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  1. Secret Boutique: Episodes 3-8 (Series review) by missvictrix Secret Boutique has totally become my dark horse of awesome. It’s not often that a show moves exactly the way I hoped it would, and exceeds my expectations every week with its consistency, tone, and great twists and turns. But it’s also just a really good watch. The drama’s exciting battle of wits, introduced during its premiere week, wages on, building tension with each episode. While everyone else is watching cute, pastel-y sageuks and high school shows right now, I feel like I’ve got this deep and delicious revenge story all to myself — but that doesn’t mean I don’t want company! The opening week of Secret Boutique gave us a pretty good sense of the kind of drama we were in for — we left off with the reveal that Jenny Jang’s position in the Dae-oh household and conglomerate is really an elaborate and decades-long revenge scheme. Jenny is working to secure back her birthright, and while we’ve had these sorts of revenge plots before, something about Secret Boutique sets it apart. I talk a lot about execution and how it can make or break a drama — things like pacing, editing, and of course, the directing. So far, Secret Boutique is hitting all of these perfectly for the kind of story it’s telling. In particular, the pacing is nicely balanced thanks to a marriage of a quick-moving plot with quiet moments where we linger with the leads. This keeps the fast-paced and crisply edited story from feeling rushed, and gives it its depth (I love how showing characters in contemplation can accomplish this). It also allows the world of the story to feel well-established, and enables it to capture the sense of all the time that has passed from the start of Jenny’s story (the bus accident) to where she is today, twenty years later. more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/10/secret-boutique-episodes-3-8-series-review/
  2. I saw him as well with Park Hae Jin and twice with Jung Kyung Ho. This time he will be a real heartless villian. iI am looking forward to watch his character but I hope he is not one dimensional villian. I hope to see Park sung woong is a romance drama next. He is really charming. But he is good playing villians as well. I`ve never seen the actresses as well. I don`t have a doubt that the cast director did a fit choice for the drama.
  3. When the Camellia Blooms: Episodes 15-16 by selena The aftermath of an ominous warning causes a ripple effect of paranoia and fear. With her safe haven being threatened, our heroine must figure out how to protect what she loves. EPISODE 15: The Lynx of This Area more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/10/when-the-camellia-blooms-episodes-15-16/
  4. Both have suffered enough and put their life on hold. Even if they will have different partners, they are close as family. Sun Woo and Jenny said in a monologue (the end of episode 8) what they feel about their life. Hyun Ji asked Sun woo why they want the city project so much. He did not answered but said in a monologue: "Dreams that feel empty when realised and upsetting when not. That`s the road we`re both on." Even if they can defeat Kim Yeo Ok or wihn the city project, they know that they won`t be happier. And it is not an option to give up now. That`s why I can`t wait to see the imposter down, because then they can start rebuild their life. The preview. It looks like Jogwang people found Chairwoman Kim`s man. He will do a press conference? We`ll see. Jung Hyeok knows that Jenny/ Do Young`s family photo will threaten her. Maybe he doesn`t know the whole story but he wishes her to be safe. He knows his mother very well. Jenny knows that their 20 years friendship will suffer because of the revenge but I still have hope that he will forgive and understand her. Jenny and Kim Yeo Ok will face each other openly. The later said that she will bring down with her everyone who dares to attack her.
  5. Lee Seung Gi Unleashes His Wrath On Jang Hyuk Jin In Intense Face-Off For “Vagabond” Drama Preview Oct 18, 2019 by S. Nam Lee Seung Gi is desperate to find the truth in the upcoming episodes of SBS’s “Vagabond”! “Vagabond” tells the story of a stuntman named Cha Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi) who stumbles upon a massive corruption scandal while trying to uncover the truth behind a mysterious plane crash. He teams up with a National Intelligence Service (NIS) secret agent named Go Hae Ri (Suzy) to investigate the case. Spoiler The newly released stills show Cha Dal Gun’s confrontation with the co-pilot Kim Woo Gi (Jang Hyuk Jin), who survived the plane crash. Although he holds the key to the truth behind the act of terror, Kim Woo Gi has fallen into a terrible state after becoming addicted to drugs. https://www.soompi.com/article/1359591wpp/lee-seung-gi-unleashes-his-wrath-on-jang-hyuk-jin-in-intense-face-off-for-vagabond **** Vagabond: Episode 6 by Regals With the government now taking full control of the investigation, and with our hero now supposedly under their protection, the action should be ramping down for him. But safety is never a guarantee with corruption so rampant throughout the entire organization and even those who are supposed protectors could turn out to be in on the whole conspiracy. EPISODE 6 RECAP more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/10/vagabond-episode-6/
