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  1. It tells the future. In webtoon the camera (digital, not polaroid, i guess writernim change to Made the story' more dramatics) show bad future (accident and die) so if you take a picture with the camera you Will die. But in this drama the camera tells the future.
  2. Stills Kim Yoo Ri See article here: Cr: http://m.imbc.com/enews/view/253321
  3. Main poster & individual poster Cr: http://m.imbc.com/enews/view/253048
  4. Article abt Kim kang Woo Cr: http://m.imbc.com/enews/view/252857
  5. Youre welcome I see many fans from another actor-actress did 10 years challenge. So I try looking for JSY pics in 2009 but Its hard to say it 2009 or 2010 because shes start acting on 2010. So I caps her face from her CF on 2009 Its not good quality of course. Heres the picture So, hows youre thinking? I think shes grown up more beautiful and mature. I see her eyes and nose looks different. It is because shes grown up or she cover with make up? Or maybe shes done it?
  6. Jin Se Yeon attended VIP premiere Kingdom So, Ju Ji Hoon invited her and I'm sure he invited all his co star but only JSY and Oh Seung Hoon who had time. JSY looks pretty and her clothes was casual. I'm glad she didnt overdo because I see some actress looks too much
  7. you can turn it back on" ... What are the eight items? 2019-01-21 09:45 'Item' released two main posters three weeks before the first broadcast. Above all, Ji Ji-hoon's mysterious tragedy in the veil, the item with the super powers possessed by each person, is revealed and attracts attention. MBC New Moonwha mini series 'Items' will be broadcasted on February 11th at 10:00 pm. Fantasy blockbuster is a drama where two men and women of mixed destiny dig into the conspiracy and secrets surrounding special psychic items. The main item of the 'Item' that was unveiled today is the one poster of Inspector Ganggon (Ju Ji Hoon) with the overturned train, and the poster of Ganggon, Shin So Young (Jin Se Yeon), Jose Huang (Kim Kang Woo) And an 8-poster with items. A poster of Ganggon who is entangled in a railroad track, a train that is tangled up, and gazing at something in front of him, saying, "If I can have it, I can get it back". His face, tired of tragic calamity, stirs sadness. But to reverse this tragedy, I feel his intense desire to break through the mystery of the item to avoid this situation again. The poster with eight adds curiosity to the items revealed with each character's. I am a member of a group of people who have been working for a long time since I was a member of my family and I have been working for a long time. To the ring of. What items have been hidden in the meantime and how will they be used by the owner? Especially in this poster, Dae-yong, Byeongjae, Hae Seung-mok and Seo-yang play roles in the secrets and conspiracies of human greed surrounding the items.The crew said, "The mysterious case of the 'item' that will sweat the viewers' hands, and the characters that will work in it, were released through this poster. It is another result of the enthusiasm of actors and staff who showed through 'Departure Drama Trip' which was shown on the 17th. I will do my best to show the well-maid drama until the very first broadcast. " On the other hand, 'Item' is the original version of the same name in the cacao page. Through the drama 'Save me', Jung-yi Jung, who anticipated the next works by drawing the pseudo-religion as a realistic and tense development with materials, co-directed the writing, 'Goodbye Mr. Black', and the intensity and delicacy through the single- And Kim Sung-wook PD, who showed an excellent director who also had an excellent production at the same time. 'Bad Detective' will follow the first broadcast on Monday, February 11 at 10 at night. iMBC Park Han-il | Photo courtesy = MBC cr: http://m.imbc.com/enews/view/252704 trans: google
  8. 'Item' Jean Seon "First profiling scene, expect" ... Perfectly absorbed in Shin So Young 2019-01-17 14:19 Item' Jin Se Yeon always has a modifier. 'Honest and innocent'. However, in this work, she put down the image she had shown. She is divided into a veteran profiler with a solid hair style, active clothes, What does Jin Se Yeon want to gain from such a new challenge? Jin Se Yeon, who has worked as a profiler Shin Sang Yeong of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, who has a cool judgment and excellent ability at the MBC New Moonwha mini series 'Items' It is Shin Soo-yong itself when it comes to the still-cut public. A look with unshakable eyes and complex emotions, and a professional look at the scene of the incident. Jin Se Yeon said, "Inspector Shin Soo-yong is a very cool person, but ordinary human Shin-Soo has a sad story and is a human person who can share