run/walk fast and don't look back for it might be a ghost passing...

  3. missabeat said: @Lmangla: I think both Western and Eastern cultures have the superstitious belief that dogs and cats have a connection to the supernatural or spirit word. In my country, people think dog can chase bad spirits away, and cats are sometimes the medium or ghost radar. But I'd say the Hong sisters brought a ghost dog in just because they thought it would be funny to see a woman act like a "wild Siberian husky."

    @colleenfh: exactly, a large part of the Hong sisters' humor is mindless jokes.

  4. @missabeat -- I was a little perplexed on why there would be a dog ghost in the first place.. in my land, it is common belief that animals can sense spirits and ghosts and a dog howling in a particular way indicates that someone is about to or has passed away. it is also thought that cats can see ghosts as well. but I never heard of an animal ghost and it makes no sense to me on why an animal would linger. does anybody have any cultural insight to pass or is this more of the writer's imagination?

  5. really felt GS' embarrassment in ep 3 & 4 -- she graduated from a good university, was smart and now everyone thinks she is basically cuckoo. when she says the truth that someone is bad, nobody believes her because they don't see what she does. so when she tells JW how relieved she is to meet him, it makes sense. after a long time, she is her self when she is with him. no wonder, even he was moved enough to give her his actual number.

    @rrmski -- yea, he would be so bored without her.. he is already getting close to that stage.. it is going to be so much fun to see him follow her around...

  6. when I saw the "you need some male energy scene", it made sense in a rather convoluted way. why? someone at work once told me in full earnest that to relieve my migraines, I should get a man and that would correct the chemical imbalance in the body. My response was a gobsmacked "huh??????????" so if people can think getting male energy relieves migraines (poor pharma companies are apparently so deluded), then obviously, it can be a ghost deterrent too right? by the way, do people remember what was in ghostbusters' guns? what do you think? female energy? male energy?

    EDIT: @missabeat, @orion -- what do you girls think is in ghostbusters' guns? :P

  7. It makes me laugh that GS is surrounded by opportunists who try to use her for rather funny reasons.. We have the kids who sold her out for ice cream for the summer, the security team who invite her to their gathering, buy her coffee and greet her nicely as it makes sense to butter up to "concubine of the master", JW keeping her as his "radar" because he wants his 10 billion won back....

  8. so according to the writers, it seems like even the ghosts are materialistic even after they have passed on and still can be obsessed with physical objects. so we have the coffee-deprived ghost, the wifey ghost and her pink shoe, plastic surgery/weird makeup ghost.... by the way, what kind of mall is this that there are so many ghosts floating around? I have to really wonder about going into malls during off-hours...

  9. the writers crack me up. they are taking bits of fairytale and creating a tale of their of own -- want to pat them on their shoulder for the great work; the drama is chock full of random fairytale references and it was so much fun to pick up on some of them....

    Here are some I saw. Can you find more?
    == her being a cleaner -- Cinderella
    == the mall is actually called Kingdom. He is the CEO of the Kingdom. (Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was a prince...)
    == He cuts off the white rose in ep 1 and it falls. The old man curses him and it is pouring rain (Beauty & the beast; the beast will remain until the enchanted flower wilts, it is raining and he refuses to let the witch in)
    == the next door upcoming mall is called Giant (Jack and the beanstalk where he meets the giant)
    == the pink shoe and betrayed wifey ghost (Cinderalla losing her shoe at the ball)
    == walking around with a tissue box (midnight! Cinderalla loses her clothes and back in rags)
    == beauty obsessed ghost (mirror on the wall and the queen from Snow White)
    == her ballet dancing at his house when she is possessed (12 dancing princesses)
    == charity event/fundraiser where aunt even invites some important people's daughters (Cinderella; the ball where the prince has to choose a princess)
    == security guard calling them the master and his concubine -- reference to some traditional folklore?
    == mr. security checking on Gong Sil (huntsman from Snow White)
    == her desperate need to sleep (Snow White and her sleeping at the dwarf's cabin as well as her enchanted sleeping...)

  10. b8l8 said:

    @Lmanglare: "trust is like an eraser..."I guess Taec is just the type of person who has a hard time trusting people again. he is after all, in the entertainment industry so i think he has built a wall around himself to protect himself from people who are interested in him as taec the artist vs taec the person. another reason could be:  he must have been burned pretty badly in a previous relationship that he would rather shut the person off completely than have it happen again. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice .... I think we should also take into account WHEN he said it. Perhaps at that stage in their relationship, he was not really emotionally invested in her yet so it's just easy for him to say that I guess.  trust is like an eraser.  once its gone that's it. but if you listen to what he says after, he said that he is willing to give her  another chance and that night he told her during the proposal that she has changed him little by little!!! That's probably one thing that has changed. He has opened up more to her and he is willing to trust again. So given the chance I would very much like to ask him right now if he still stands by that quote!

    side note: is that possible? can we invite them for a chat? ask them to drop by to say hi? or something? answer a few questions? a virtual fan meeting! i know i'm fangirling like crazy but it's my first time so pls humor me.
    btw, i hope it's not too late, i don't know if this was included in your list but how about some guyabano aka soursop? i would very much like to be part of the pet circle :) . i miss fresh rambutans (not the frozen ones from asian grocery stores). don't hate me if i love durian, got that from my mom. can't blame you though, even Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern couldn't handle it.