  6. Park Sung-woong to play villain to Choi Jin-hyuk’s superhero in Rugal by tineybeanie Yesss! We get to see Park Sung-woong (When the Devil Calls Your Name) return as a new charismatic baddie character. It was recently confirmed that he will be joining the webcomic-turned-superhero drama Rugal. Earlier this month it was confirmed the Rugal had cast Choi Jin-hyuk (Justice) as the main protagonist, a cop with bionic eyes. A shadowy syndicate called Argos kills Choi Jin-hyuk’s beloved wife, takes his eyes, and frames him for murder. In the midst of this tragedy, a special organization called Rugal offers him a new set of artificial eyes, designed with extra capabilities. He takes the offer, and begins to hunt down the criminal syndicate that started it all. Park Sung-woong is set to play a highly intelligent and thoughtful man, who is the hidden, real mover-and-shaker of Argos. He takes a recklessly violent mafia group and uses its insidious power to begin to dominate the world. Born to this evil underworld of crime, he is capable of committing the perfect crime without leaving even a trace of evidence. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/10/park-sung-woong-to-play-villain-to-choi-jin-hyuks-superhero-in-rugal/ ***** Another female lead? **** Han Ji-wan plays Choi Ye-won, a woman of Argos chairman Hwang Deuk-gu . Han Ji-wan said, “It's my first star after debut, but I feel more excited. I'm working hard to greet my viewers with more advanced form than before. I look forward to your expectations and support. ” https://m.sedaily.com/NewsView/1VPKJJIY1Q#_enliple
  7. More then what she said to Jung Hyeok, she invented a story for the other girls. Ye Nam showing Jenny/ Do young the picture of her "father" and jenny knowing that it is her dad not the other girl! How strong she was to come to the imposter`s place, to resist temptation to say anything but hoping one day she will claim her family back. Jenny`s determination is admirable but it is sad in the same time because she did not live her life so far. She suffered so much and Kim Yeo Ok made her life more bitter. I want Jenny to succed defeating the monster and be able to move on with her life after that. The worst scenario for her is not be able to do ii but it is bad as well if Sun Woo will be hurt in the process. Sun woo will hate it if she will get hurt too. So, they both have to be safe in the end of the drama. Why not? We don`t know how she lived her life before she had the accident. From what I understand she was not married. Maybe she had three different relationships (or more) in different period of time. She was looking for a better life. I am curious if she ever loved any man in her life.
  8. Epic Action And Powerful Emotions: Lee Seung Gi’s Best Scenes From “Vagabond” Features Oct 17, 2019 by hgordon Who’s obsessed with “Vagabond” these days? The SBS drama has enough suspense and fast-paced action to keep us on the edge of our seats every episode, and that’s largely thanks to the incredible acting talent of Lee Seung Gi. He’s crushing it in his role as Cha Dal Gun: he’s broken our hearts with his tears, melted us with his cuteness, and impressed us with a never-ending slew of action sequences. Dal Gun is a bit hot-headed and doesn’t always think before he jumps off of buildings or into car chases, but we know he’s secretly a softy, and we love watching Lee Seung Gi bring this character to life. Want to re-live Lee Seung Gi’s acting brilliance once more? Here are his 10 best scenes from the first half of “Vagabond”! Warning: spoilers for “Vagabond” Episodes 1-8 below. 1. When he was the cutest uncle Dal Gun is the best uncle to his nephew Hoon (Moon Woo Jin), and the scenes of Dal Gun training Hoon and cheering him on, from his first days of taekwondo to his black belt, are so cute we can’t handle it. Lee Seung Gi plus kids is always a win. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1358759wpp/epic-action-powerful-emotions-lee-seung-gi-best-scenes-from-vagabond
  9. I really really want the baseball match to finish early. I don`t want to wait another week for new episodes. There is a little hope. I did not pay anttention to every detail but i think she kept the clock she found on the garbage dump. It was a coincidence that her mom died at 4:44 as well so she took the clock. After watching with subtitles, I like the clock scene even more. Hyun Ji remembered Jenny`s words and decided to move on and she fixed her clock. She assumed that Jenny is the type who lives with an eye on the future. So little she knows that actually Jenny is the person who dwell in the past that already stopped. She doesn`t live for the future at all. All her plans are for the moment the imposter Kim Yeo Ok is defeted. She even thinks that it won`t be a happy ending for her. Revenge dramas are almost all tragic. Jenny has a tragic life and the fact that she lives anly for revenge makes her a tragic heroine. The last part of the dramas is really intense because it will be the moment the enemy will find out her secrets. Kim Yeo Ok will do everything to stop Jenny to reveal her as a fraud. That makes her dangerous because we know that she doesn`t have any scrupule. I worry about Jenny and Sun woo. The revenge will hurt collateral people, included persons she cares about, like Jung hyeok. I know that Jenny can`t stop now. I want the imposter punished as well but I don`t want her to lose too much. He doesn`t know Kim Yeo Ok is an imposter and Ms Wang doesn`t know either. I am curious if Jung hyeok knows or suspects something. He is the oldest son. He was 11 years old when he came to Wi family. I don`t think he knows about what her mother did but perhaps now he has a strange feeling what he doesn`t remember anything about Wi Chang Soo. When he saw Jenny in a picture with Wi Chang Soo, he sure wants to know more about it. Sad.
