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Status Updates posted by Ernie

  1. Start of the new week :Fist1:

  2. Waiting and browsing :yay:

  3. Relaxing and browsing :hotinhere2:

  4. Days off coming :ok:

  5. One more day :happydance:

  6. get the day over with :ilike:

  7. Waiting for the day to be over with :ok:

  8. Start of the new week :onfirex:

  9. Relaxing and browsing :yaaa:

  10. Relaxing and browsing :yaaa:

  11. 1 more day before days off :hotinhere2:

  12. Ugh 2 more days :isannoyed:

  13. System selling out :onfirex:

  14. A new system :gangnamstyle:

  15. Start of the week for me :what!:

  16. Relaxing and watching :approves:

  17. Relaxing and watching :emmm:

  18. Last day before day off :yaaa:

  19. 1 more day until day off :happydance:

  20. Several more days :wut:

  21. Early in the morning :gangnamstyle:

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