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  1. 18 hours ago, chococarmela said:


    I love it! I like the reporter, the delivery man, Jenny, ES, and SA mother. The aunt is so annoying. I'm intrigued about the Black Rose case... What is it? @Lmangla

    they still haven't told us! am assuming that shady mom did a con where she would marry a man, take his money and flee? and maybe the man ended up dead/poisoned/accident or something? at least thats what my imagination is taking me with the name "black rose". :sweatingbullets:


    10 hours ago, msmy said:

    Jenny arrived at the airport in Korea, escaped the abduction attempt orchestrated by her Mom, and turned away the polite assistant, I think maybe that was sent by Man Soo.  ES helped fight off the bad guys, then Jenny ran and they are separated, so she is on her own.  Shady Mom is super pissed.  :crazy:

    was kind of impressed with that polite assistant. he didn't push her to do anything and just walked away. so jenny was both surprised and thankful that it was man soo but firmly said no. so man soo is almost like her guardian angel in some ways?


    2 hours ago, celebrianna said:

    certainly appreciate how smart Kyung In and Eun Seok are because they just met Jenny and having observed the things around the clueless Jenny, they have already drawn pretty accurate conclusions about her and her mom and in a reasonable way too.

    wonder why no one else questioned shady mom before? was it just that she was such a terror and so there were just rumours?


    2 hours ago, celebrianna said:

    I’m so glad that the private investigator will be working with Dong Joo on the Black Rose case. I hope they make good progress over the year.

    now that we have the PI on board, maybe we will get more info on what exactly this black rose case is all about.. and yea, it will be interesting to see how the rope tightens around shady mom. since no one knows dong joo's exact job profile, it is probably going to be a huge surprise when they realize what exactly he is doing in the company...


    2 hours ago, celebrianna said:

    And what’s up with Eun Ji crushing on Dong Joo? :lol: Too funny with the music and dreamlike scene. Young Man and Kyung In’s meeting was amusing. She might end up being the actual boss in their office.

    both the meetings were kind of hilarious. it feels like the brother and sister will both develop a respective crush but neither dong joo or kyung in will respond. so it might be more like filler fun? and yea, kyung in was pretty hilarious in the way she worded her demands. too bad he didn't go on assuming that she was married with child. :D

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  2. 5 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

    My post was lonely been hanging around for 3 hours. Thanks for joining :) - from 724

    maybe we are all feeling a bit spaced out? thats how I feel.

    my stupid mouse is creating problems when I try to highlight text. have to go to store and buy a new one.


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  3. 12 hours ago, Greta Masalskyte said:

    Man Su have such insane obsession with Jenny!

    am not very convinced he has an obsession with jenny. he seems to be more obsessed with shady mom. LOL. hahahhha... so it is difficult to tell what his actual intentions are towards jenny but it is becoming more clear that he is the reason shady mom has not resorted to more crazy antics for jenny. he is the reason that she hasn't been sold off to some psycho.


    the woman actually suggests handicapping jenny just to keep her locked up and man soo's eyes widened with shock and horror and he said "that will not happen." then shady mom came down a notch and acted like it was just the alcohol talking. man soo is a real weird second lead -- how many second leads will tell shady mom that it is okay for jenny to meet eun seok, LOL. was actually cracking up on that scene.


    when shady mom complained about them not being married, he said that jenny intimidates him which is why it takes time. LOL. man soo is the stronger one emotionally and if he had willed it, these two would have married long ago because jenny has zero power or say with shady mom. so why hasn't he pushed? whatever his game, it is bigger than just getting jenny....


    3 hours ago, msmy said:

    Jenny arrived at the airport in Korea, escaped the abduction attempt orchestrated by her Mom, and turned away the polite assistant, I think maybe that was sent by Man Soo.  ES helped fight off the bad guys, then Jenny ran and they are separated, so she is on her own.  Shady Mom is super pissed.  :crazy:

    ooh! thats great news. will look forward to when the subs come out....

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  4. 2 hours ago, tulip06 said:

    Who else loved Man Soo deadpan-calling out Shady Mom's lies and craziness with the libel lawsuit idea?  He knew she was lying all along about Oh Eun Seuk and the pickpocket incident. 

    it was actually pretty funny but he is quite smart. he does not like shady mom's underhanded methods to try lock up jenny and so came up with a rational, logical response. hahahah... also cracked up when he logically said 30 year old take trips all the time. so what is the big deal if jenny goes away for a few days? LOL...


    but shady mom will really stoop to all sorts of levels. she actually suggested that man soo do something to make jenny handicapped so that she would be indoors all the time. yikes! or her other scheme is basically to make jenny declared mentally unfit.. :blink:


    @lu09 ~ it is good to see jenny at least making a dash for it. LOL. did we think this day will come? hahahah :D not sure if she will succeed but the story has to shift to korea soon no? can't keep her dangling in japan...


    but it looks like jenny will somehow end up with songah's house? songah's mom said that if birds sing, then a guest will come. so is the guest jenny? @msmy ~ ooh, jenny contacting kyung in makes lot of sense...