his emotions with others." Through this character, the point that Jinseyun wants to show to the viewers is the reverse aspect of Shin So Young. So, "Profiling is deferred so that you can look confident and confident, and when you think of the past or when people around you are in danger, try to postpone the emotions of the younger ones who understand and think about their feelings " An in-depth understanding of the work and characters was not the end of it. "She thinks that people who see drama can feel the emotions of So Young because they share many emotions while meeting with various characters including Kang Gon (Ju Ji Hoon)." She said, "It is important to share emotions with viewers, I want to get by means of item '.So is it. Soo Young is the first profiling scene in the crime scene, which is expected to be the most personal and most likely to give viewers the freshest feelings. "Because it is a scene that can show the character of so - young, I took many pictures with my best so that I could take a full day by sharing many stories with my director. I would like the interest and affection of the viewers until the first broadcast of the scene, "said Jin Se Yeon On the other hand, the 'item' is a fantasy blockbuster in which two men and women of mixed destiny delve into conspiracies and secrets surrounding special psychic objects. Through the drama 'Save Me', Jung-yi Jung, who anticipated his next works by drawing a pseudo-religion as a realistic and tense full-fledged material, co-directed 'Goodbye Mr. Black', Kim Sung-wook PD, who showed excellent production at the same time. It is scheduled to be broadcasted at 10 pm on Monday, February 11, following 'Bad Detective'. cr: http://enews.imbc.com/News/RetrieveNewsInfo/252543 translate: google
  9. Stills Kim Kang Woo Cr: http://m.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201901080859266710#_enliple
  10. Stills JSY Jin Se Yeon, Profilers Transform. Eyes Change Cr: http://m.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201901070858130410#07pz
  11. Stills Cr: http://m.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201901030858551910#_enliple Teaser 2 Cr: MBC drama Trans: JJH: I'm (uncle) always there with you Da In Mr. X: is it you who took my item? JSY: Its hard to describe this case logicaly JJH: Do you think it was done with a supernatural power? JJH: Dae In... JJH: Do you think you are special? KKW: I am special JJH: I'll get you for sure JJH: Remember this ia just a start
  12. It should be 24th January but it could be delayed due to Christmas and new year holiday. If I'm not mistake MBC Festival (MBC Entertaint award, MBC Drama Award, and MBC Song festival) Will be held on 28,30, and 31 December. So, we should wait maybe they Will broadcast 'less than evil' 4 consecutive on one day.
  13. Script reading Source:http://m.star.mt.co.kr/view.html?gnb=news&snb=tv&no=2018101908200373898#imadnews
  14. Vote JSY here: https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html?type=factor You can sign up with acc FB, Twitter, KakaoTalk, line, Naver. Don't forget to vote everyday. I knew that she didnt had many fans, but I don't want she just got 100 voted
  15. They held script reading today. We can say Its pre production drama because it start shoot on 26th September. Because it Fantasy drama abt superpower stuff they Will add CG. You can read the article in here: http://m.news1.kr/articles/?3432021&109#imadnews I use google translate so maybe it incorrect.
  16. I'm glad if theres no Romance because I'm bit worries with die hard fans jealously. Maybe it Will be like Investigation Couple / Partner in justice. Theres no Romance between LM and LF but they got chems as a colleague and like they interaction. I guess MBC had been tired with Romance drama or drama with Romance. Most of drama with Romance were failed.
  17. @razielachoi Woon Shik and jin Se Yeon played teenage version from Lee sang Yoon and Han Ji Hye on The Duo (MBC 2010) in that drama CWS character fall in love with JSY but JSY hates him.
  18. Its already had I always nervous while JSY had new drama. I'll better hiding and posting in my Instagram than read the comment
  19. I mean if they follow the webtoon JSY character wasnt that good like @razielasaid. But I think they Will change if they want Made her character more attractive. I feel dissapointed with GMB because they ruined moon Chae won and Yoo in young character. I don't know if it because the writer. But i feel the director make them 'side dish' and focus with Lee jin Wook and Kim kang Woo scene. I think i Will not post on item thread. They must be bashed her even before the drama start. Last night JSY attended VIP premiere Mostrum. I have no idea whos invited her because from all cast she just knew Choi Woon Shik.
