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    . Thanks for the all recaps and summaries. I am a bit confuse to what you wrote ("...Lee Eun Ju and her necklace being laced lost (sorry, typo) by Jeong Hoon.")can you please explain? Thanks a million!


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    Eun Su told Hyeon U about her necklace that Jeong Hoon had lost which can help to find her mother. Later in the episode, Hyeon U was on the phone with the person that he asked to find out more about the camp fire incident 27 years ago to the children of Hope Orphanage in front of Eun Su and how the records were switched between Gyeong Seon's daughter and Lee Eun Ju. Eun Su who overheard the conversation told Hyeon U that her record was switched with Lee Eun Ju at Hope Orphanage. The episode ends.







    JH did a good thing by telling ES the truth that his father was the instigator of her accident. It was better that she heard from him than anyone else.

    This is why I can't seem to dislike JH because he is thoughtful, kind and honest. People may have perceive him as weak but I rather him they that he is other than being a manipulative and a liar. How can ES not still be in love with this type of man. They both have the same characteristic traits.  I hope JH and ES can overcome this at the end. 












    I really do hope Se Yeon gets what is coming to her but I have this feeling that she get a free pass,most the people that should punish her are connected to Sora somehow and would most likely forgive her as she is the biological mother and they wouldn't want to do anything that can potentially caused the kid pain. 





  4. Se Yeon is digging her own grave. How in goodness name you going to raise your soon to be ex-husband's son? I'm trying to comprehend that logic. 
    Se Yeon is delusional!! She abandon her own child to raise someone else kid. I hope Hyeon U find their child quickly so he help prove Se Yeon is not fit to be a mother.  










    ES lost two things with JG interfering with her life, not only a possible future with JH but also the opportunity to find her mom but what still makes me mad is SJ hoping that JG has a future with ES, if this writer is crazy enough to make those two end up together at the end as it would just make this writer a sadist  and it would be best to not watch any future show from the person.





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