  10. Park Sung Woong confirmed to appear in drama Rugal. Rugal`s Park Sung-woong turns into a cruel villain Actor Park Seong-woong returns to OCN's new original drama, Rugal. ‘루갈’ is a human action hero drama based on a webtoon of the same name. The story of the elite police who lost their eyes and their beloved wife as a killer and obtained an artificial eye with special powers swept the criminal gangs. In the play, Park Sung-woong played the role of Hwang Deuk-gu of Argus who was trying to control the world with evil beyond the violent organization. He is a villain in a gangster world who commits perfect crimes that not only have thick bones but leave no evidence. https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019101708434 **** It is official. Park Sung Woong will play the cruel and heartless villain. It looks like this character will be crueler than the Devil.
  11. I can`t believe it. No episode again? I don`t like it. Now we have to wait another week. And I wished for three episodes this week. Thanks for infoming us.
  12. Why The Romance Between Gong Hyo Jin And Kang Ha Neul In “When The Camellia Blooms” Appeals To Viewers TV/Film Oct 17, 2019 by D. S.kim Since its premiere, KBS’s “When the Camellia Blooms” has been receiving much love from viewers for the special way Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin) and Yong Shik (Kang Ha Neul) love each other. Dong Baek and Yong Shik do not push and pull in the drama. The two do not engage in a vague relationship. Instead, they are honest and straightforward with their feelings. This is the reason the drama is gaining much love and praise from the public – because they show what an honest and innocent relationship is. Spoiler In the drama, Dong Baek is someone who lives a life that many may call “unlucky.” She was ignored as a child because she did not have a mother, and as an adult, she has to fight prejudice for having to raise a fatherless child and owning a bar. Then, Yong Shik appears in her life, and he is the first person to not criticize her. Yong Shik realizes that it’s possible to fall in love with someone in just three seconds, and since then, he is nothing but straightforward with his feelings for Dong Baek. Despite what other people may think, he will always be on Dong Baek’s side. Dong Baek, a woman with a negative perception of love, begins to open her heart after seeing Yong Shik’s tireless efforts. However, she is unable to enjoy it due to a series of unfortunate events in her life. This includes her mother, who abandoned her as a child, returning as an Alzheimer’s patient. As a result, Dong Baek decides to give up on her relationship with Yong Shik because she does not want to involve him in her misfortune. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1359334wpp/why-the-romance-between-gong-hyo-jin-and-kang-ha-neul-in-when-the-camellia-blooms-appeals-to-viewers
  13. I watched again the RAW episode and now I realised that I missed a lot watching the first time. Now I can answered my own questions. I am glad Jung Hyuk saw the pictures of young Jenny. In the next episode he will question Miss Wang and I hope she will say the truth or, at least, what she knows about Jenny and his mother. I know it will be hard for him to know that his mother was so evil towards Jenny but I don`t have a doubt that he won`t support his friend/ wife over his mother. Jenny`s revenge will affect him (he is a collateral victim) but I hope he will know that she cares for him sincerely. Again from the preview... it is so funny how Kim Yeo Ok is walking with his right man behind her and Jenny as well with Sun woo. Go Go Go team Jenny- Sun Woo. It is time to put the other team behind bars. Let see the last half of this drama. I can`t wait to watch it. I loved the moment with the clock/ watch. Jenny and Hyun Ji has a lot in common and I wish their relationship will stay strong. Preview ep 9
  14. For the first time I watched LIVE a little of today`s episode. I saw the old man recognizing Chairwoman Kim and later, I cheered when Sun woo saved the man. I was worried a little for him when he fought the masked man in the dark, when Jenny and her nemesies fought with their words. It was a good scene. I am happy that Sun woo is a very good fighter. Butler Hwang is now Chairwoman`s henchman? I should not be surprized. He was capable to sent to death two children in the past. he can kill for her. I was glad that Hyun Ji has refused Chairman Kim`s offer. I understood Sun woo`s frustration and disappointment when Jenny canceled the dinner/meeting. She should have told him what`s going on. Jung Hyeok needed her and I think she was right to go to him but she should have talked with Sun Woo as well. Maybe he needed that moment to push himself to look in another direction, to change the pattern in his life. Sun Woo and Hyun Ji`s date /having dinner was awkward but they broke the ice. Next time would be more easier for them. Jenny is carring for Jung Hyeok very much. She still have a crush on him, I think. Is his lover really dead? It`s a weird plot. I know that Jung Hyeok`s love partner is a supporting character but I think his suicide is contrived. It is a cheap plot to get rid of him. I like Jung Hyeok (I love Kim Tae Hoon) but I think I need more scenes and effort from the writer to convince me about Jung Hyeok`s journey in the drama. I feel very confused. What`s his place in the drama? Why the writer make him gay in the first place? Maybe with subtiltes I will understand better the situation. About the Jenny`s picture with her family. Miss Wang was surprised to see the picture. Why? She knew/ suspected that Jenny is the daughter of the young master. Now Jung Hyeok saw the pictures as well. He will start to wonder who is his wife. A question. In the preview we saw that Mr Choi from Jogwang had informations about the Wi siblings not being blood related with Wi family? I don`t think I saw that in this episode. Maybe I am wrong. or maybe my assumption was wrong. The preview can be really misleading. The second question... Ye-Nam knew that she is not blood related with Wi family or she find out in this episode? I want to watched the whole episode with subtitles and of course, the next episode as well. I wish there will be three episodes this week.
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