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  1. kekeke... with older dramas, you have to close your eyes to stuff like clothes and just focus on the story. this drama in terms of story still holds up! and am laughing on your mom's comment on the bepannah guy. he does have a strong jaw but he works hard to show off his abs in drama! putting on weight? so no abs? @triplem would cry if all aunties gave that advice, LOL..... honestly, my whole deal was "please give him a haircut!" LOL... 602
  2. LOL... felt like he was making up for it as in their last drama "bright girl's success" they had a very innocent kiss. actually jang nara was like 19 or 20 at the time and it was her first drama and she didn't want to kiss. so she cried and PD got annoyed and so basically they did the camera trick where he leans in and then there is zoom out. so no actual lip touching. in fated to love you, we laughed that he made up for that lack of kiss .... kekekke... did she like it? the first half was actually well-written, fast paced and very addictive. then the second half goes mad where they add nonsensical fillers but the best part of the show was that it was obvious the actors were not taking it too seriously and were having fun even during then. so it became actually funny. and we had a feel they kept an eye on the fan forums and comments. so with one arc, I complained part annoyed and laughing that he was acting like a stalker. then a week later, the lead said "but I am not a stalker!" -- the entire forum was rolling in laughter and tagging me saying "they heard your complaint LOL" 592
  3. kekeke.... will be honest - I cheat! hahahaha... whether short or long, I tend to skip scenes when I get bored. in fact I have gotten so used to it that I now difficult to watch stuff on TV where I cannot press the forward button. bwahahahaha... 596
  4. ah I see; thats why you are having tummy aches and indigestion problems. basically you are eating at weird times and not digesting well due to added stress. not sure how to help but at least in my experience, when you deal with whats causing you stress in a better healthy way, then the tummy problems go away.... try and stick to regular eating times and don't eat when you are stressed. instead find some other way like listening to music or chatting with people or praying to help you get through it.... 600
  5. hahahha... it depends on the actors and the type of daily drama. most daily are like 30 minutes. so basically a good short break from whatever you are doing and I mostly watch with one eye closed. so it is not full on concentration and my brain is sort of switched off.... I am actually finding it very difficult to watch dramas that are now one hour episodes. so I like that kdramas are now having that 30 minute mark ad break. so I also stop, take a breather for a bit and then sit down and watch. lakorns with one and half hours are becoming a challenge. turkish dramas are like 2 hours per episode!!!!! seriously no patience for that! 600
  6. yesterday I watched AWFUL local movie -- hilariously it had great reviews. all these art movie critics need a brain check up. so for the first time in movie theatre, I played games on my mobile phone to pass time. my cousin brother apologized for taking us and my mom tried to make him feel better saying it wasn't bad. LOL. 600
  7. 600 @Ameera Ali ~ so true, I don't have patience for long series that drag on and on and on. am okay max with 150 eps for a daily drama but not longer than that. after a certain point, I generally end up dropping. especially as I get older, my patience level seems to drop even further. keep dropping so many dramas!
