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  1. So we're finally going to see them confront their feelings, this is the plot development I signed up for lol
  2. For a Ji Chang Wook drama, this thread is basically dead lol I'm very emotionally invested in this one, maybe because I'm enjoying the chemistry.
  3. The boys said during their 3 year anniversary Vlive that they'd come back after the tour. Prism ends December 21 They're headed to Europe right now and likely won't be back in Korea until the end of the month.
  4. This is why my initial thoughts were last week, Ha Ru has been the one to change the story as he's been self aware much longer than Dan Oh. He's been subtly changing the story, but Dan Oh thinks it's her when we've seen it's not her at all. Ha Ru basically set everything in motion once he noticed her.
  5. 3After watching episode 6, I am positive Dong Chan is over Ha Yeong. I know how it can look considering he literally feels like it's been a few weeks versus years, but knowing what everyone did to cover up his disappearance makes it easier to cut people out and that does include Ha Yeong. I do feel for her, but I want her to give him the space he needs because as of now she's not exactly doing that. Popping up with the ring on only showed she's not respecting him. Judging by the ending, Dong Chan's feelings have seemingly been resolved. Once he begins worrying about another person more than her, his heart has moved on. With him outing himself, he said he wants to preserve his images of the woman he used to love. Funny how it's not him who's clinging on, but her. Byeong Sim needs to stop acting as if everything revolves around him, but that's his character and he means no harm. Indirectly, he's going to push our leads together as it'll bring out Dong Chan's protective side since he knows she doesn't like him. Hwang Ji Hun will be another thing since he's already smitten with her and has yet to discover his family connections. I actually liked how Dong Chan revealed the secret, he couldn't stay silent forever and he had to protect those around him. I also liked how he told both of their families about the temperature problem, now they'll know how to keep them comfortable. Overall, I'm satisfied with the pacing right now. The chemistry is good and I am looking forward to the next episodes because that preview....wow.
  6. As long as it manages to stay above 2% it should be ok, but yeah if no pay for cable managed to break 2.8% then there's something wrong.
  7. Saw episode 5 and I am enjoying the pacing now especially now that we have the cover up issue out in the open. I personally think it's a good way to begin the wrap up on Dong Chan and Ha Yeong, it sucks for both, but they're not the same people (well technically one is). Ha Yeong chose her path by accepting the job and while she may be living in the past, Dong Chan is ready to move on and start experiencing the world he missed out on for 20 years. He's also seeing people for who they really are so it will make him appreciate those who are most sincere. It's why he's going to lean more on Mi Ran, even if he feels responsible for her now.
  8. Thanks. The text preview says he needs to protect Mi Ran?? What exactly happened in episode 5 that he needs to do this? Unless it's because of the story that ran about him reappearing again after 20 years.
  9. No one has watched episode 5 yet? Surprised there was no live updates, thought it was cancelled lol
  10. Same. I'm sticking around now because I want to see them together & uncover the truth behind the experiment. They had amazing chemistry in what little scenes we had of them so I can't wait to see them together more now. Dong Chan really has only Mi Ran to trust (aside from his ex-bro in law) & she's the one person who can understand him so in reality, they do need each other.
  11. Set Me Free mv Comeback stage Music Bank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiXHTzkKXIg Set Me Free Making Film
  12. New episode tonight? I'm excited to see the plot to start moving forward now especially to see Dong Chan & Mi Ran to get closer. They're all each other has at this point in regards to the experiment so it's no wonder they'll get closer.
  13. From what we've seen so far, it looks like Ha Ru has been aware much longer than Dan Oh (we did see him drawing her in ep 1) and could be the one who has been changing the story little by little and not Dan Oh (like she thinks). I believe he's responsible for her actually becoming more aware because how did that happen if it wasn't triggered by someone else? She seemed ok, I can see how a no name extra could easily go rogue since he has so much down time. I don't know how much they deviated from the original story, but so far I am loving it.
  14. Reminder: Please keep things in the PG range when posting as we do have minors who are equally as active in the forums. Thank you - Shippers Paradise Mods ( @LavelyShai @angelangie @youngatheart @stroppyse)
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