  20. Shes confirmed Jin Se-yeon, MBC new Moonwolp 'item' Yeoju confirmed (official) News | 2018.09.11 09:17 Actress Jin Se-yeon confirmed her appearance as the heroine of the MBC New Moonwha drama 'Item' (play Jungido, director Kim Sung-wook). On the morning of November 11, MBC announced that Jin Se-yoon will be the heroine of "Items" that will be broadcast in 2019. 'Item' is a fantasy blockbuster that explores the secrets and intrigues surrounding two or more men and women with special psychic powers. MBC's own drama is based on the same series of webtoons that are popular in the cacao page. Item' was written last year by the drama 'Save me', which depicts the pseudo-religion as a realistic and tense development. Jung is a writer who writes and co-directed 'Goodbye Mr. Black' and a single-action drama 'House, Mate' Kim Sung-wook, who has shown his delicate skills through the role of director, is in charge of directing. Jeon Seon-yeon plays profiler Shin So-young with his ability to be cool and cool. Shin Soo-young is a person with a cold-hearted judgment and excellent ability that does not blink in a horrible crime scene, unlike the slim figure, and digs up a conspiracy surrounding an object with super powers along with 'Janggon' Jean Seo-yeon has accumulated solid filmography as a character of various charms crossing the historical drama and modern drama. Through this 'item,' she transforms into a profiler character with a strong and strong mentality beyond the existing pure image. It is a person with a wound, but overcoming it and solving the case seems to come fresh to viewers. Meanwhile, 'Items' will be broadcasted at the end of January 2019 following MBC 'Bad Criminal'. http://m.star.mt.co.kr/view.html?gnb=news&snb=tv&no=2018091109114686900#imadnews Translate by Google She Will played profiler. I think they Will Made the drama different with the webtoon. Especially for character and plot.
  21. @razielai knew what you meaning. I want shes doing drama with young Actor too maybe casting director thinks that shes more fit for mature character even she had cute face. Thats why they choose 'mature actor' for her:) I'm doing some search and I found the webtoon. If JSY accept she Will appear on the middle episode beacause at first the lead had a partner (I'm not sure if he police or what ) but something happen to him. Theres a woman (I think shes character whos offered to JSY) whos involved in Investigation and she company the lead male to investigated that item (camera). I'm not sure if they Will change the story' (some webtoon which becomes drama changes the plot or character) but I found the girl character gave much courage for the man. If you want to see you can check on : https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=49642475 its in Hangul so I don't know what they looking or chasing.
  22. Yes @razielamaybe this role much heavy than Grand Prince and I really want she do Rocco. But i found this story of Item was interesting. And I think its hard to decline:) i knew she Will got more hate comment if she take it (since many ppl thinks her acting didnt good) but it Will be challenge to her. Actually I want she take it for Joo Ji Hoon i like them on five fingers and the ending was too cruel to me.
  23. Jin Se Yeon Will Reunited with Joo Ji Hoon on MBC drama 'Item' is itu true? I use google translate and on this article said that Its been decided. Actress Jin Se-yeon appears as MBC 'item' heroine. As a result of the coverage of the news on the 20th, it was cast as MBC New Moon drama 'item' woman character. Webtoon's original 'Item' is OCN 'save me' Jung is a work that is attracting attention as the next work of the artist. The 'Items' will cover the plot and profiler exploring secrets and secrets surrounding objects with special powers to protect precious people.Jeon Seon-yeon, who played a role in the TV drama 'Dae-gun' earlier this year, is going to challenge fantasy with 'items'. On the other hand, 'Item' has been suggested by Joo Ji-hoon and will be broadcasted early next year. sunwoo617@xportsnews.com http://m.xportsnews.com/jenter/?ac=article_view&entry_id=1010121&_REFERER=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.xportsnews.com%2F%3Fac%3Darticle_search%26skey%3Dtc%26sword%3D%25EC%25A7%2584%25EC%2584%25B8%25EC%2597%25B0%26x%3D20%26y%3D10#_enliple
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