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  1. @Yongyoon I try to find and saw one vid but i don't see the similar ending as you described. Can you perhaps drop the link here?
  2. @ddunddun20 I heard many people said the video on the Facebook got deleted but i found it and it never been deleted and Eric's comment is still there Here's the fb link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1141581592647906&id=636493726490031
  3. Oh that's a refreshing theory @papamoo12 ! I meant i do realized Eric starts to wear accessories last year but everytime when i try to peek at it and to observe with Solar's, i just can't see any resemblance until you mentioned the similar round silver plate necklace... no matter how i try to zoom, i can't figure it out too! @ddunddun20 Oh yes! I ever think about that too but i don't know why i feel that ever since they ended wgm, i understand they didn't contact as much due to their respective busy schedules and having lots of tours lately... but it's just that both of them trying to be wary of their fans... that's why they never mention about each other through their solo activities. But at the same time, i do think they actually keep in touch (after that small reunion on mubank) and supporting of each other's music.
  4. @ddunddun20 IKR! But i love it more that they got it coincidence on that day. And i see that Yongsun love nail arts... if you get what i mean. I'm not trying to be delulu to link anything with both of them but i think it's just cool.
  5. You can check both Eric and MAMAMOO IG on 26 Nov 2018. There's another Yongsun picture posted on the fancafe and the belt can be seen more clearly.
  6. @papamoo I would like to share it here as well but i forget how to post the link. I tried to use the insert image box but i can't succeed...
  7. Omg i'm excited to see some of my familiar friends here! Hello Oh yes, about the ring issues... i thought the same too. I observed the circulated picture of Eric and Yongsun wearing the wgm ring and found that Yongsun's ring isn't match but i'm glad that Eric wore it. I remember i kinda have "talked off" with that particular shipper when that person said we are just being delusional. After all these years, i'm still awaiting if they could have possible project and also, i rewatch the wgm epidodes too. Oh... i save a picture of them wearing the similar belt and surprisingly they wore it on the same day and their clothes's color kinda match too! It's a pretty coincidence I keep praying for them to even appear as a guest for any shows... duh i miss them sooooo much
  8. Aww i'm glad to see you again @maeryl! Omg i miss them so much even more now since i saw them together at the backstage. Yes! I'm still shipping them and been always waiting for any projects for them together. Hopefully we can see them together someday again... soon *finger crossed*
  9. Cr: Anh Quân The awkwardness+Yongsun's nervousness Love that Eric still laughing at everything Yongsun does!
  10. For tomorrow christmas music bank special, Yongsun will have a special stage and her pre-recording starts at 1pm. Eric Nam & RV's Wendy pre-recording starts at 12.30pm. I don't hope/wish for much, but i'm sure they gonna greet each other backstage.. if we are lucky, we could see them onstage together but that's just an IF. I miss them so much
  11. I don't care whoever gonna let this pass, but i'm here still supporting them. Call me delusional if you want. From MAMAMOO debut till now, Yongsun have change so much in her appearance and she does nail art too since we all know that Eric Nam said he likes that. About the revealing clothes, it's just Yongsun boosting her confidence and i'm really proud of her and being fan of her, she grows alot and it reminded me how Eric would always become fascinate and surprises of her full skill and talents- he said if Yongsun put her mind into it, she can do it! And look where she is today. Another thing that made me delusional is Eric's new song Miss You. If it wasn't enough, Yongsun's Hello was actually composed and written by her 2 years ago which is in 2016. If whoever have an active kakaotalk, line or whatever sns for ddongi couple, pls invite me. Thank you. This thread isn't active anymore but my love for them is eternity. Yes i ship them but if one day, yongsun or eric have a different partner, i still am fine and still rooting for both of them individually.
  12. Hi! First of all, i really love this drama and the casts! I haven't read the webtoon yet (and i hope i can find a website to read that!). I'm not good at theories though i love it. I like both JYH & ON and KG & ON 's chemistry. But i just prefer JYH & ON more. We can see that JYH dreamt of the past and he slowly catching glimpse on it. As for KG, i got curious too that he had a special ability to talk and understand animals. And the latest episode even gave a hint of him remembering his past and gave a backhug to ON. Also, JS's oppa (the egg) always reacted when KG touches it and even made a sound and called for him "Dad? Is that you?" And lastly, i thought only immortal or family-related could recognize their "people", like JS stated but some human could see ON's younger self...i just don't get it?
  13. @Jillia Thanks for your reply! Now that i think back, it's understandable to say that she ran away not to be caught thinking people might recognized her. Therefore she don't really recall the face of the person that chased after her.
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