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  1. @meoooooowwww thanks for sharing. So my guess about that bedroom hp snatching scene being an ad libs is SPOT ON. I LOVE it a lot and kept rewatching it. They look so natural and comfy together and I love the way JJH laughs. Another ad lib could be the drunken kissing scene which was seen by HG's mum? What about the cinema hand grabbing scene? Or the baseball hitting lesson where JJH was so charming when he smiles and the way he held SIA comfortably in his arms? I'll look out for JJH & SIA walking the Red Carpet for the KBS Drama Awards on 31 Dec. Hope they win 1 of the BEST COUPLES Award (usually there are 5 or more). Have been stalking annually my favourite actors and actresses without fail at the KBS, MBC & SBS Awards since 2012! And I've been very very lucky seeing many of them upclose even though I've to wait for hours in sub zero temperatures! @meoooooowwww in the latest interview JJH mentioned he hasn't dated for a year. (maybe lying to maintain popularity) No wonder he acted so well as a lover boy with his earlier experience! Heeee!
  2. HG is such an endearing character. Which is why I was so obsessed with him and SAT. In one of the blogs they call him Mr Steadfast! I also love the fact that HN although independent and spunky NEEDS a guy like HG to stand by her in troubled times. This he DID excellently right until the end! Best of all she keeps thawing his cold attitude towards his mum! HN and HG make a perfect couple!
  3. I'm still BAFFLED as to who really takes care of the twins while their parents (Hana & Leo) and grandparents (HG's parents) are at work??? @meoooooowwww it was also mentioned in many other sites that JJH & SIA have lookalike features. I'm also one who mentioned here altho I joined this thread late. I cant STAND totally ridiculous and unrealistic dramas like SWDBS even though I love the actor PHS. I HATE all those dramas with unrealistic super sassy female leads. I love them feminine like HN here. So I'm going to rewatch SIA in School 2017 (my favourite drama of 2017) and Law of The Jungle. By the way SIA won an award from MBC 2017 year end variety show. Which show was it?
  4. @stroppyse thanks again for your timely translation which makes the more important scenes more meaningful and enjoyable to watch! And also thanks to @selen4ever for sharing those instagram clips directly for us here to view on repeat modes. That embarassed look by HG's mum when told who HN's real mum is and the fact that she confessed to JH she has approved of HN before she knew JH's her mum has made her fully redeemed by me! I'm wondering, how on earth are HG's parents going to handle the twins when his mum is still working at SJB and his dad is working for EA?
  5. @sava2sava I always love your remarks for the evil but redeemed ones! Heeee. Will miss you on dailies as I'll be very busy. See you on 16 episodes threads.
  6. @selen4ever, thanks again for the recap & the video clips! I'm gonna skip all the other scenes and just watch our OTP's scenes especially the proposal scene and KISS!
  7. @browngirl I told you so! Dont expect to see any wedding ceremonies in dailies. If is mainly because of tight budget. I'm more than satisfied with the actual KISS as described by @selen4ever!
  8. I'm like you as I wont have the time any more for dailies. No more! I was "sucked" into the HG/HN OTP cuteness overload and got so obsessed with SAT that I neglected posting on my other 16 episode mini series.
  9. @meoooooowwww I dont expect any actual wedding ceremony for our OTP. Maybe just wedding photos like JE/DG. I may be wrong but from my past daily watching experience I dont remember seeing any. This I think is due to budget constraint. Whatever they give us, I'll just TAKE IT. I'm so glad to finish another marathon of a kdrama and managed to survive without giving up half way!
  10. If not for the last minute filler episode (to have it ending on a Friday) we wont even get to see the proposal! I also mentioned that last night's episode looked like the grand finale. @meoooooowwww thanks for sharing! It's better than nothing!
  11. Not for me! No more dailies! No thank you! My last one was 2 years ago. I was really caught OFF GUARD just because I was hooked by some cute scenes between HG & HN. Then after they officially dated, they got fewer scenes and got overwhelmed by the DG/JE relationship and the NEVER ENDING evil schemes of the evil mum-daughter duo! As I was used to dailies before, I know how draggy, frustrating and mind boggling they can be. So my hair is still very much INTACT.
