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  1. my guess is that he will definitely be attacked before that but since he always has back up plans, the truth will come out anyway. the question is whether he survives. if he does, then jenny and mrs ji will probably forgive him because the guy has literally had 2 attempts on his life by shady mom. brother police and grandpa had a showdown that was kind of funny. brother police tries to tell him that grandpa has it wrong and he shouldn't be spreading rumours. grandpa is like "I am old, I will do what I want regardless." jenny as usual is being conned by shady mom. why does she believe shady mom's lies? shady mom convinces jenny that they need to go to LA immediately to turn over the company to jenny's name. post that, shady mom will return to seoul and surrender to police. the DNA test is also going to be done soon. so it should come out that man soo is shady mom's son. dong joo is already figuring out that jenny may not be shady mom's daughter which is why man soo wanted to marry her. so next few days should hopefully be interesting. then few episodes to wrap up the fallout...
  2. @Lawyerh @Sarang21 ~ found the description in allkpop more hilarious " as she honestly opened up about her ongoing divorce in a calm, reflective manner." -- so magazine writer was expecting some crazy rant? 734
  3. hahaha.... so she strikes again. let me go see now. 728
  4. kekeke... am actually glad that eun seok and jenny are getting divorced. the actor playing eun seok has such a bland face that it is hard to tell if he even cares that he found his father's murderer. man soo is in more pain, anguish and double mind while dealing with shady mom -- he lost his father because of her but at the same time, she is his mother and part of him wants to love her. so it is this very confusing feeling he has and the actor does a good job. even jenny is doing a great job of showing conflicting emotion with shady mom -- she is embarrassed, hates and traumatized by this woman but at the same time, has loyalty and cannot let go. on the other hand, eun seok is being played by an actor who does no nuance and so comes off looking like an idiot going wherever the wind blows. his grandfather and aunt are angry, frustrated that he is married to the daughter of the killer. there is almost no anguish on the conflicting position he is in. instead, he comes across like a lovesick fool who doesn't care about his family history at all when he says that they shouldn't judge jenny because she didn't know. so because of the bad acting, it just feels like eun seok is going through the ropes and this is not about his father but rather about doing something his grandfather wants which is actually ridiculous. it should also impact him, he lost his father and also his mother because of shady mom. even if jenny was not involved, for now, she is shady mom's daughter which means that by marrying her, he has also tied himself to the killer as family. there should be conflicting feelings about that kind of connection. since the actor is not capable of nuance, then better to have a story that is more cut and dry where they divorce instead of this romeo juliet kind of vibe where they want to be together but cannot.
  5. yea, they needed a nuanced acting but got someone so bland faced that eun seok becomes this kind of dummy character. and in a daily, we do need those side character developments. just waiting for this one to end since we have gotten this far. lets hope the next one is indeed better. need something to keep us entertained!
  6. there is revenge... and it is coming from shady mom. ... she feels slighted and insulted that people are "framing" her as the black rose. LOL. her police brother looks at her like she has lost a few marbles when she says that she cannot run away as she needs to pay back those who humiliated her. his reaction is basically "woman you are the black rose. why would you be angry?" eun seok and dong joo are suspecting man soo is shady mom's son. meanwhile shady mom has decided to hire an assassin to kill man soo and then run off to LA with jenny. she is never going to let go of her golden goose Jenny. man soo says he has finally decided that he can't postpone the truth and told mrs ji that her daughter will be found in a month. while watching the drama, something that struck me was the lack of evidence. if it wasn't for man soo giving hints to dong joo and eun seok, they wouldn't have figured out shady mom is black rose. grandpa is fuming that even though they know the identity of black rose, she cannot be prosecuted without evidence. thats part of the problem and why man soo has been patient for so long and meticulously building evidence. part of me likes to think that him delaying the truth to jenny is also part of the evidence building. just watched another drama where the lack of evidence meant a short sentence for the villains -- it was so frustrating to watch. since it doesn't look shady mom will be redeemed, it looks like jail or death for her? since we havent got a romance with kyung in and man soo, will he be also killed off?
  7. kekkee... am barely watching one daily drama and I can't even keep up with the episodes!... and it is funny because I feel like I am really busy but at the end of the night, I feel like I haven't done that much during the day. 710
  8. yea I felt the same. the episode wasn't as entertaining as the first 4 but I did like the little speech that the noodles guy gave manager jung. he needed someone to tell him that it was fine that he was demoted and not that big a deal as stuff happens. the trick is to keep moving.
  9. so I am not sure if I am right and I don't have the heart to re-watch ep 16 to be sure but I think the reason the top members got light sentences is because they were only sued on one case -- the ex-wife of wan joo and her being manipulated by the chef. that is the only one they had evidence for as they had the recording. thats why the top members got such light sentences and it was related to violation of privacy act and something to do with hacking. as for ms han, they had no direct evidence that she hid evidence in the murder and so the charges that she could be prosecuted on were fairly less. yea, it is unfair that their other crimes didn't get exposed but I guess we have to satisfied that they were prosecuted on something....
  10. that makes a lot of sense. she doesn't seem very maternal or even loving towards jenny at times and so kept wondering why she was clinging on to jenny so much.... you are not alone. we are all wondering whether it is bad acting or bad character development. every situation is a flat reaction.
  11. what drama are you watching? what is this tuna mayo? am guessing you are not talking about food or sandwich? take a break from oppa pics. 646
  12. I was so annoyed because of CJH character. they had time to prepare and yet created a stupid ending for him that was so abrupt. think if they had done it with some care, it would have been okay. bad memories. eek. 566
  13. actually if he had said it earlier, then it would have been interesting to see the fallout. shady mom resents the world so much that she thinks that her actions are acceptable and she is justified in doing bad things. so she has zero remorse. it would have interesting to go from zero remorse to some remorse and some acceptance. many dramas go through very interesting arcs for the villains. here, everything is happening so late that it is going to be rushed now. why have so much snooze episodes earlier?
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