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  1. I also didn't read the book, but read similar spoilers. The difference in what I read is:
  2. @ayang23 I like what Cheng Yi had to say about how it's not really HC's fault, that no one's particularly at fault because it's merely a matter of a difference in thought/opinion. I think that's pretty much my interpretation as well. There is no ultimate good vs ultimate evil really. They are all shades of gray. Demons can be kind and virtuous, and gods/righteous sects can be narrowminded/blind when they obsessively follow their ideals and ignore the carnage they leave behind. @Nat_93 I don't buy that story for one second tbh. Not sure how far in you are, but in case you don't want
  3. I agree, the show seems to be hinting at him feeling something romantic for her, or like Siming said, how is it possible that he could grow a heart lamp as a practitioner of the unfeeling mantra? For me, I think it's a bit strange to even apply the words "jealous" and "selfish" to him, because remember, he is a high deity in a mortal shell. He has zero concept of human feelings and moral boundaries, or at most he's only beginning to comprehend what those are (and rejecting them). As supreme ruler he is convinced there is no way he could be wrong and completely inflexible in his worldview. Simp
  4. Nope, same. I'm a sucker for complicated villains and HC is so complex you can peel him back like an onion. My read on his character: the reason why he wants XJ to be unfeeling is because he's projecting. Having feelings = abandoning his duties as lord of the realms. In his mind he wants his god of war back, and he wants that god to be unfeeling so she can protect the realms for/with him. He's unwilling to be honest with himself re: his feelings for her, keeps insisting he's motivated by duty only. He cultivates using the unfeeling mantra--as a deity who has only ever known how to be unfeeling
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