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  1. Hello everyone. I an IC and i am so exited for their comeback next month. I have been reading your posts and i decided to comment but i am actually active more on a close group on facebook that is all about winner. Thanks gor sharing information 

  2. 31 minutes ago, corleone said:

    hi all!!..I have been a silent reader all this while!! may I know something? under one of the BTS clips, there's one where SM was hiding behind uri SOG (wearing black vesace nyummm) and SM was pointing towards something the SOG drew fire on his hand.


    This bts was after the episode where they had their 2nd wedding.


    was that cut off too??

    I think that one was only part of the promo for the drama, not an actual scene

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  3. 8 minutes ago, dvrels said:

    This time is not activation method but engage method

    Oh Gong trying really hard to get 'Yes' from Sun Mi

    If I get proposed like this and persuade like this  I will say yes and I Do 


    I can’t wait for today’ Episode omg. I don’t think i will concentrate at work since while it airs this episode i will be getting out to work 

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  4. 21 minutes ago, haymochi said:

    I def don't want samjang power. Why should i cut myself everytime and  get the risk of rabies  from those demons 

    nope nope nope


    Heaven is too cruel . If she is given the mission... shouldn't she get some power like ASN  as well? For example  throwing Lotus flower petal instead of roses :huh:


    Then we can see these two women fighting for monkey  in a fair way :tongue:


    :D I will choice PK powers since he can sing and dont hurt anyone. I don’t think i will have demons following me like samjang lol

    I don’t want the CEO powers since i hate cleaning 

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  5. I just want to say i am or we are not complaining about oys screen time on the drama. I was just saying why NO BTS of OYS. I have nothing to complain about her lines or screen time. 

    All i was wondering or bitter about the BTS nothing else. I know that OYS love her script and that is why she choose to be on the project. So to clear we OYS fans don’t have complaints on her lines or screen time. Anyway i enjoy the drama itself and i will just watch the drama and not complain about her not having BTS like the rest and not give give any opinions so i dont get misunderstood by anyone in here. Sorry and have a great day everyone 

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  6. I was thinking and if JSM takes the GGG off from SOG and then she still has the contract with him that whenever she calls his name he will show up to help her but then if SOG wants he can erase his name from her memory like he did in the past. Well now i think he is in love with her so he will not erase his name from her memories if she takes off the GGG. 

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  7. I love this drama and everyone is doing a wonderful job with their characters.

    i know jsm is not a person very bright and is always wearing black coats

    That makes her look to serious or plain. The only thing i want the production to change that black coats with a little brighter colors.  Or just to wear green lol after all that is her fav color. If she did not tell sog that green is her fav color i would of always thought black was her fav color since she wears black all the time.

    So far i love this drama and have nothing to judge. 


    About hate comments 

    OYS gets hate on every roll she plays for no reason.  I read  comments on YouTube, some know she is a great talented actress but they just don’t like her because she don’t have that cutesy charming Aura/vibe :rolleyes: or because they think she don’t have that aura to be a lead actress and don’t match the lead actor or she looks too old to be partner  with the leading man.  I got used reading this type of comments about her so i dont pay attention or bothers me but  what it hurts me is when they cannot blash her acting skills so they bring wgm scandal to JUDGE HER REAL LIFE CHARACTER/PERSONALITY.

    i have seen less hate on her in this drama. So i am happy and i feel that her character jsm is getting the more hate  but maybe i am wrong Since i read the top comments because i couldn’t continue Read all because they started hating OYS. 

    If they hate her character JSM i don’t mind since nit everyone will like her character because it is not an usual character acting cute or bright but when they start saying bad things about her real persona(her real self) i get sad.