  8. have sent you and @ktcjdrama PM with the links. there should be all eps hopefully. it was worth watching and yea, he seems to be good at doing very difficult roles. will try and see if I can find "the journey" on netflix or some other site... @Ameera Ali ~ yea random watching on netflix and it recommended tango. this is the first series I have actually finished all episodes. for some reason, netflix annoys me and I basically end up dropping most of what I watch... don't mind any language as long it is short and not too dark! hahahaha... I keep wanting to watch some turkish series but they are SO LONG!!! not enough patience! and excited that I finally get to share bepannah with @USAFarmgirl as I stumbled on the subs. yay! if nothing else, the guy is hot and broody and it is enough to get you through the first half! hahahaha... (the second half is a hilarious mess as the channel interfered...) 604
  9. @Sejabin ~ are you under stress? you have been having tummy aches often... sometimes, stress also affects tummy. remember one year that happened to me. it made my migraines bad and I could hardly eat for months. ended up eating lots of ice cream/vanilla milk shakes as that was one of the few things I didn't throw up... but anyway, take care of yourself. 574
  10. @ktcjdrama ~ am not surprised. netflix is frustratingly strange. I never find anything I look for. everything to watch there is super random viewing. so I watched this drama also by accident. am not sure if there is another name but it seems to be called tango even in arabic. if you are looking for eng subs 502
  11. it was actually a good ending where you walk away satisfied with the drama. you don't feel sad or bad for anyone. putting rest in spoiler 502
  12. 502 ~ yea, I understand that for some, it is difficult to watch. unless it is boring, for me, it is mostly interesting as it shows directly how relationships can fall apart and the kind of lies and deception do -- funny to say but in a way educational about people's dark depths? but this isn't a typical cheating drama where the cheaters have this great love story. instead, it ends very badly for both of them. putting in spoilers
  13. hopefully, it won't be spoilers...but random posting since I have nowhere else to post... @ktcjdrama ~ tango isn't a typical cheating drama. infact, it basically starts in one place and then goes off in unexpected different direction. the drama is not really meant for binge watching. I got bored at one point and I basically cheated by watching the ending (and was like "what????? ") and then went back and watched all the episodes in between... hahahaha... so each ep is only about half hour or so and it has basically "the past" and "the present" -- they are both chronological (so no time jumps) and it is easy to follow. the past contains 3 years and the present/aftermath has 2 years. so I sort of had to laugh but in the end, the basic theme/message of the drama seems to be -- don't hold on to unhappy marriage/relationship that isn't working. get out and end as friends! .. so not the message we usually see! from the beginning, it is obvious that the cheaters are actually madly in love but this is a sort of love that will destroy both of them. and it does rather gloriously though not in the ways one would typically expect. one almost feels sorry for cheater girl by the end but at various points, you want to slap her for all her lies and so by the end, you just sort of shake your head at the mess at she is in from a detached view. cheater guy turns out to be far more manipulative and selfish and I was shaking my head and wanting someone to slap him for his controlling nonsense ways. he also has a dark side which takes the drama in a very different direction than one would expect. but honestly, both of them are ridiculously stupid. like one character asks -- so if you love each other, why aren't you divorcing your spouses and getting married? what is this ridiculous affair? .... this is a question that never really gets answered; perhaps the simple answer is both are selfish and too lazy to break their lives? in the beginning, these two are almost giddy and enjoying the no-strings relationship. basically they feel like it is the only place where they feel alive. gradually, they start getting possessive of each other and expecting more. but neither are quite willing to divorce and start together. so who knows why. their so called divorce attempt is just pathetic and so the affair goes on for 3 years! by the end, cheater girl desperately wants out but is stuck with cheater guy who refuses to let go (you will find the reason and it is not what you would expect). the spouses start off as typical kdrama second leads -- the kind supportive types who turn out to be quite gullible because they believe the nonsense the cheaters tell them. the lies and level of deception are amazing because the two couples are actually friends!!! so the cheaters basically manipulate the spouses like puppets -- even when the spouses know something is wrong and suspect an affair (but they are not aware of identity), the cheaters convince these two that it is just marriage troubles! both the spouses also end up having more darker flaws than is typical in second leads as they deal with the aftermath of finding out about the affair. so in the beginning, it seems like these marriages were pretty good till the cheating happened but the truth is both marriages were teetering on falling and were never strong to begin with. the spouses loved the cheaters but for the cheaters, it was mostly a marriage of convenience. by the end, both marriages are failing but the spouses don't really know what to do or whats wrong.. so the aftermath is interesting as the two spouses become very close friends. unlike april snow, there is no direct romantic relationship between the two of them though they dance quite close to it. the end is kind of an open ending where it could possibly go that way or they may remain friends. because of the culture, there is no kissing or super making out but just hugs and some forehead/cheek kisses. however, the chemistry in the two couples are still strong even without the skinship. all in all, the unexpected dark twist makes the drama far more interesting than a typical relationship drama. 500
  14. it is called "tango". don't watch if cheating theme/premise dramas drive you mad. basically it is sort of inspired from kmovie "april snow". so after an accident, these two people find out their spouses were cheating on them with each other. so, you see the past and present collide and basically the fallout. actually quite interesting. plus, you get to see bits of lebanon. 956
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