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  1. @ktcjdrama ~ not sure if the doc I posted earlier was the right one.. anyway, did manage to find this really short clip (about 2.5 mins) about the still face experiment. it shows how babies read faces and how important that is to them for communication. so it gives us a clue to how devastating it can be for min ik as an adult to not be able to read emotions... so while looking for the specific clip, found some interesting stuff! apparently face blindness isn't that rare.. well maybe min ik's condition of not seeing anything at all is very severe.. but doctors think it might be one in 50 but many don't know they have some version of face blindness!!! so it can either be genetic, progressive or after a brain injury like with min ik. it is quite fascinating to hear some of their stories and experiences in these two clips (it is short, one is about 5 minutes and the other is about 15 minutes) about people living with face blindness. a comment from a viewer on one of the clips: " Well done. I also have prosopagnosia, as do my sister and my father. Watching movies is very difficult because it is hard to know if a character has changed clothes or if it's a different person. It affects my life so much."...... watching these clips and that viewer comment helps me to see how this weird triangle with min ik, veronica park and gal hee is possible...
  2. hahahha... well at least it is not about bad luck. one of my friends had a fish tank and her dad wanted a specific # of fish that fortune teller said would bring luck. but sadly, one fish would keep dying and the number would change to unlucky number. he would replace the fish and it would happen again. LOL. dad finally got frustrated and got rid of fish tank and he was like "we have enough bad luck as it is." 724
  3. LOL... is this fish tank some horrific form of design that will spoil the house architecture? 722
  4. enjoy this time sushi; it won't come back. ... after it is gone, you will realize how nice it is that parent sign papers for you to go on excursions! you were protected in a way and you will value that protection later. 722
  5. kekeke...am always surprised when someone says I sound poetic in soompi because I certainly don't hear it in myself. I hated poetry as a subject to learn in school. seemed so dry and boring. no stories. at least literature was like a drama I could imagine in my head. 720
  6. @ktcjdrama ~ wish I could remember the name but am not able to place it as I watch a lot of documentaries besides dramas. the series was about neuroscience but many documentaries on that topic cover these kind of facts. national geographic channel series called "brain games" shows this kind of info in a fun way. so after racking my brain, my guess is that it is most likely the series called "the secret life of brain" which had five parts and covered brain development in baby, child, teenager, adult and old age.
  7. kekee... sadly we all feel like that sometime regardless of what our age is. one of the funny things that soompi has taught me is I am romantic. LOL. like @triplem rightly pointed out, am not going to be squealing about any OTP moment and instead posting some random out of the box stuff. but it is about developing the confidence to post your thoughts and just have fun. there is lots of value in folks having different thoughts because it adds variety to the discussion. it adds a different persona. think about how boring it would be if we were all saying the same thing. it is why we surf channels!!! hahahah... so don't worry so much if you don't have much to say sometimes. I don't either when folks are posting about abs. rather than appreciate the abs, I am just thinking of the effort the guy has to put in gym and how much food he gives up -- yes, my aunty brain totally kicks in and I have to refrain myself from saying "please feed the boy some rice!" 706
  8. 704 learned something new today -- so stargazing also has to do with a ship? @stargazer187 ~ always assumed that you just like watching stars. hahahahah... me and my science brain.
  9. 702 @nohamahamoud2002 ~ yea good threads can make a drama feel better. but then a bad thread can ruin even a good drama. sometimes, it is a hard fit for us if you feel like you don't belong. other times, few people post and it changes the tone of the thread for the better and people are able to understand even if they disagree. so it all depends on the people. but yea, daily threads are fun place even if small. are you watching shady mom-in-law? it looks good. come join us. left-handed wife is close to ending no?