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  5. 1 minute ago, sushilicious said:

    I have these thoughts about like how typically romance drama threads people there are hella heated. Meanwhile you have crime and horror..everyone is just there on their sun beds drinking pina coladas. Lol. So chill...hahaha



    kekeke... it is because with crime and horror, the villains are so set that there is no debating whether or not the character's action are acceptable. it would be pretty much accepted by everyone that the villain needs to be jailed or worse. so it is more about sitting back, chilling and seeing how the villains will get caught. it is actually less stressful in a way. hahahahah... but yea, romance dramas hit the heart and so often people are responding out of their emotions. thats why there is heat.


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  6. kekeke.. @triplem ~ yea, affairs dramas seem to really trigger people. basically there's folks like @Ameera Ali who are all about the abs. LOL. so just enjoying the drama, the moments, the lighting. there are folks who see this as kind of social commentary and so writing psych essays. and then there are folks who see parallel from their own lives because they have seen or felt the impact of infidelity and it just becomes personal. so it is hard to tell who is in which group and why they are watching. so often people end up stepping on emotional landmines without meaning to. so yea, even when I was a neutral viewer (basically just watching for time pass and not every invested in the drama), there were few threads that sometimes felt so stressful. :sweatingbullets: definitely tough job for mods!



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  7. On 6/17/2019 at 12:52 AM, joccu said:

    I don't like jenny. She's too gullible for my liking.

    am actually surprised that I don't find jenny annoying. LOL. normally, feel like pulling my hair at some of these female leads who act silly but since it looks like jenny is completely in lala land, it is actually more amusing. shady mom doesn't even have to work that hard to pull the wool over this girl's eyes. :lol:


    14 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    I do feel they made Jenny a little bit too dumb to be a famous designer.  It is probably the after affect of the brainwashing her supposed mother has done to her.  I sure hope she gets stronger and fights for her freedom.  She is an adult and doesn't need her mother for everything.  She is already famous..

    in a way, it makes sense because she doesn't manage a single aspect of the business. the only thing she does is design and sew clothes on her own in this workshop. so she can afford to be dumb as long as she is creative? :D hahahahah....


    14 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    I also love Dong Joo, he will be the perfect husband for Song A now that she is divorced from Young Man.  Not sure what she saw in him to begin with.  :) 

    love the somber quieter beat of this romance. it isn't fancy but still feels romantic no? yea, it is surprising given her personality on how she ended up with yong man. was it a one night romance? or maybe she just wanted someone who is silly and makes her laugh? it doesn't look like yong man was even serious about her but they had to get married because she got pregnant. so perhaps, it was just meant to be a fling?


    9 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    I was thinking that the man that was killed (and seen by Man Soo as a child) was Man Soo's father.   Eun Suk's father  was a Policeman and was also killed by the Black Rose, I thought they may have been the same man.  This is my assumption and based on how twisted kdramas usually are, it is highly possible.  Then again, I may be totally wrong.  :D

    oooh, now that would be an interesting twist. and yea, given how we always get some surprising twist, one never knows. it looks like man soo really is interesting for many of us here in the thread as he seems so unpredictable..


    1 hour ago, marrez1 said:

    So young Man and Kyung in will meet and work together as predicted, lol, I can not wait to see the evolution of their love stories will be very funny like these characters;:joy::joy:

    am hoping that rather than a love story, it will be more like a punishment exercise where he gets taught a lesson. :lol: kyung in is pretty smart for now and seems like the type of gal to actually beat him up. it would be a pity if she also ended up like jenny. am not sure if we can handle more lala land characters. :tounge_wink:


    welcome to the thread @rikimaiu; did you just start watching? how do you find the drama so far?

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  8. 4 minutes ago, triplem said:

    The synopsis for the love affair drama is so scandalous! I’m intrigued . My only advice is one must not have a weak heart ....& remember that the drama is outright & upfront gonna romanticise affairs . ^_^


    affair dramas often have the most heated discussions! :sweatingbullets:


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  9. 626

    talking about cheating dramas, TW drama before we get married is quite interesting. it seems to explore the theme that cheating for some happens because they are very unhappy or dissatisfied with their relationship and so turn to cheating as a kind of escape? so yea, they are attracted to each other but really it seems to be the unhappiness and frustration that seems to be what they are responding to...

