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  1. kekeke... they said jasmine outfit on live action would be distracting as well. LOL. maybe they were afraid censor board would refuse to give G rating and so no kids would be able to watch. 800
  2. did you do the twirl? I used to love turning in circles with those skirts! it was so much fun! hahahhahah... 800 @sushilicious ~ have you heard this cover? loved that the lyrics were actually changed instead of a direct translation and so the song flows better. actually it feels more meaningful here...
  3. @cenching ~ hahahaha. yes, that awful jasmine outfit that makes NO sense. .. pink and green is actually a common combo but it does look like halloween costume there. it is all sorts of wrong.. here' a cute kiddo outfit in similar colour but so much more richer looking compared to jasmine! the movie must have spent all money on CGI. 802
  4. basically it was some mismash... but I always found it very distracting and so I was more annoyed as a child and didn't really enjoy the cartoon. ... the harem pants are okay but basically, there are versions of it all the way from turkey to south asia. same with turbans. basically turbans served a practical purpose -- to protect head from sun. but over time, there was a few politics and other traditions involved in it.. so yea, the father seemed to be indian-ish type turban... my confusion was more over her off-shoulder, navel showing top which seemed all sorts of strange and very impractical for a desert region. .. yes, childish me thought the cartoon was very dumb.
  5. 796 kekek... @sushilicious ~ in the movie, apparently, they felt aladdin showing off chest would be too distracting. hahahah... but I always found the costume in the cartoon very silly. only an idiot would go around exposing their skin hot desert -- you get sun burn! thats why you need a light material like cotton or linen and full sleeves. @Ameera Ali ~ but yea, my pet peeve -- here's one of jasmine's new outfit from movie: that sort of embroidery is what school children dramas/dances are made of! (basically you get a roll like ribbon of this and it is stitched. this is more like a back up dancer outfit... here's what a bollywood drama outfit looks like... (the actress wore this while promoting one of her movies) see the embroidery, detail and flair of fabric... -- it is a from a well known designer who takes inspiration from history.. isn't jasmine's outfit so PLAIN in comparison? maybe her kingdom is broke.
  6. even for bollywood, it seems so wrong!!! hahahaha.... so I saw pics of the updated outfits from the movie and it all seems... so plain!!!! ... hahahha... in this article, the designer said it had south asian influence and I am thinking "seriously???? have they even seen what mughal dressing was like?" where is the intricate embroidery? the delicate colour combos? the flairs and moves of the fabric? nothing. it is just hollywood imagination but even wedding costume in bollywood is far more intricate. 776
  7. 776 vaguely remember seeing black and white versions of it. maybe it was sindbad? anyway, what I found strange is that in all these movies/dramas, they all had this uniform costume but I couldn't figure out where exactly it was from. especially jasmine's outfit -- somehow that seems so wrong? would a princess actually wear a belly dancer type outfit? (in the cartoon)
  8. 776 waving hello to @mouse007 @Ameera Ali ~ you know what has always bothered me about aladdin? the costumes? why do every aladdin drama, they dress like this but is that how they really dressed?
  9. 770 @Lawyerh ~ saw your tag about real life black widow but not sure what reaction button to press for a story like that! .. ah I see.... so does she end up back with her husband with the swapped face?
  10. which drama is this? where were the photos from? left handed wife? 764
  11. random thought on ep 5 _ so why do female leads in dramaland never dress appropriate for the weather? Surely their expensive phone has weather app? Why not pack a light shawl/stole/sweater/jacket in a handbag? Hahaha .... and dae joo must have a core temperature lower than gal hee as he is forever wearing sweatshirt plus overcoat? Why so cold? Will the glacier melt if veronica park also offers her armpits to warm his hands?
  12. LOL @triplem ~ this armpit skinship in ep 5 had me laughing out loud that I had no idea what he was saying. first reaction "thats gross! did some cologne/deodorant company pay for PPL? we protect you from armpit sweat and so you can warm your girlfriend's hands during cold times?" but just as an aside, yes, armpits is supposed to be warmer than the rest of the body and so in freezing cold temperatures, one way of warming your hands is by putting it under your armpit as a way of warding off hypothermia/frost bite. (saw it in some english movie which I can't remember but there was LOTS of snow, up to hips and it was life & death situation where they were like literally almost dying from the cold. it wasn't some happy moment but more like sad where you are sure one of the group will die...) but here, it wasn't even that cold for hypothermia or frost bite or snow and why is there happy music? more importantly, what was min ik thinking? so gross! total skinship fail!
  13. yea it is definitely starting off strong and so hopefully it will be able to maintain momentum. so from ep 3 and 4, it is obvious that jenny is song ah's younger sister who was basically kidnapped by shady mom as a tool to help herself hide from police. am surprised that she didn't get rid of jenny as a child. why keep her when she has no qualms giving this girl medicine for allergies she does not have, giving her fake mental ailments and a reputation as a patient with multiple health issues?? as for long term goal, think it is eventually to make pots of money perhaps? the magazine editor said that there are rumours that jenny is the fool as it is the mom who is making the money. so quite possibly, jenny actually is penniless even though she is this designer... won't be surprised at all if she tries to kill eun seok. unlike man soo who is weirdly gullible (or maybe purposefully so), eun seok's antlers are already pinging. he finds it strange that she would lie about the prankster, finds her controlling jenny to not even eat peanuts and then giving her a fake allergy and medicine. so he is already wondering "HUH?"... but my guess is that her attempt to kill eun seok or even jenny will alert others that the iron rose is back and still around... am wondering if man soo is really gullible or pretending to be. he seems like a stalker or maybe just used to having whatever he wants. so he goes along with whatever shady mom says even though to a normal person, we would ask "HUH?" rather than question her, he agrees to everything. so it will be interesting to see if man soo is just playing along in order to get jenny? as for shady mom, man soo seems at least a good son-in-law because he's filthy rich and importantly, as protective (controlling) of jenny as her and listens to all her lies. so she plants herself as the mom in the rich hotel and has a rich lifestyle without paying for it? am waiting to see how dong joo will start investing because it is then going to really pick up steam... yea it will but in some ways, this is not a loving relationship. jenny already recognizes that it is very controlling and is already sort of pushing to have her freedom... so it will be interesting to see if she realizes how poisonous shady mom is on her own or whether others tell her the truth. am guessing that if is eun seok or anyone else, she will see them as a liar but if she finds out on her own, then maybe, she will turn on shady mom?
  14. are you using it as empty store cupboard for your spices? 756
  15. @ktcjdrama ~ not sure if the doc I posted earlier was the right one.. anyway, did manage to find this really short clip (about 2.5 mins) about the still face experiment. it shows how babies read faces and how important that is to them for communication. so it gives us a clue to how devastating it can be for min ik as an adult to not be able to read emotions... so while looking for the specific clip, found some interesting stuff! apparently face blindness isn't that rare.. well maybe min ik's condition of not seeing anything at all is very severe.. but doctors think it might be one in 50 but many don't know they have some version of face blindness!!! so it can either be genetic, progressive or after a brain injury like with min ik. it is quite fascinating to hear some of their stories and experiences in these two clips (it is short, one is about 5 minutes and the other is about 15 minutes) about people living with face blindness. a comment from a viewer on one of the clips: " Well done. I also have prosopagnosia, as do my sister and my father. Watching movies is very difficult because it is hard to know if a character has changed clothes or if it's a different person. It affects my life so much."...... watching these clips and that viewer comment helps me to see how this weird triangle with min ik, veronica park and gal hee is possible...
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