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  1. Thank you everyone for The updates on mookang, i was so Happy that somin got to join them for the get together this time!! It means that They Will all continue to be in touch and in. Good relationship With Each other yeah To The blu ray being produced! and yeah To somin first script reading, btw is It true that the film is going To be an erotic one? I saw someone saying that, but so far they Only say that IT is a comedy, so im not sure.. I hope seo inguk has a drama also after this! Would love To see his next project.. Take care everyone, New year is coming Already!
  2. I thought SIG and JSM recorded separately, so its nice To Know that They recorded The same day and seo inguk was There to support her, Thats very nice of him
  3. Anything would be good from them at this moment! I hope this will come true baeksang is a huge award and I think both of them did some stellar acting in TSHLYE. i think what I like about it that both of them doesn't seem to interested in fame and popularity. They are so humble and it's just lovely to see. Im curious too is this done by online? Did the drama air already? It's kinda weird that yoochun in still in this voting though he hasn't had a drama for ages. whatever it is I hope seo inguk and somin will get that recognition from the international fans and from korea. Since this drama was one of takuya San masterpiece maybe people will check this out of curiosity, they'll be so hook by the end of episode1 hehe ps: thank you @primavera123 for the link of the letter, it's so cool that he used his mooyoung voice, I wish someone could have it translatedjust hearing it gives me goosebumps.
  4. Yes I love that part where she caresses his face and he looks at her with that adorable eyes of his my heart their acting was so natural. I really want them to win some award but I don't even know if there will be any tvn award this year
  5. Thank you @dobbying for this fan account i Dont Know why but i got teary upon reading it, seo inguk seems like such a nice artist, and the fact that he took time to explain about the bts of the drama is simply passionate of him. It's so cute that he made mistakes with Hangul at a very serious scene the fans must have enjoy themselves seeing him talk that way, I also love how he wanted to do The scene With him lying down next to Jin kang and having jin kang The one saying "you are here"instead of him. The director must have love that scene too thus ending the drama With that scene. as much as his popularity can rise if he has social media i do think that its for The best that he doesn't have one at the moment, but i cant help but feel a sense of longing because you Know other younger actors than him are getting Well known and once their insta becomes a hit somehow their popularity will rise, thus we Will have more news, Cf and what not for The actors. I wish seo inguk all The best, his acting makes My heart hurt and happy and all sorts of emotions because IT was that good! yea he must have been a romantic at heart, my heart fluttered so much at that scene and then he lean on to jin kang, that must have been his own adlib, that was just so precious. I think somin has always been a professional actress She's freindly With all her co-stars. Lee bo young had great chemistry with lee Jong suk also when she was dating jisung an awesome actress can have chemistry with anyone or anything hehe PS: Do anyone of you have a Twitter? I'd like To follow you because i got back To Twitter after an 8 year hiatus, i needed to find more mutuals Who love TSHLYE as much as me. If you do please tell me your username
  6. I don’t think she didn’t want to kiss him, I think it became naturally playful, they were both embarrassed. the kiss of ep 12 JSM has kissed well. a girl told me that when they put the picture of the bed scene on screen during the fan meeting he was very embarrassed and had trouble not to laugh. the only one who can answer our questions is the blu ray, I can’t wait! if it will not be realized, i’ll fall into depression I Didnt think She Didnt want To kiss him, just that She wasnt kissing him yet hehe he was such a tease during that scene, kissing Then when JK wanted To kiss him back he teasingly back away!then kissing her With all that smooching soundgah i love how sweet that scene was. The way She was holding his face and him smiling back at her, i cant believe im still Talking about this Me Too! I thought he looked really Happy that They could The Song Too, its fairly a New Song but The fans knew it Already. Yeah, I'm curious Too but seo inguk always gets embarassed when watching his kissing scenes like he was embarassed when They showed The clip of him kissing seung ah.. I remembered when They show The kiss between him and eunji, eunji was pretty cool about IT he was The one being embarassed arghhh so precious. im seriously so Happy a version of lost from him!