  10. thanks @sn2111a ~ was hoping that am not boring people when everyone is enjoying the fluff. hahahha... haven't seen beauty inside but in rich man poor woman, the condition was almost like a plot detail that was forgotten after a while. here, we see a condition not only from start but also how it impacts small details of every day life that we don't think about -- like the aspect of getting lunch in a crowded room. as for the voice recognition, it is also about how he is doubting himself and his abilities as his strengths of reading people have disappeared. he correctly assessed the driver was attacking him in the dark room at ep 4 but because gal hee said that he was mistaken, then he assumes that it was his mistake. so he needs to get to a position where he can trust his judgement and recognize his other sense. that takes time. so in this documentary series I watched (which I shared in above post about face blindness, it was about development of brain and different senses -- fascinating stuff), one thing they showed is how we rely heavily on some senses like sight but then when it it is lost like in a stroke or accident, the person has to learn to trust the other senses like smell and voice to recognize the person. that takes time and there is actually a biological and chemical brain process involved -- so the brain has to stop using that part of the brain for sight and rely on the areas where smell and hearing is involved. so the brain has to kind of re-wire itself. but once that happens, the person is able to easily identify someone by their walk or other movements even if they can't physically see them. so min ik does need time -- to accept his condition, for his body to re-wire itself and then, for his survival instincts to kick in and to trust himself.
  11. LOL.... oooh the pressure!! 694
  12. kekkee.. thanks... hope you are not asking me to analyze this armpit moment (saw stills). LOL. am afraid my analysis skills is for very dry boring stuff. not for OTP moments! hahahahah... ... you know a drama is in your brain when you wake up and think "ooh, I should have added that to my post too!" and make another post. hahahah... 690
  13. just some additional thoughts on ep 1-4. so were folks familiar with face blindness before or what is a it a new concept for you? many years ago, I watched this documentary about the brain and development and one of the stuff they talked about this. based on that documentary, some of the stuff they present here matches. so in the programme, they showed both ends -- one person who remembers every person they see and they actually called it a curse. that person felt like it was information overload and hated it. they were also side effects like intense headaches etc because of overheated brain. so the ability to forget is actually a gift!!! then the programme showed this lady who had face blindness. she actually got it after a stroke or some accident. (don't remember which). but the sudden onset was quite terrifying for her. and from what she described is how the drama shows for min ik. how people's faces are blank -- so thats a great description for us to understand and it is well done by PD. this lady was married and had 3 teenage kids. (all in high school I think). she was really devastated and heartbroken that she could not recognize people she loved. so something her husband did was to create a kind of uniform where he and kids would wear certain colours (so kid#1 blue, kid#2 red etc....) or outfits to help her identify who was whom. he also wore the same outfit or variations of it to help her identify him easily. he also asked other family members (like siblings/parents/cousins etc) to have a kind of uniform when they met her so that she could start identifying who was whom. eventually, like min ik uses height and gal hee adds the hair cut, she was able to use other markers including voice and body build to be able to identify people. so she was eventually able to live with her condition. however, she lived in a rural area and it terrified her to visit her kids when they went to uni in a more urban area because it was filled with people. we also see that min ik who admits that he is afraid of going out to lunch when there's so many people... so many details like that, the drama did get right! so kudos to writer and PD!!! also like the explanation of how gal hee is imprinted in his mind and it isn't that he sees her. lots of old people who have alzheimer often have trouble recognizing the current person's looks but easily remember how that person was in their youth. so the youthful memory is imprinted in brain...so the drama's explanation of how gal hee is imprinted seemed logical and also plausible (at least for a non-medical person like me). the other thing the drama is doing well is showing how vulnerable min ik feels with face blindness. we often take our ability to read emotions for granted but it is actually a very important skill. did you know that babies actually can read emotions and have some form of EQ? okay, I watch way too much of discovery channel but anyway. in this one documentary, they showed how babies can recognize sadness, happiness, anger, irritation. so when you smile at a baby, they smile back but they aren't necessarily mimicking you. basically they recognize that you are not a threat and that their world is safe and so it is okay. thats part of why babies smile once they like you. so we may think much of our communication is verbal but thats actually untrue. about 70-80% of our communication is actually non-verbal. so the way we say stuff, our tone, our expressions, body language -- all of that plays into how we communicate. famous business people are very good at reading a room and people. it is a necessary skill. so by min ik losing that due to his face blindness, he is indeed really handicapped because he can no longer tell people's intentions. so I really like how the writer and PD have used this medical condition in a logical way and show min ik's vulnerability, character and situations....
  14. 680 @kokodus ~ the synopsis reminds me of veer-zaara!! LOL
  15. actually thought private as in army rank "private' hahahahha.... LOL... so was wondering what army drama is this? and maybe it has some hot abs and hence the spike in posts! 684
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