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  1. Please place this in the Crush thread
  2. It may not be in the directory or has a broken link. Here it is
  3. Hui & Kino - The Greatest Wall (Live Ver.) The Greatest Wall Lyric Video
  4. Even with Teacher Park gone, Se Ho will continuously spiral down a path of madness because that's not who he wants out, but everyone keeps defending & protecting Bok Su which he can't seem to understand why.
  5. The thing is, this isn't new for him since he played victim 9 years prior. He continues to see himself as the one who's done wrong because he's been rejected or feels jealous.
  6. So teacher Park was fired? Figures, Se Ho would want to get rid of anyone with any type of "resistance" to his ridiculous decisions.
  7. CUBE has confirmed CLC is making their comeback late January. Though they have posted about a comeback showcase on the 25th, they have yet to confirm the date. Translation for the Premiere Showcase post credits to yooniqda (CLC International)
  8. Sorn has launched her own YouTube channel, Produsorn https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOzB7NB3Tr98XVwC8bLm5oA
  9. I agree. I can criticize Soo Jeong all day for reacting the way she did but it is fact that at the time she only thought Bok Su knew & she was already a private person as it was (stayed to herself for obvious reasons). I'd be very hurt and she was probably mad at herself for showing anyone something that personal. The thought would never cross her mind that it was all Se Ho's doing, but now that she knows Bok Su's true feelings, now she can truly see Se Ho for who he is.
  10. We have received your reports & acted accordingly. We ask that you do not engage if you see someone disturbing the flow of the thread & just report when you see it. Some users may notice the content they quoted from the person is gone, that has been removed along with their posts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Shippers' Paradise Moderators ( @LavelyShai @angelangie @youngatheart @stroppyse)
  11. Oh this is a much more serious role than her previous ones, this makes me even more excited to watch since she's taking on a new type of character.
  12. My suspicions on In Woo still owing money is stronger as I now think he works in the airport just to pay back whatever he owes, which would explain why he's so adamant on trying to garner as much profit as possible even if it means neglecting his employees. His decisions sometimes don't make any sense to anyone but himself & he's too busy trying to expose Soo Yeon to think clearly. The latest episodes did make me think he's perhaps protecting him, but actions speak louder than words & In Woo has been nothing but a pain. If he was serious about keeping him out of danger, I feel like he wouldn't have attempted to make it harder on him. I'm excited for Soo Yeon to tell Yeo Reum the full extent of his disability, she knows something is off and I love how she's just showing support without pushing him to say something. She's the real deal & I'm glad she confessed to him because it made him even more confident to tell her. Eun Seob, I like him, but then I don't like how he threatened Soo Yeon like that. Yes she deserves to know, but he had no right to do what he did. Team Leader Yang is also a real one, she's always looking out for her staff & I love how she helped boost Yeo Reum's confidence a bit so she can stand up to her bully. It's an unfortunate thing she was bullied & it does explain her past behavior and why she reacts in certain ways. This episode also basically told us that she's adopted which is likely why those girls bullied her when they were in school.
  13. I forgot about this drama until like the other day, but glad I caught it in its premiere week. I love love love contract relationship dramas so this one was right up my ally, I don't even care about the plot being "like the 90s" it's a common trope that can be an excellent story if done right. The first episode was a little underwhelming, but the second one was so much better & did a better job at storytelling. I do love how these two seem to get along from the beginning despite the misunderstandings, it's a slight yet nice touch since many of these have the leads hating one another. I also like how the eventual contract will be beneficial to them both, but not from the obvious standpoint. She doesn't care about recovering an image, her ex pushed her to do this since he lacks any type of real emotion towards what he did. He humiliated her so I can see why she changed her mind. Woo Hyeon's reason for doing this shows a much larger picture for him since he's dealing with a lot more than what meets the eye. I'm excited to see where this goes, the second leads especially the woman who wants Woo Hyeon definitely won't be an easy fix.
  14. I can see your point as well. She may not even be aware of how why she's feeling this way, but it makes her uneasy so her solution is to switch teams. Honestly it may be a bit of both her realizing there's something deeper & knowing she was wrong in how she came at Dae Gi after she was hurt. Now that we look at it, Yeong Joo & Yeo Reum are pretty similar in this aspect (not wanting people to look down on them due to them being women & put up walls). It's interesting to watch because they're polar opposites in nearly everything else yet they share this similar trait even if they don't go about their issues the same. Yeo Reum wants to stand out in order to be acknowledged while Yeong Joo opts to do her job without bringing much attention to herself.
  15. Agreed. I think she's been aware of her feelings (somewhat) kinda like Yeo Reum when she tried to draw that clear line when Soo Yeon first confessed, but slightly different since Yeong Joo became aware of her feelings first. Dae Gi obviously likes her, but she's under the impression he just sees her as a colleague when in fact he doesn't. I also agree that she's trying to prevent herself from being hurt, but this is where Yeo Reum comes in because she knows how Dae Gi feels (without asking him, she saw it in his eyes) so she'll be that push these two need. I have noticed both couples switched it up or so it seems they did, but in reality our Security Couple has always been more dysfunctional & our OTP have always been the most honest pair. Dae Gi & Yeong Joo spent a lot of time avoiding their feelings so when he tells her he doesn't worry about her just because she's a woman (we think he's being completely honest, but he's not...partially anyways) she hears it as he doesn't see her as a woman. She's constantly put up walls so he doesn't know how to get to her while she remains oblivious about his true intentions.
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