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  1. 2 minutes ago, triplem said:
    29 minutes ago, staygold said:

    Angel's last mission end badly? What happen

    Finale tonight. ThAts why I’m camping there ...so far writer nim is being cursed at :lol:

    is the story that bad a mess? read some earlier recap that the writing makes no sense whatever. so improvement then?


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  2. 10 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

    Its like full blackout sometimes lol... i got to squint my eyes to see....

    hahahha.. am definitely not even going to bother checking it out then!


    @mouse007 ~ think you were asking about "before we got married" -- the first episode is weird; kind of screetchy. but once you get past it, it is a good cheating drama. why? there is good lighting and zero attempt to have this weird existential conversations or themes.


    instead, it is just about broken relationships with folks who are not necessarily evil but just flawed. meaning, they annoy you a little but you are not cursing them. it makes sense why the relationships are at breaking point but at the same time, there is a kind of normalcy about why they are at this stage. it is not strange reasons (like birds or flowers) that have you scratching your head. and it is not so angsty that it makes you feel heavy or anything. instead, you can watch quite detached but still feel a bit of addictive vibes as the chemistry is good.



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  3. haven't watched the episodes yet but am leaning towards @calledtoteach interpretation @tulip06; we all know that dong joo is going to end up with song ah which means that for all practical purposes, song ah will in sense adopt ma eum as she raises the child. ma eum is already seeing song ah and her mom as kind of parental/grandparent figure. so if the writer had this biased kind of thinking against non-bio parents, then even song ah would not be a good mom candidate.

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  4. 504

    4 hours ago, staygold said:

    BTW did anyone read news abt Kang Ji Hwan?

    totally missed this.. till you posted...


    1 hour ago, nateko said:

    I did , what a shocker if it's true. I didn't think he's that type of a guy but after the whole Burning Sun fiasco you really can't trust anyone in K-ent. 



    .... like you said, what a shocker if true.

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  5. 4 hours ago, nrllee said:

    Hello.  Who is this?  Visuals are amazing :huh:.  How is his acting though?





    he was in weekend drama five children where he played this eccentric character with lots of warmth and hilarity. the other dramas that I peeked in weren't as good. so he is probably one of those actors where it depends on the writing and PD as well?


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  6. 38 minutes ago, Jennifer Padilla said:

    I am especially feeling for Chu Ke Huan who in this episode revealed, what I have earlier predicted here, that Wei Wei gave him the courage to leave his old life behind. Facing his current situation and instead of turning it all a blind eye, he is finally taking actions. He is finally being brave, after so many years of being an inactive observer of his own life, just running along in what ever direction he is being pushed towards.

    it is interesting that he needed a push to be honest with ziyuan but even then, she is unable to accept that the relationship was long dead. she seems to think that it is just because of a 3rd party. even when her sister is telling her to let go and that she too would react the same way if she was keuhan, ziyuan still is unable to let go. did he just completely shut down but never actually discuss his unhappiness with her. in a way, it is bad for both weiwei and keuhan because this is going to be argued as cheating when it was ziyuan's behaviours that broke the relationship...


    does anyone else find 321 strange? what on earth were they saving for in terms of buying the house? wasn't his whole point to marry her? so why buy the house and now postpone the wedding? even he seems disinterested in a wedding.


    42 minutes ago, Jennifer Padilla said:

    She does not want to abandon just everything. She would think of herself as being weak, just walking into someone elses arms because it is more comfortable. 

    have a slightly different interpretation. in a way, keuhan is actually uncomfortable for her because he isn't her choice. he doesn't fit her plan. hence her world is spinning in a way because it is not easy in any way even if both were single. whereas, 321 is a comfortable fit. they don't argue. they have the same goals. they don't have any passion and so they don't get mad or annoyed with each other. so weiwei doesn't have to feel anything. she is always calm. whereas, keuhan gets her emotions rolling in all sorts of ways that she feels out of control with her actions. she is not in control with keuhan.

