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  1. 41 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    let's hope we have another happy couple: Song Ah and Dong joo, to make it up for us as viewers. I just hope there will be some scenes between Jenny and her real mom. Also I am looking forward to Man Soo's revenge against his mom :) 

    was hoping to see jenny fight against shady mom. the woman openly says that she will admit jenny to a psych facility as punishment and jenny just stands there. face palm.


    41 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    I don't mind this temporary separation between Jenny and Eunsuk, it is expected. But I feel so sorry for Eunsuk, even more than Jenny. Jenny has been controlled by other for too long, so it is not new :D but for Eunsuk, I feel so sorry for him, he is totally heartbroken, and the look of agony on his face makes me so sad for him.

    yea it was expected that jenny would cave. actually it would be fun to see eun soek even reject jenny when she comes back as she didn't fight for their love. hoping to see a kicking eun seok.


    On 7/12/2019 at 8:50 PM, tulip06 said:

    Preview shows Jenny being a rotten little dummy again. She should know by now MS isn't after her body.

    exactly. if he really wanted her, he would have gotten married to her any time during the 10 years. he has never made a move on her. eye roll.


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  2. 9 hours ago, msmy said:

    In a nutshell.... Jenny comes out swinging, but is no match for her crooked mother.  The breakup occurs, she agrees to marry Man Soo, and Eun Suk gets out of jail.  Who knows what little tidbit may trickle out before the wedding?  It's all part of Man Soo's plan, so let's see what he has in mind.

    it felt like finally jenny grew up a little and was realizing her actions have consequences. so it is a bit of welcome change that she is no longer in lala land. however, wish that she would stop dumping all her anger on man soo. does she not see shady mom's hand?


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  3. groaning at 321 -- the guy doesn't listen. she is mad that she is just expendable and part of a plan and his way to make up is again and again to mention the plan. I am changing the plan for you. how romantic - eye roll. why not say how important she is and why she matters to him? thats what she needed to hear.


    ziting is a great character -- loved that she pushed keuhan to cut all financial ties. he should have shut them out of the house as well but guess, he still has a bit of soft spot due to the promise he gave.


    @bebebisous33 ~ it would be nice if we hear the circumstances under which he gave the promise. ziyuan holds that card like a marriage certificate. agree with you that it doesn't look like ziyuan loved him at all or does now. basically she's scared of life without him.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:


    @Lmangla :mrgreen: , popular hair cut :joy:


    bwahahah... well, mine is a bob cut but still... was just thinking that his ends in the back are longer than mine. hahahah... but it is a terrible haircut because he has a very small face and narrow body. would look better with short haircut and a beard. another drama I will not watch now - bad haircut.



    @angelangie ~ what happened to your baidu account?


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  5. 5 minutes ago, triplem said:

    I had no idea in spite of being on the thread almost 70% of my Soompi time . I just know that there was a love triangle & dancing :lol:. @Ameera Ali what was the jisc of the story ? 





    bawahahahha... best recap ever :lol: -- that was my impression of reading the thread here and there.


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  6. 11 minutes ago, nrllee said:

    No idea with the angel drama.  Love conquers all?  Where one is willing to die so that the other might live?  Don’t know.  

    hehehehhe... that just sounds funny. one of the best bits about fantasy is that there is usually no love conquers all. instead, there is a realistic vibe that people die due to war, disease.....  thats life. so it feels like a slap to the genre in some sense. maybe thats why people are kind of scratching their heads. if it had been tragic, people would have been cooing and saying "waaaah, thats so beautiful!" :phew:


    P.S -- it seems kind of strange to me that we should have to guess at a theme even for disinterested/casual recap readers. shouldn't the theme be obvious? but then again, the general read was that writing all over the place. so guess, we can't expect any coherent theme?



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  7. 6 hours ago, AlexandraReid said:

    im so glad that kehuan cutting her credits cards, its time for her to live on her own effort, she needs to stop being delusion as if she still being Mrs.Chu?! i cant even relate. :sweat_smile:

    oooh, that is so satisfying to see. as long as he was paying the bills, she would always think of this as a temporary break and that he still had feelings for her and would come back. so he needed to chop off every bit of contact.

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  8. 2 hours ago, nrllee said:


    Yeah. Spoken like a true Tolkien fan.  There was just too much in the books to squash into the 3 movies. I didn’t like the addition of elves at Helms Deep... :huh: but I guess he wanted to add it for dramatic effect...poor Haldir :tears:



    kekeke.. will be honest in that I found the books a tough read because there was too much going on. like I have to absorb all the different factions and remember what they are up to. it is why I find saeguks also difficult ot watch. :sweatingbullets: hahahah... so yea, I am not a fan where I remember all those kind of details and what was cut or changed in the movie but I felt like the movies did a good job in painting a grand picture and staying true to the books .