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  8. Can’t manage to finish watching ep 12 

    :D i read that buja will sit on SOG lap so i am like sad because JSM has not had that chance to do it first yet :blush: 


    do you guys think that SOG will get misunderstood especially by JSM 

    I mean when SOG told MW that he definitely will not die and find a way out 

    so i know he loves JSM but he doesn’t want to die either so maybe he will do a lot to avoid being killed or killing her but JSM will misunderstand him thinking that he has been planning a way to kill her and think he betrayed her by using her love for him. By her sadness she could kill him or she ends her life blaming herself that bad fate is her fault. Maybe this can happen at the end of the drama. 

    This just my crazy thinking after i had a nightmare with this drama :grimace:

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  9. 15 minutes ago, haymochi said:

    Right haha? As her fan, I was worried cos she is def not the best in those scenes.

    well she was quite good in SOGC with Janghyuk


    bu i have to say this is the best. Good job Seunggi...thanks~ haha :tongue:

    Yes and glad to see you again here. Yes she has been improving her kisses 

    Also i really hope this drama has a nice ending since i want OYS to finally had a happy ending since almost all her lasted dramas have weird endings. SOGC bad ending that it took me time to accepted(even herself was shock with the ending :(, mr comeback had an open ending that we had to analyze it and assume the aftermath, only sassy girl 2017 had a happy ending) 

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  10. I can’t stop replying at the kiss scene. I have never been like this on any kiss scenes of OYS’s dramas all this time. All the dramas that she had kiss this one was the best. 


    By the way i forgive PK since i am more excited with OTP kisses. 3 kisses is one scene  had made me forget all that it happened on ep 10 :blush: 

    all JSM friends are demons and will betray her anytime except for the secretary man since he truly  sees her as a friend or family and wants her to be happy and SOG 


    I don’t expect anything from MW, PK, Zombie, Secretary dog or CEO since they are nice to her because they want something from her and they never really considere her feelings. MW for example all that he is doing is not for JSM shake but for his own shake and he makes her think that he is telling her in order to not be hurt but in reality is just for him to really know what she is sad about and be ahead of SOG not because he truly cares for her. 

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  11. I have been thinking is the only reason they put that on GGG on him is to hide the real feelings he has for JSM. I have been thinking that SOG has been protecting jsm from far away this passed 25 years because once the first time they meet he recognized her right away a tease her. If he did not watch over her from far then how he can recognize grown up JSM.


    So SOG has have like JSM and that man god new about and decided to put that GGG on him by using JSM since only if it is a gift from her he will use it. That’s why the reason to take her to that shop to see her future fate. Everything that going on is what that white god man has planned but JSM having that black bell was not part of his plan since what he wants is hide their fate.

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  12. Hi everyone 

    I so excited to watch ep 7. I am just getting outbof work and i have read almost all the comments you have share about ep 7 and I cannot wait to get home and see it. After i watch i will give my thoughts about it but i have to wait until is sub. Now i will watch it raw but my thoughts have to wait when I complete understand what they are saying. 

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  13. I think mr frost give a change told soh about how he can froze the bracelet for one min and give him a chanse for ws to eat sam jam. So later he told sam jam that he can help her find out if monkey king(soh)is sincere feeling for her. So i am not sure here if mr frost plans to send WS(bull)to the love key lock place where SOH is with Sam Jam and make WS try to eat her in that minute that the bracelet is frozen. If that is the plan now we can see if SOH saves her from WS eating her or not. If that is the plan of mr frost than we can see OSH true feelings in that minute when he is free to choose to save her or let her be eaten. For me that will be a great seen to see his true feelings sincerely. I have only watch half of ep 6 with subs and the other half raw so i can be wrong but i wish that is the plan of mr frost to help SM (sam jam)

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  14. @devagelo so true is like the main leads did not acomplish their personal lifes but only the proffesional lifes. The only one that really acomplish what she was fighting since the beginning was YW since she wanted to be Queen and she did. Its and ending like since everyone wants SY so she just said nop no one is having me so i must leave so no one fights again. So no one eas happy in the end. They have to live all their acomplishments without their lover(other half)

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