  12. @stroppyse thank you so much although I never asked you for the translation! It's so kind of you to do it for all of us here as I know that you're busy on TBM thread. I'm lurking there as I also love that drama a lot! To me HN & HG's mum drunken talk is the HILIGHT of this episode and is very insightful indeed. I'm very pleased that she has become more pleasant and has accepted HN for who she is without knowing that she's JH's daughter! She's even worried HN might dump HG! LOL!
  13. I'm very disappointed that we didn't get to see HG & HN going on a sunrise watching scene together. It wont be the same if they do it on their honeymoon. And it is the list of HN's bucket wishlist! Actually the final scene of HN with her 2 mums could have been the Finale. But due to preempts due to Sporting & National events they added 1 more episode to have the drama ending on a Friday. Let's hope we get to see MORE (75% or more) of our OTP scenes tomorrow to COMPENSATE us, the viewers of the severe lack of their scenes during the last 10 episodes!
  14. The actress acting as SH will somehow have some "backlash" from the Korean ahjumas for sometime for sure. @sava2sava remember that nasty jobless husband who kept insisting his wife sign the divorce paper after he found a rich mistress in Wang Family? Later he was chased out in the snow wearing only his boxers (hilight of the drama for sure) underwear? That actor Oh Man Seok, a famous musical actor ( he was excellent in that role) mentioned in an interview that he had to endure some nasty remarks by the ahjummas after the drama ended. And he being a joker in real life took it in his stride. If course after that he didn't act as another MEAN husband again.
  15. @selen4ever Thanks so much for the recaps again. But I love your video clips of HG & HN best! I dont care about those 2 evil mum-daughter duo at all. I've had ENOUGH of them. They can go to the moon for all I care. I will only watch and rewatch our HG & HN's video clips instead.
  16. In yesterday's episode after HN revealed to HG about JH being her mum. While hugging HN, HG gave a pleased, satisfying smile. It's not for himself dating an heiress but knowing his stubborn nasty mum, he knew he'll finally get to marry HN at last.
  17. @stroppyse thank you so much again! That would be the last request as I probably wont be so eager to watch the last 2 episodes as before. I'll wait until they are fully subbed. HG sure is a PERFECT boyfriend for HN in time of needs all right. He has really thawed from a cold hearted guy to such a warm and understanding boyfriend. His comforting and encouraging words to HN have also melted my heart. Those scenes are in replay mode for me as I simply love to hear JJH's sexy baritone voice!
  18. This is called emotional blackmailing. Both JE & SH are guilty of it. JE for trying to commit suicide and SH for using that to get sympathy from JH for JE. So both evil mum-daughter duo are still unrepentent for what they've done till the end! They've gained the upperhand in the end despite all the evil deeds they've done.
  19. @stroppysecan you please translate the video clips of our HG comforting HN both at the office and at the park where he so sweetly took off his coat to cover HN's lap. Swoooooon! Thanks in advance! Those are the only scenes I cant wait to know what they were saying to each other.
  20. In some countries the punishment for even an attempted kidnapping is the death sentence.
  21. For me, JE can go and jump into the Hangang or River of Doom (which she's really doing) or from Lotte Tower, I just DONT care. Right now I'm SWOONING at our lover boy HG with his sexy baritone voice consoling and comforting HN ever so sweetly twice tonight. He's such A PILLAR of strength for HN indeed!
  22. Yes! I agree that it was an act to get DG to save her because she was disappointed HG saved her instead. She was annoyed with him and HIT him!
  23. You mean that famous bridge for suicide? This part is just too shallow! Just play acting and another FAKE suicide attempt to get forgiveness of course. By the way SIA (HN) can swim well as she has been to the Law of The Jungle recently.
  24. Haiz! Another popular Kdrama trope to get forgiveness? Using suicide after fake pregnancy by evil JE is just TOO MUCH! So she isn't truly sorry for what she did and just wanted an easy way out? And HN of all people shouldn't have risked her own life to save that evil witch after what she did to her?
  25. @selen4ever thanks! Finally HN got to SLAP evil witch JE back! Best of all she confided in HG who encourages her to return to JH.
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