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  1. @celebrianna @madmad min @Sleepy Owl & for other anime / manga lovers -- we do have a small thread in the hangout sections where you can discuss. just as an FYI if folks are not aware...
  2. yura must be some sort of witch @UnniSarah; somehow, she cons people into thinking she slept with tae poong when he had the intelligence of a 7 year old. ahem... and now she didn't even spend the night with seo jun and yet his aunt is asking if they are getting married because she got pregnant. ummm.... the drama is 100 eps and so we are about 1/3rd through. time for tae poong to figure out nothing happened that night. think man, think! use your brain cells.
  3. yea, comments on youtube can be really entertaining like this one.... "He takes 20 steps forward and 30 steps back. I'm going to choke him myself" I started laughing while reading that -- welcome to the world of daily drama where we want to pull our hair out or slap the characters but still we keep watching!
  4. omo, finally finished yesterday's episode and it is so hard to watch poor seo jun get pushed and conned into marrying yura. that woman is like a spider. why is she pretending to be something sweet when she is just a snake? drop the act woman! and yujung must have some sort of curse because all the men who fall in love with her end up getting sucked by the spider yura. so lesson to the men in this drama -- don't fall in love with yujung. bad mojo!
  5. @joccu ~ what I don't like about the PD is that he seemed to dislike the fans which is dumb. why would you write a show where you anger half the fans? that doesn't make any sense... but yea, if I see him producing a show, am never going near that again. such a waste of time... am also having lots of fun watching this turkish dizi called emanet. the subs are really slow but they put up to date clips on YT which are subtitled. more than the drama, it is the comments that crack me up and keep me laughing. half the fun of watching a drama is the comments. thats why I love hanging out
  6. this is one horrid woman. they better not redeem this witch. burn, burn, burn! tae poong, seo jun, I am rooting for both of you! I hope seo jun keeps roasting her and tells her to take a hike while tae poong ruins all her plans and humiliates her. @UnniSarah ~ this seems to be a season of creepy villains. next to the evil queen in lie of lies, yura here also is really creepy.... I will not be surprised one bit if yura ends up taking further steps such as murder herself.
  7. oh my gosh, don't remind me. I also dropped the drama and would just read recaps and sometimes an episode or two. I was so annoyed with the last season. it didn't make any sense and the ending. UGH. I really do think the PD hates the fans or had some bad blood with the actor because no one would write such absurdities. @celebrianna ~ yea, I like crime procedural as well because it ends in one hour. uncle google apparently knows me well because I keep getting clips like that on my recommended list in youtube -- from monk to law and order to midsomer murders. today, something new p
  8. kekekke... thanks for the laughs @madmad min what is global englishes book?
  9. @UnniSarah ~ so a/c chairman and soo hee might end up together. nooo! I hope not. she really loved her husband and was so devastated. the chart also shows no connection between seo jun and yura. will he escape the clutches of yura? from bits of the episode I saw, it looks like seo jun is forced to say yes to marrying yura because of the pressures of the company and not having the contract with president Ko. but we have her old colleague back who she never got along with and slapped a few times. plus, we have tae poong in the background. hope seo jun is able to break free!
  10. hi ya @Sleepy Owl and @Min2206 @Jillia ~ haven't been as active on soompi lately. taking more breaks in between. 124
  11. this sounds hilarious. LOL. I want to see pics of bamboo tree shoot that has netizens pairing off these folks. @Sleepy Owl ~ not sure how you are finding time to watch so many dramas! guess you have patience or maybe young? LOL. I feel like I am ageing because I barely watch 10-15 minutes of a drama and then get up to start doing other tasks in between. so an hour drama can sometimes take me a few hours to watch. but I wanted to ask you about alice. so it didn't turn into fauxcest right? saw some comments that folks were uncomfortable with certain episodes and were dropping it..
  12. good morning chingus! poking my head in for a bit. 124
  13. bwahahaha.... just watched the ending of ep 120 raw and it was daebak! can't wait for subs. totally started laughing when secretary Ha came in. his head was down and when he looked up, it was like in those horror movies when the ghost shows its face. LOL. and the look of open horror on cruella, seok hwan and eun joo. it was hilarious. @celebrianna @UnniSarah ~ this feels like one drama where the villains will pay. cruella's dearest wish was to see her seok hwan take over the company and she was willing to do anything for it. so now, that is definitely not going to happen. in addit
  14. ... funny ... is that code for ... "its just like Fatal Promise"? I freely admit I have been lurking a time or two on the Man In A Veil thread, just to see if I was actually missing anything, however I'm proud to say I haven't surrendered to my morbid curiosity and watched any of it ... (yet) kekekkeke..... so no, it is not as cuckoo as fatal promise where the leads were so annoying. like @nohamahamoud2002, I also like the male lead because his brain is working! okay, parts of it are not obviously hahahaha... but it is a vast improvement from oth
  15. @joccu ~ maybe the male lead? it looks like second lead is pursuing the female lead because of some sort of revenge/business even though he doesn't care for her at all... it also looks like the female lead's family does not go broke at all. she is wearing some fancy clothes and a hat while seeing the painting. kekeke... her going broke and the changes it brings was a major part of the old drama...
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