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  1. @rannelpot you're sweet  :)  I personally don't care about voting in those competitions since most are hacked but I'll vote this time around If they're not going to attend they won't win. I'm not sure if they can attend
    @NorsalwA I think the song is more about metaphores than Halloween itself. I could be wrong :D
    I was wondering if the contract dispute prevented Seyoung from getting an endorsement like WY's Recipe or even photoshoots. 

  2. I'm probably the only one sensing a lot of tense tiredness from the latest real2pm. Wooyoung was in the mood where his words could cut someone's pride into pieces.  Jackson's "because you're pretty" though :)) :))

    I hope Seyoung talks about her upcoming projects in Happy Together. I want her to go forward with her career and settle any problem she had with her management  [-O< 

    Edit: 900!  

  3. Hello YYNation! We've done a good job voting  :-bd
    @PeggyM wooyoung posts rarely. He doesn't post randomly, he updates when he's abroad(concerts, photoshoots, events..), he posts to express gratitude(for gifts, events etc), to promote and also when fans start nagging about how silent he is. If anything he sometimes allows us to take a glimpse into that mysterious world of his by posting some artsy symbolic stuff. 

    Wooyoung going to PhuketPermalien de l'image intégrée

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