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  1. 626 talking about cheating dramas, TW drama before we get married is quite interesting. it seems to explore the theme that cheating for some happens because they are very unhappy or dissatisfied with their relationship and so turn to cheating as a kind of escape? so yea, they are attracted to each other but really it seems to be the unhappiness and frustration that seems to be what they are responding to...
  2. Lmangla

    Soompi love feast

    @gm4queen ~ thanks for the sweetness. is that miniature modeling?
  3. it was sad when they got axed but I thought he was really sweet the way he supported her as friend. plus, he sneaked in a few kisses which was actually cute. 582
  4. 580 kekeke... also found the concept weird. whenever I read the description, I was just plain confused. LOL. but somehow ended up watching the global season and loved taec and guigui. it was hysterical and just fluff. so it is not scripted as in they get dialogues but scripted as in they get the situation card. however, the dynamic is what makes it funny because one never knows what can happen. some of the WGM couples were real oddballs. one of my faves were cao lu and jo se ho. he was adorably awkward and she wasn't very happy when she met him. but once they get to know each other, they sort of became fond of each other. she actually admitted that she had a crush on him after because he treated her so well on the show. so some of these couples do become friends and have a good memory. others -- fake it till they leave! LOL.
  5. to give further context, @Lawyerh -- the show had been rocked by another scandal prior to this where this actress talked badly about her WGM partner. the show itself was sort of on the cusp of cancellation. now min young was actually a host before she got cast as part of the couple with nam goong min. so she was really dedicated to making this work on the show. so min young really pushed for that and sort of made the show popular again. so for him to do that was a blow to the show as well as her hard work. fans were not so crazy about him not feeling romantic but more annoyed with him destroying the sweet nature of the show. does that make sense? @sushilicious ~ it is difficult to explain but part of the appeal of WGM is that you get to see a relationship form from awkward to blossom stage and you see different couple dynamics. yes, they are pretending to be married and some of the situations are kind of dumb but their interactions for the most part are authentic. 578
  6. 578 yea @Lawyerh ~ this was the story. when it first came out, it sounded pretty bad that he had to backtrack and pedal an apology to the show and her.
  7. because of what happened after he exited the show. he had good chemistry with his partner on the show and so folks were curious. instead of being polite, he said something to the effect of he would never date someone like her. it was bit of a backhanded insult and not nice. she was the one who really worked to make their segment entertaining and thus raise his popularity and profile. he was in the slumps with no roles when he did we got married. her hard work was even appreciated by his own family -- his brother actually wrote a letter in to her radio show appreciating how well she treated his brother as nam goong min was really nervous about variety as he is not very spontaneous. so to say that was a real blow to the show as well as her. he started dating someone shortly after and so maybe wanted to be free but it was very rude the way he worded it. the usual WGM response was "we are busy but wish each other well." not sure why he didn't just say that. at the time, his rudeness caused a bit of stir among fans and he actually apologized and she said politely that he didn't mean it that way and he apologized to her in private as well. still, it left a bad taste in long-time viewers of the show like me because he started getting work again after being on the show. 576
  8. @sushilicious ~ watching we got married turned me off nam goongmin for good. 576
  9. the last daily I watched, the villain character had a very interesting arc after she turned from her greed. it was quite unexpected and actually done very well. so one never knows with daily dramas. so it will be interesting to watch man soo and see what happens.
  10. Lmangla

    OTP Bingo 2019

    thank you for joining us and having some laughs -- @triplem @mouse007 @vangsweetie637 @2handsintertwined @sohib @itsMYday @Yongzura @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali Hope everyone had fun even if they didn't hold a winning bingo ticket. here's the calling ticket that was used: were you able to figure out the tropes? till the next event, see you then. re: @sushilicious
  11. the question is whether jenny will buy it. eun seok was smart in that he actually bought evidence in the form of phone and video recordings. however, it would be easy for shady mom to say that it was fabricated and jenny is gullible. am curious to see how jenny will come to korea at this stage. maybe she will run away because shady mom tries to make it seem like jenny is not mentally stable? by the way, what are your impressions of the other characters in the drama? how are you finding the drama so far? also tagging @joccu @dulceres @lu09 and anyone else who is watching this drama... curious to hear your impressions.
  12. man soo is really interesting second lead. while he seemed genuinely sad, in the previous episodes, the guy had a kind of hard glint in his eye when he found out about the pickpocket and firecracker incident. so maybe he does like her a bit romantically but it is not enough to budge him from his long term objective. he is not jumping in to save jenny unlike eun seok who is all fired up. and he only punched eun seok when eun seok called him a stalker -- so perhaps this whole pursuing jenny when she clearly isn't interested doesn't sit well with him either. since his objective seems more important than jenny, maybe he won't be hooked till the end? don't know but am already hoping he will have a happy ending -- man soo already seems a bit tragic. hahahaha.... while eun seok is still a bit bland, isn't it great to have a lead who is smart -- he put it right. jenny is trapped but doesn't even know it. jenny on the other hand is one lala land character. a female lead who is truly kind of dumb. LOL.
  13. try out shady mom-in-law and see if you like it. you may be surprised. quite easy watch and only half hour each ep. 520
  14. yea. it makes it kind of fun that the story seems to be layered so we are getting details little by little. already 19 episodes flew by. so am wondering how man soo will end up back in korea as well. jenny will probably run off to korea but will man soo come to manage his hotel there? and wild idea -- won't it be fun if man soo ends up with kyung in? much better combo than yongman and kyung in..... at least it would far less awkward dinner. hahahahah....
  15. am really enjoying it! hahahha.... so there's enough twists and turns to surprise you and none of the characters are acting in a typical fashion. there is both the familiar feel as well feeling really fresh. can't think of a drama where the female lead basically asks the second lead, her sort of fiance, to cover for her so that she can go on a date with the first lead. LOL. put that way, it sounds quite scandalous no? wish more would have the patience to check out a daily drama because it feels like this is going to be good ride and we are all going to enjoy it despite the inevitable lapses in logic and loose ends that will happen along the way. what about others here? what are your impressions of the drama? good, bad, ugly?
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