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Status Updates posted by Ernie

  1. New week starts today :hooray:

  2. New week starts tomorrow :dead:

  3. New change after today :fear:

  4. one more day :coolcat:

  5. just A little bit more :wow2:

  6. counting the days down :omg:

  7. Ugh.. start of a new busy week :byebye2:

  8. Continue to relax and watch :heythere:

  9. Relaxing and watching :wow2:

  10. days off after today :letsgo:

  11. days off are getting close :hwaiting:

  12. Two more days until days off :Pandabulous:

  13. Ugh start of a busy week for me again :happy2:

  14. I might be busy later :piggydance:

  15. Relaxing and watching :cutekitty:

  16. Takeout after I’m busy today :eats2:

  17. waiting for days off :hwaiting2:

  18. 2 more days until days off :approves:

  19. ugh Another day :wow1:

  20. Start of the new week for me :byebye2:

  21. Eating and watching shows on viki which was soompitv and etc :isannoyed:

  22. relaxing :Megalol:

  23. Tomorrow starts days off :tenor:

  24. ugh Get today over with and make it slower when I get off :isannoyed:

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