  11. @hannahmiriam -- I hope that you have a great night sleep now that the haircut comment is off your chest! LOL
    I tried to look at the photos again but I am afraid that my eyes are not as sharp as yours and all I can see is one is swept left and the other is swept right. but I sort of understood what you are trying to say though.. there is some difference in thickness on the top or bottom or side or something... hee hee. anyways, good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!!


    PS -- no hair stylists here I hope.. they will probably bash me up for my lack of appreciation...

  12. after a bit of a break, watching TaecGui again...

    re-watching ep 10: stuff I noticed this time around
    == whenever Taec reads the mission cards, he sounds like he is playing Monopoly or something and reading out instructions for one of those type of games...
    == when WooYoung says, "wife?" You can hear Taec grinning (They cut Taec out of the shot...stupid! so we can't do analyze here..but love the way wooyoung says "wifey?".)
    == Taec pushing GuiGui when she thought Nickhun was on the phone... ( @drft -- our resident guy expert.. what do you think?)
    == Taec: you want me to call a girl?  (what kind of question is that? drft, what do you say?) GuiGui is pretty cool though after a bit of startled pause.
    == Taec says he forgot about the kiss scene.. (really??)
    == when he calls Suzy, first his hands are by his side. then he says he is having a house party, he leans back and he puts his hand back resting on the sofa cushion. when suzy asks what is going on, he says he got married recently and this time, moves his arm behind Gui Gui's back.
    == when he calls GO, his arms are again behind on the sofa for about half the conversation but it is kind of looks uncomfortable since he is not resting his back on the sofa and is leaning forward.. this body language is interesting... anyone care to figure it out?
    == the school girl fans teasing Taec is pretty funny. I think that girl purposely said, "unnie, you deserve better" and then later said, "you make a good couple." his reactions were pretty funny. he just wanted to leave asap.
    == looking at GuiGui surprised "really" when he said he will buy the worm pillow, she probably thought it was something like in the shoe store where they just look and say which one they like.. right after she gives a kiss with the worm pillow, he looks at her and she has a "what?" expression and he has this look like he is expecting more and she gives another worm pillow kiss... what was he expecting her to do?
    == she calls out "sulong" when she sees Go but he just says "GO" and leaves it at that.. (what a sweetheart.)
    == GO: I would marry for this kind of happiness and for this kind of house (is he making a pitch to the PD to cast him in the next edition?)
    == GO: she looks like a mom. (why is GO so surprised at the way she is beating her eggs. Its not like she is making something complicated like carving a fruit. Yet, you would think she is doing something amazing like carving a shape into a fruit with his "she looks like a mom" comment.. hmmm, I don't get it. @drft -- do you?)
    == GuiGui said she felt like she wasn't helping and she wished didn't do anything. (she really was feeling quite low, poor girl.)
    == Go: You come to my house when I get married. (is he courting PD? will he be in the next edition?)
    == GO: They changed the way they react to each other. and both of them looked really bright. I think they got more comfortable to each other. Emma has a better complexion. I think Taec opened his heart. He is trying to get closer to her. People say you never know how a couple ends up and I felt thats very true while meeting them. (his last sentence is really profound but he looks like a such a chilled out laid back guy that it seems bit of a surprise to hear him say that)
    == in the preview, Woo young actually asks if she has morning sickness... (did they edit it out in the actual episode that aired.. how sad! I want to clobber them)

    == Taec actually seems a bit upset that she got something for his manager and nothing for him
    == GO and GuiGui actually do a bit of stretching and he is able to stretch unlike Taec which has her cracking up in laughter
    == GO's message to the two of them: I hope you two will be happy for a long time. I am always by your side. Fighting. (awww, he is a fan just like us. :) )

    Thoughts: she is really quiet in this episode and most of it, she is busy looking at the photos. instead of her being the comedian, it seems like he is actually trying to make her laugh. he does a kwanghee face, he swallows helium from the balloon and does a version of his "i'll be back" song in helium voice. he takes charge and does most of the entertaining with GO while she sort of hangs around. It is interesting that Taec's friends are mostly quite low key and chilled out characters. Birds of a feather flock together? GO is such a chilled out guy that they look all quite comfortable chilling. I actually watched the other couple scenes and what struck me was that we didn't really have a fight/argument scene with TaecGui and I thought,"why?" so, Taec is actually quite a sweety and does not get upset too easily. Even when she broke his Gundam, he didn't go all bazooka on her. GuiGui is also quite chilled and low key and lets him have his way when he needs to and laughs off the awkward times..so there are no genuine fights. just fun teasing. what do you all think? was it because they were in the early stages of a getting to know you relationship? why do you think they never fought?

  13. 1.jpg.png

    so even though it is a terrible hairstyle, I am still digging it on So Ji Sub. But the other guy, not so much. by the way, did people notice that both men have the same hairdo. it is just one is swept left. while the other is swept right. maybe, they look better in that angle or something. but seems a rather lazy approach of the hair stylist if you ask me.

  14. I watched ep 5 of who are you yesterday and my immediate thought was that Taec has not yet figured out how to do crying act very well, definitely not the way some of these kdrama actors excel and make you choked up as well.. that's okay, not everyone has it figured it out from the beginning. practice makes perfect for some... on the flip side, that means that all the ep 15 reactions were just him and him alone -- he getting upset by Gui Gui's crying, his distraught blow fish face, his "my heart hurts" -- all of it was just him. if you are not watching the drama, just watch the last bit of ep 5 where his character cries to know what I mean...

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