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  1. I guess I will be here again when PA 2 starts. I am a diehard Yuwen Yue/ Xing Er fan. Maybe earlier when LGX shows his wedding certificate some day with Wang Li Kun. Sigh. I just can't seem to get it right with the couples to ship. Right now, I am shipping Deng Lun with Yang Zi but they say it's an impossible dream.
  2. @tenten0227, can you please tell me which episode was it that JM lost her color vision? I watched up to Ep 54 but didn't notice the part about her color blindness.
  3. @mrsyooknit, I don't know them well before this show. But I agree with you. This may be the breakout show for the 3 leads. Including the actor for Night. Deng Lun is my latest craze.
  4. Me too. First saw him in Princess Agents and like him a lot. Now after Heavy Sweetness,I love him. Deng Lun is such a good actor.
  5. Ha ha ! @viktormani, Now I don't feel so guilty as I too try to skip Night's scenes but savour every bit of Deng Lun .....sorry I mean Phoenix's face and voice. If I end up preferring Heavy Sweetness to 10 Miles of Peach Blossom ( similar 3 life times of love) , it's Deng Lun's fault.
  6. I can't get over him in Heavy Sweetness. What puzzles me is I am upto Episode 48 (of 60) now but the 2nd lead actor seems to have more air time.
  7. @mrsyooknit, frankly initially, I too didnt find him good looking in Princess Agents. Yes, it's the eyes. But his looks grows on me. So much so that I now find it's his single lid eyes that set him apart from the others who look quite similar. But it's his charisma in his acting that draws me. Great guy . Will have a great future.
  8. Ha ha ! @cenching, fancy seeing you here! You are our super detective in a couple-shipping forum ( wink,wink) which is going south !! I also notice his costume on stage are all shirts and business pants and even ties! I first saw him in Princess Agents and wondered what the K pop singer Henry was doing there ! But I liked him immediately. Heavy Sweetness is the 2nd time I saw him and I must say he bowled me over with his charm!
  9. That is exactly how I felt when I first saw him in Princess Agents where I like his acting. But Henry is more extroverted whereas Deng Lun comes across as a shy guy.
  10. I hear there is indeed going to be a Princess Agents 2 and he is going to be Yuwen Yue again but she won't be Chu Jiao. Is that true ? Or just hopeful speculation? We have waitedexactly a year since PA ended in Aug 2017. For news of PA2. If there is no PA2, I have invested 50++ episodes last year for nothing. Because the PA ending is not the ending! And if PA2 doesn't have both of them reprising their respective roles, I am not investing my time again. Because PA2 is not PA2 if the lovers don't come back as a couple. I mean, did we see them confessing their love as a couple? No. It was all "I touch and you disappear" on the few occasions we saw them on screen. Maybe they touched more behind the screen !! Ha ha!
  11. Ha ha ! @cenching, you are real funny ! How about getting your hubby to audition for Chinese shows? Maybe he may succeed and be the next Lin Geng Xin.
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