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  1. guess no one has watched this week's episodes yet? so watched ep 17 & 18 -- the boardroom antics were kind of amusing. it is all out war! VP Lee had me cackling at some points at the way he directly hits out Kang. and now that Han is team Kang, she is firing on all cylinders. Kang is so sly in that he tries to use Noh's wife as a way to get Noh out of Korea. however, Noh's decision becomes easier as the wife refuses to leave and simply tells him that she doesn't like beholden to the bank and Kang is being shady for coming up with such an offer. what is going on with Moon? did he find something in the data centre but was threatened? and all that sharp shooting in the end, Noh gets to the heart by asking Kang a direct question -- bullets fired!
  2. kekeke... the OST was spot on where you really felt the season of winter. and yea, the story itself was maddening.. the only thing I remember is the guy saying something about how no one knows why the red thread connects two people but once the red thread forms a knot, it can be difficult it cut it no matter how everyone or even the two people try... 696
  3. okay, now that I have thought about it a bit more... for me, handsome namja doesn't really matter. it is all about a moment that touches me and it is difficult to describe but it has to feel genuine? like I remember the drama scandal. there was a scene where the adopted father finally accepts the kiddo and they both hold hands and walk down the street and the kiddo just smiles like the sun has come out and-- I actually cried when watching.. I loved five children when the lead stood up to his family and asked how they can humiliate him by insulting her and they should talk to him instead. it was such a swoon-worthy moment but the guy is in his 40s and the scene doesn't even include her. just his family. I loved the suspicious housekeeper where she finally puts away her sadness and gives him a smile and he is touched that he actually cries on seeing her smile. found that so romantic.... so yea, moments with heart.... it doesn't really need to pop out in any way but something that moves me.... if it is handsome namja, it is plus but it doesn't need to be.... maybe I don't have simple tastes? hahahaha... 696
  4. 694 @Sejabin ~ yea I don't like overly crying dramas and avoid those. so I knew 7 days was going to be sad and didn't bother. but I do like melo and makjang kind of genre as well as weekend and daily dramas. so yea, neither light nor heavy??? somewhere in between???? and winter sonata is weirdly addictive. watched it just to see what the hype was all about and got totally sucked into it. hahahahah. it is one of those dramas where you know it does not make sense but keep watching anyway! hahahaha...
  5. 694 @Sejabin ~ kekeke... my tastes are pretty simple as well I think? hahahaha... ok, am not sure but yea, am not fan of super serious dramas because I watch dramas to relax. but what I meant is that romance dramas that really touch must have heart. so let me give you an example. there is this drama called "wuri's family" which was the first drama for kim rae won as well as kim jae won! so some sub sites have it titled as "our house" and it is really old but I still remember the gist of the drama. kim rae won is a student and he falls in love at first sight with a deaf and dumb girl. the second lead is his best friend but he never saw her in a romantic light. his family is stunned at his choice of girlfriend and so they try to break these two up because they think second lead girl is better fit for him. meanwhile, girlfriend comes from rich, protective family who think this fella will dump her eventually because she is deaf and dumb. both the families want to protect their kiddos but it was a very sweet first love story. kim jae won is the other second lead guy who is in love with second lead girl and has his own crisis issues where he is dealing with being the son of the mistress... and this was a light drama. not really melo. so it is not like you can't have fluff but when you have heart, you remember the drama even though you watched it years and years and years ago... I just miss watching romance dramas that had so much heart.
  6. 692 @Sejabin ~ so I checked out her private life ep 5 and all I can say is "hmmmm. " hahahahhaha.... honestly, it was like every other TVN drama that I find disappointing. it has lots of gloss but no substance. without watching any of the other episodes, I understood ep 5.. there's an essential ingredient missing to what makes a drama fun -- conflict! without a central conflict/problem that the character is working through, a drama ultimately feels meaningless and lacks heart.. so maybe it is because I can't relate at all to her fangirl problem?... and I agree with you -- lion is super hot and smoldering and she just stands there. @triplem ~ this girl seems to have a special talent for making the men smoulder while she stands there with the same exact dazed expression in every single drama. so basically people don't notice her and only notice the smolder of the man. hahahaha... she was so annoying in city hunter that I dropped the drama even though the story itself was interesting...
  7. Coming to think of it are there any dramas of girls serving in the army ? I think SK is such a male dominated society, so rare to hear girls wanting to do that @triplem ~ thats part of why I love this drama. people think that older dramas are boring and miss out on gems like this. yes the cinematography is not great and the fashions are kind of odd looking but really one has to look at the story.. there were lots of stuff that still remain fresh in this drama because it was atypical. (tagging @kokodus) ... so mentioned the girl's dream but one of the other things that doesn't get covered often -- a chaebol who goes broke and conned. sometimes we see that almost like a flashback in revenge melos but to have that covered as part of plot in a rom-com?... we are used to chaebols who are business smart in rom-coms...but here his journey deals with the aspect of going broke, the depression, the heartache and clawing his way back. this is the sort of thing that may get covered in a revenge melo but it is definitely far from rom-com territory. think it is one of the reasons the drama had a 40% rating in its time though it is not well known now. it came out in 2000 after the asian financial crisis when there were many people who were struggling financially. remember my mom saying that actually both the leads have pathetic lives but they are so plucky that it is fun to watch them and it is not depressing... and I share @stroppyse hesitation towards female leads who are in high school when they meet but here it worked because she is actually 2 years older than her classmates (at 19/20) -- so she failed one year LOL and had to drop out another due to her con artists parents. so now her focus is to settle the debt of her parents, graduate and go back home to the countryside -- so she has no time for what she feels is city folks nonsense hahahha... so how often do we see a female lead who is not competent and failed high school? LOL and the drama had one of my favourite love confessions because it was kind of backwards. they both ask "why do you like me?" with a genuine puzzled air. -- how many dramas do that? in so many dramas, we have no idea why and sometimes it seems like that it has all to do with hormones and chemistry perhaps? 692
  8. 704 and @sushilicious ~ bright girl's success was such a fun drama because she turns down his proposal and cue separation angst but it comes from a pretty hilarious reason....
  9. there are rom-coms with strong female leads who are not dainty... one of my fav kdramas was such a riot because she didn't behave anything like a typical female lead -- her dream was literally to save a prince. yup, she saves. not he. ahhahahahh.... this was jang hyuk and jang nara's first drama. loved how she pushes him off the car in the end. hahahaha.. this was the opening for the drama "bright girl's success"; taging also @kokodus .... 700
  10. @Sejabin ~ am too lazy to watch but post the YT clips you find of the interesting scenes! 628
  11. 620 ok @Sejabin ~ am curious now, what is this drama "her private life" about? why are there so many scenes? and what was that photo suggestion all about?????
  12. haven't even caught up from last week. not sure but found it kind of hard to just sit through and watch. guess I lost interest. so what was plot twist galore? 598
  13. 554 looks like he will now fade away far from entertainment... wonder why some of those in entertainment lead such destructive lives....
  14. kekeke.. feels like this is kim nam gil thread! @kokodus ~ for some reason, thought of you yesterday while I was at the gym. do you exercise? it is a good way to destress as you prepare for the exams. had a med student last year who used to be in our class till she got into MD. 548
  15. it is so funny that we learn of obscure illness from dramas of all places. like if you didn't watch dramas, would you know that face blindness exists?... the teaser does look interesting....hope am in the mood to watch. when it is airing? 972
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