  7. Dang, girl! Wow, JSM must be so filthy rich Mans yet She look so humble! There's nothing snobbish about her! Thank you for this link, moorong in The rise! Its so sweet That they are all in touch With Each other! Btw is It just me or seo in guk looks disheveled haha its like mooyoung is growing his hair and he cant be bothered to comb it or something. Am i The Only one seeing him giving off some mooyoung vibes in his appearance but action wise he is just being cute sweet and old seo inguk. I love that he sang all for you because The fans was singing It that was soooooo sweet of him! Thnx for sharing! A girl from my country told me the same things, he talked too about the last scene with se ra, in that scene she was terrifying but in reality she’s very kind. once the shooting is finished, in the following days he continued to cry. he said the drama touched him deeply. Now I'm curious to know what he said about the scenes, and the letter. I hope someone tells what he said especially on the bed scene, you know, we are all curious. Now im so curious what are his thoughts about The drama! He was still crying after that murder scene!! I knew that scene was traumatising for mooyoung! Why Did They make him pull The trigger his life is over once he becomes a murderer and obviously he wont have a Happy ending With jin kang after becoming a murderer. i find IT so cute that he praised himself because of that under The stars scene! I really thought those were real stars By The way he was looking up at IT! IT was all CG afterall still i love that scene. Its so hard for some of us To move on from The drama i Wonder how The actors must have felt, especially With that tragical ending. now that he mention this scene i Wonder how They came about It, it seems To me upon further analyzing haha that seo in guk decided to kiss somin that way because She wasnt kissing him She just put her lips To his so he just decided oh Well might as Well just Let me do kissing *muah muah muah* thus resulting in somin giggling that like The cutest thing everrr I guess The probability of us seeing somin and seo inguk together again in The same screen might is very low, but i really wish we Will get To see Them in something lighter, we deserve some closure after that tragical ending of theirs! Even though im watching Alhambra Now i still find myself checking out mookang clips. Moving on is hard to do! thank you all once again for The updates i really love him for singing lost! @teachermok thanks for The fb link Will Check him out in it.!
  8. Thank you so much for this link, i commented on It i think My post was freaking long so many things To talk about! My thoughts exactly. I never really understood why MY had to kill JSR to keep JK from knowing the truth. But then again, something must have provoked the "human" in him to do the unimaginable in order to protect JK. I almost forgot! Idk why but this theory has been boggling me a lot since ep 14. "That guy was really blessed" convo of JG with Tak was definitely a red herring. JK and MY's parents must have been buried in the same temple but their plaques must have been placed on different corners. I happened to notice that the color pattern of lanterns when JG visited MY's father in ep 10 was different from the pattern on MY's angle. I believe he also paid his respects to JK's parents, hence Tak's statement "that guy was really blessed". Just want to share this to y'all. OR maybe I'm just overthinking again. I think its The same place because jin kang had To go There every time She never understood why, but JG obviously purpose of visit was for mooyoung's dad and her parents.
  9. OMG!! Moo kang feels! Yes we have thoughts about you and Jin kang! Thank you so much for the links I'm loving his version of LOST! And that giggle at the end after he asked have you not thought about me? Gahhhh he knows we are not over it lol @dobbying it was so cute he was like I don't to but still ended up singing anyway. thank you all once again for all the lovely updates
  10. Yeah i was thinking The same thing Too when i rewatched. Mooyoung Didnt visit Yuri at all not even once! But Then again he Did Said that seung ah and Yuri meant nothing To him. Another thing im a little bit miffed about was when seran threatened mooyoung that She Will Call jin kang and told her The truth, mooyoung should just Let her! Obviously jin kang Will Ask JG for The truth. Arghhh sometimes i forgot that this is a remake so They have No choice but To follow The original and There should be murder and death surrounding The drama. I'll just rewatched The mookang scenes and skip all Other plots in future im starting To Have so many unaswered Questions upon rewatching
  11. Omg!!! He is still giving off mooyoung vibes! And he sang someday, star and lost! Omg i want To listen To him singing lost Thats like My fav ost for this year! Thank you everyone for sharing if somin could Come as a friend that Would be nice, To Sing star together IT sounds lonely when he sings it alone hehe
  12. I love her voice during those voice over too. I find her so adorable in TLIOF but totally fell for her in TSHLYE. Im missing mookang.. I love how The way they hug Each other, its so comforting i really love this ost and this video! I love that They included The last scene With mooyoung snuggling towards jin kang.. My heart still flutters when i see this
  13. The show is over but im not over IT! I think that scene where mooyoung was at The convenience Store was him waiting to see if Yuri Will kill that Girl or not, Thats why JG Said he was The mastermind, he planted the idea to Yuri By telling her that girl's house password. Instead of stopping Yuri he waited at The store till after Yuri Did The Killing. Maybe Thats why JG sees him as a monster. I Dont Know im curious too about that bit. Also about JK never questioning about The murder because he Already Said that he Didnt do IT, and She just trusted him for that. She just doesn't look at mooyoung as a monster but as a human being With flaws. Maybe Thats why i love Them so much, because She's willing To accept him With all of his baggages and She aknowledges that he is not a saint of a person, but She saw good in him when No one Else did. She knows in heart that he wants To change. With seung ah mooyoung calculated his move to WIn her heart but he never felt anything for her but With jin kang the feelings came naturally and there was No stopping IT when IT start. Thats why he felt The most human when he killed seran because he felt fear for jin kang and doesn't want her to go through The same hurt that he went through. IT was still wrong of him To kill her, but oh Well They Made him a killer so They have To end his life but sadly jin kang got The same karma as him when She's really innocent in all of this. did any of you Check out hymn of death? Whats With The drama that i watched this year The endings are either open ended or tragic wheres My rainbows and unicorn PS: oh My ghostess was cute i Didnt remember that seo inguk cameod in IT haha.
  14. I'm looking forward to so hyun new drama, may I know if anyone on this thread knows who is the male lead for love alarm?
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