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  7. 21 hours ago, msmy said:

    The scene with Dong Joo and Young Man is hilarious, especially when YM complained that he got a bad bruise ("owie") after their last encounter.  Then Dong Joo had to deal with Eun Ji once again, and I loved his reaction after she left with him grabbing the back of his head .... as if to say, "Those two are a pain in the neck!"  :angry:

    poor dong joo - he is really starting to get annoyed with the siblings. he told eun ji that he had a daughter and she was so shocked but later when she found out his wife died, the game is back on for her. eun seok tells her to stop chasing dong joo when he is clearly not interested but she doesn't seem to care.


    the wedding prep for eun seok and jenny is on but honestly it was kind of boring. have to agree with grandpa that it is a bad match. my guess is that after the marriage, at some point, eun seok will lose it at how jenny is so passive and doesn't do anything to defend him. @tulip06 ~ bet they won't register the marriage and so it will be easy for them to have an extended break-up.


    dong joo had a split second where he thought of what it would be like to marry song ah. ooh, the fella is already in love!

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  8. 3 minutes ago, refuse2sink said:

    The shipping thread for LGX/ZLY which has already crashed and burnt. That was my first time joining Soompi. 

    @Ameera Ali What's the name of that K drama of the exorcist actor? The actor looks familiar too. Do you know his name?




    ah I see; but who is LGX/ZLY? I don't recognize the initials. so what is the ship's story?


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  9. 4 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

    Actually, the affair is at a big hotel, not some small shady motel :sweatingbullets: but, they probably have hourly rates too...?? 


    no number 

    if I was the hotel manager, I would be sad that my hotel is not looking pretty and dashing and looks kind of creepy. :wacko:


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  10. 4 hours ago, Lawyerh said:


    @refuse2sinkbtw the main actor is not bird husband :lol:. This one is the lead....Lee Sang Yeob... He's cute...









    this is why you need good lighting, look at how handsome and magnetic he looks... and here, with bad lighting. looks like he needs a facial or something. kind of creepy and sad looking? is she just having an affair because she is frustrated?


    * no number



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  11. 1 hour ago, ktcjdrama said:
    1 hour ago, jaydendoji said:

    Wish she cook " Lucky and Peace" and serve her husband as breakfast

    That’s savage :sweat_smile:

    but your subs translate their names to Lucky and Peace? 


    thought @jaydendoji was talking about some breakfast dish I am not aware of like waffles or something and realized after @ktcjdrama post that it is about the two birds. andaee!!!! they are already tortured as they are not looking their best on camera, poor things. horrible PD!


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  12. @Ameera Ali ~ please tell me that the flowers were atleast shown in great lighting and look pretty? @nateko ~ more than the cheating genre, am more irked by PD's choice to shoot beautiful nature in bad lighting. that just seems wrong. maybe scriptwriter and PD are pure city boy. no appreciation for nature?


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  13. @Ameera Ali ~ well if the humans in the house are not warm, sometimes, it is far more soothing to spend time with flowers or birds or animals. so just shows those fellas are unhappy as well.



    18 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

    The way he look at his birds :love:


    @Lmangla the school teacher loves flowers as well he neglected his wife to picture them , these men are something :mrgreen:


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  14. 4 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

    Shady activity must have shady lighting to match lol... 

    I guess cos affair never done in broadday light? Im curious why title in afternoon lol... like during lunch time... :lol:



    isn't she supposed to have affair with school teacher? so after school and before he goes home for dinner. late afternoon.

    for cheating in broad daylight, watch daily or weekend dramas. no filter to make it feel artsy. :phew:


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  15. 2 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:



    Tbh @Ameera Ali@Lmanglathat 2 birds quite cute & adorable lol... Maybe wifey not attractive? 

    forget the wifey. don't understand why you have plot twist with birds as evil 3rd party but not showing them off. PD needs to watch animal planet.


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  16. 2 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

    Should change the title Love affair in the evening lol



    bwahahaha.... thats a good one. :lol:


    am not sure why these cheating dramas where they want to show some lesson or something all have bad lighting.. folks will rave about symbolism or something and all I can see is bad lighting. nope, not for me!


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