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  1. Owww... dear @psjpmylbn I'm not other couple or hater. You can check all my comment in soompi forum. I back to soompi after long hiatus after my first ship sink. You can check my ig too (@ ocuzwina24) its my real me. Not like my account in here, where i use fake accout name. Thanks for you who quote my post with some enlightenment for me. Sometime being a shipper, i have some worries and want to share it to get enlightenment. But seem i choose wrong place to share my worries. Sawwwrrryyyyy ... *leon eyes*
  2. Sorry, i didn't mean to spread bad vibes in here, @yujien tbvh i didn't watch ffmy. I choose to watch 7DQ at that time and I'm not into PSJ or KJW too. i just watch their bts 2 days ago. Since ppc dating rumor broke, i really hate S.K media after they use shipper pict collage to make their news about ppc like true (i really wish is true). I even curse them (S.K media) in my IG story (that's my first time act like that using socmed) for how they are not so profesional about PPC dating news. Since that time i always thinking what if PMY will be like SHJ when EM married to his wifey. A lot fans pity her, when i think SHJ doesn't need to be pitied. *back to the cave*
  3. A lot of couple who married with wedding ceremony in kdrama always destined not to marry in real life. Most of the kdrama couple who end married in real life is lead cast with second cast or lead cast but don't have wedding ceremony scene in drama. If they are married in drama, they just show wedding pict only. It's like a curse in kdrama land. I really wish PPC become real couple and ends with wedding in real life to break the curse. i also can't pretend not to see how sewon couple much more like ssc than ppc after watchingall ffme bts and psj ig pict about kjw I wish their relationship not ended like SHJ and EM.
  4. She go to France with 1 makeup artist, 1 hairstylist, 1 manager, 1 stylist (keun mi). The rest is staff from grazia. And who is update about her flight last night is creative director not from PMY Staff.
  5. No. She back to korea without PMY. Because she wrote "my roo ah-ya (her daughter name), Mom is coming~~"
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