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  10. 3 minutes ago, cenching said:

    I like Henry Lau in WGM....He is sooo cute but I always have a soft spot for men who are good with strings and bow....:glasses:



    it was sad when they got axed but I thought he was really sweet the way he supported her as friend. plus, he sneaked in a few kisses which was actually cute. ^_^


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  11. 6 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:



    @sushilicious well said! Yeah concept a bit weird for me too. Like its real but not real. Saying its not drama, but its scripted. Lol.


    kekeke... also found the concept weird. whenever I read the description, I was just plain confused. LOL. but somehow ended up watching the global season and loved taec and guigui. it was hysterical and just fluff. so it is not scripted as in they get dialogues but scripted as in they get the situation card. however, the dynamic is what makes it funny because one never knows what can happen.


    some of the WGM couples were real oddballs. one of my faves were cao lu and jo se ho. he was adorably awkward and she wasn't very happy when she met him. but once they get to know each other, they sort of became fond of each other. she actually admitted that she had a crush on him after because he treated her so well on the show. so some of these couples do become friends and have a good memory. others -- fake it till they leave! LOL. :lol:

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  12. to give further context, @Lawyerh -- the show had been rocked by another scandal prior to this where this actress talked badly about her WGM partner. the show itself was sort of on the cusp of cancellation. now min young was actually a host before she got cast as part of the couple with nam goong min. so she was really dedicated to making this work on the show. so min young really pushed for that and sort of made the show popular again. so for him to do that was a blow to the show as well as her hard work. fans were not so crazy about him not feeling romantic but more annoyed with him destroying the sweet nature of the show. does that make sense? 


    @sushilicious ~ it is difficult to explain but part of the appeal of WGM is that you get to see a relationship form from awkward to blossom stage and you see different couple dynamics. yes, they are pretending to be married and some of the situations are kind of dumb but their interactions for the most part are authentic.


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  13. 9 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

    Ehhh why :( I was watching I live alone. Then decided to venture out to other variety he had...Is it because he had to like be married? Or something?



    because of what happened after he exited the show. he had good chemistry with his partner on the show and so folks were curious. instead of being polite, he said something to the effect of he would never date someone like her. it was bit of a backhanded insult and not nice.


    she was the one who really worked to make their segment entertaining and thus raise his popularity and profile. he was in the slumps with no roles when he did we got married. her hard work was even appreciated by his own family -- his brother actually wrote a letter in to her radio show appreciating how well she treated his brother as nam goong min was really nervous about variety as he is not very spontaneous. so to say that was a real blow to the show as well as her.


    he started dating someone shortly after and so maybe wanted to be free but it was very rude the way he worded it. the usual WGM response was "we are busy but wish each other well." not sure why he didn't just say that. at the time, his rudeness caused a bit of stir among fans and he actually apologized and she said politely that he didn't mean it that way and he apologized to her in private as well. still, it left a bad taste in long-time viewers of the show like me because he started getting work again after being on the show.


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  14. 45 minutes ago, celebrianna said:

    @Lmangla, I wouldn’t mind at all Man Soo getting a happy ending but I just feel like as usual the writer will have him side with shady mom if it really turns out that she’s his mother. I really hope this isn’t the case but it’s so common in drama. Right now while I like Man Soo, I can also see the potential for him to turn “no good” under the writer’s pen depending on if things do not go his way or as he planned. I hope this isn’t the case though because shady mom is more than enough dastardly character for this show. 

    the last daily I watched, the villain character had a very interesting arc after she turned from her greed. it was quite unexpected and actually done very well. so one never knows with daily dramas. so it will be interesting to watch man soo and see what happens.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    Did anyone else think that Jenny’s mother may try to make Jenny think she is mentally unstable after seeing the preview today?  She has hinted at it to people before but when Jenny questioned her in the preview I felt she was going to tell Jenny that she is imagining things. 



    the question is whether jenny will buy it. eun seok was smart in that he actually bought evidence in the form of phone and video recordings. however, it would be easy for shady mom to say that it was fabricated and jenny is gullible. am curious to see how jenny will come to korea at this stage. maybe she will run away because shady mom tries to make it seem like jenny is not mentally stable?


    by the way, what are your impressions of the other characters in the drama? how are you finding the drama so far? also tagging @joccu @dulceres @lu09  and anyone else who is watching this drama... curious to hear your impressions.

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    9 hours ago, celebrianna said:

    I wouldn’t mind that at all. The writer probably won’t do it though because a lot of the times in drama land the second lead stays hooked on the object of his/her affection almost or right to the very end.


    man soo is really interesting second lead. while he seemed genuinely sad, in the previous episodes, the guy had a kind of hard glint in his eye when he found out about the pickpocket and firecracker incident. so maybe he does like her a bit romantically but it is not enough to budge him from his long term objective. he is not jumping in to save jenny unlike eun seok who is all fired up. and he only punched eun seok when eun seok called him a stalker -- so perhaps this whole pursuing jenny when she clearly isn't interested doesn't sit well with him either. since his objective seems more important than jenny, maybe he won't be hooked till the end? don't know but am already hoping he will have a happy ending -- man soo already seems a bit tragic. hahahaha....


    while eun seok is still a bit bland, isn't it great to have a lead who is smart -- he put it right. jenny is trapped but doesn't even know it. jenny on the other hand is one lala land character. a female lead who is truly kind of dumb. LOL.

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