    36 minutes ago, triplem said:

    They do actually have a lot of problems . I think @lynne22 @kokoduscan attest to that . From the very few I have seen the rule is - have no rules & do whatever you want . Plus they drag the dramas so Long , that viewers like me end up not caring & just wait to see the last 10 episodes :P


    ah I see; another point besides universe building is the question of theme. at least from a glance of recaps, I can't tell what exactly was the theme of the angel drama (besides having a winning OTP). what was the grand conflict they were exploring?


    fantasty/sci-fi works when there is a theme that anyone can relate to. with the lord of the rings, the grand theme is really the dark side of greed. it was fascinating that the real evil was actually this ring and how people reacted to it. even if they believed they were good, they were still tempted by the power, ambition and greed that the ring can give. honestly, found that ring super creepy and I remember watching and thinking "it is just a ring and yet it is more scary than alien monster." :sweatingbullets:  so it is a very pertinent kind of theme and universal -- every human can be tempted by that kind of dark side. so yea, in order for fantasy to work, that grand theme is also key.



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  9. 2 minutes ago, nrllee said:

     I loved Jackson’s portrayal of the books.  It was a universe that made sense.

    what he did well was dumb down the books enough for anyone to easily watch the movie and get it. at the same time, really created this world where you know it is different and can get swept away.



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  10. 2 hours ago, nrllee said:


    Yeah I agree.  It made no sense for the angel to become human?  Actually theologically that drama made no sense (probably why I chose not to watch it but just read recaps/spoilers) but hey it’s artistic licence so I will let it slide.  :lol:



    true. it is why I didn't bother to check it out either. it looked like it was randomly inspired but with no actual understanding of any theology or tradition. so in a way, it was expected that it would end up being a hot mess. :sweatingbullets:


    2 hours ago, triplem said:

    @nrllee @Lmangla Fantasy k dramas never make sense . I have been burned over & over ..:mrgreen:...they start off too ambitious, don’t draw up the rules of the universe beforehand , then with live shooting & wanting to please the viewers they just plunk in a happy ending

    yea, fantasy kdramas seem to have a tough time with coherent logic whereas the cdramas don't seem to have that much of a problem? is it because they know that the censors will tear it to shreds and so they better draw up the rules of the universe beforehand in order to get permission to air?


    the only fantasy kdrama I managed to watch and enjoy was queen inhyun's man. not sure if it can be called fantasy but it had this time element thrown in but I loved everything about how it was done.


    even though I don't enjoy fantasy, an author I admire is Tolkien and it is because of how much work he put in creating the rules of the universe. he even spent time creating different languages with distinct rules and grammar. has anyone here read the lord of the rings books? it can be tough to get through but it really feels like a piece of literature with the poems and other stuff thrown in. so yea, fantasy genre does require more work.



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  11. @mouse007 ~ am even okay with some sad endings rather than false happy endings. so I am reading that angel drama and I think a sad ending would have suited it better. instead you had this weird happy ending where people are scratching their heads. in some cases, a sad ending feels more authentic.


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  12. @mouse007 ~ am okay with some open endings where it doesn't matter that I know how the future will turn out for the character. it is because the actual conflict is something more profound like self-esteem or a sense of purpose or hope etc. so in those good open endings, the character has regained that crucial element and so whether or not, there is a coupling or just friends or whatever, it does not matter because you know the characters will be okay. one of my favourite open endings is a bolin chen movie called "waiting in the dark"


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  13. 2 minutes ago, triplem said:
    29 minutes ago, staygold said:

    Angel's last mission end badly? What happen

    Finale tonight. ThAts why I’m camping there ...so far writer nim is being cursed at :lol:

    is the story that bad a mess? read some earlier recap that the writing makes no sense whatever. so improvement then?


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  14. 10 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

    Its like full blackout sometimes lol... i got to squint my eyes to see....

    hahahha.. am definitely not even going to bother checking it out then!


    @mouse007 ~ think you were asking about "before we got married" -- the first episode is weird; kind of screetchy. but once you get past it, it is a good cheating drama. why? there is good lighting and zero attempt to have this weird existential conversations or themes.


    instead, it is just about broken relationships with folks who are not necessarily evil but just flawed. meaning, they annoy you a little but you are not cursing them. it makes sense why the relationships are at breaking point but at the same time, there is a kind of normalcy about why they are at this stage. it is not strange reasons (like birds or flowers) that have you scratching your head. and it is not so angsty that it makes you feel heavy or anything. instead, you can watch quite detached but still feel a bit of addictive vibes as the chemistry is good.



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  15. haven't watched the episodes yet but am leaning towards @calledtoteach interpretation @tulip06; we all know that dong joo is going to end up with song ah which means that for all practical purposes, song ah will in sense adopt ma eum as she raises the child. ma eum is already seeing song ah and her mom as kind of parental/grandparent figure. so if the writer had this biased kind of thinking against non-bio parents, then even song ah would not be a good mom candidate.

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  16. 504

    4 hours ago, staygold said:

    BTW did anyone read news abt Kang Ji Hwan?

    totally missed this.. till you posted...


    1 hour ago, nateko said:

    I did , what a shocker if it's true. I didn't think he's that type of a guy but after the whole Burning Sun fiasco you really can't trust anyone in K-ent. 



    .... like you said, what a shocker if true.

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  17. 4 hours ago, nrllee said:

    Hello.  Who is this?  Visuals are amazing :huh:.  How is his acting though?





    he was in weekend drama five children where he played this eccentric character with lots of warmth and hilarity. the other dramas that I peeked in weren't as good. so he is probably one of those actors where it depends on the writing and PD as well?


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