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  1. May I join you as Jo Seung Woo fan? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I love him in secret forest. His name was mentioned in Shinhwa Broadcast because of his resemblance with Lee Min Woo, but I didn't really care back then,

    Fortunately, I found Secret Forest, and he is definitely an acting genius. :heart:

    I want to watch God's Gift because of him, but I found some internet user said the tragic ending. So I don't think I can watch God's Gift. Hahahahahahaha

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  2. Hahahahahahaha, okeeeey @mary-ann  @hibiscus23 @booha all of you seems so eager to recommend it, so I’ll try emergency couple.

    Thank you for the trailers, look interesting. I know Song Ji Hyo, I am also a regular viewer of RM, so actually, I already knew this drama back then when it was still airing. Maybe because I didn’t really care about medical drama, I even didn’t bother watching the trailer.

    I trust you all, so I'll watch it :wink:

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  3. @mary-ann @saanjh sena @hibiscus23 @booha thank you all for the recommendations. I am not that interested with medical drama, maybe I'll watch pride and prejudice first :)

    5 hours ago, booha said:

    Hello Hello  Let me join in welcoming you here.  So you are a fan of crime drama.  I’m glad you liked Tunnel.  It’s a unique drama in the sense it has a well blended mixture of crime&suspense /time slip/heartwarming.  Yeah before watching the drama I was a bit apprehensive about the Kwang Ho character after reading the character description of him.  It was CJH’s comeback drama after the long absence from his tragic enlistment so I was happy to see how CJH was able to bring out this endearing character Kwang Ho.  
    Btw CJH played another crime&suspense, Pride & Prejudice(2015).  It’s not Jane Austen’s P&P which at the beginning  the drama title confused some JA followers.  hhhh  Though K-PP is a crime drama, it has the same underlying  concept as JA’s PP: The folly of pride & prejudice.  -_-:wink:




    Sorry for cutting your post. I really agree about Tunnel was a unique drama. It's charm is combining crime plus heartwarming element. And the heartwarming part made me had withdrawal syndrome. Aaaaah I miss Tunnel already.

    Why did CJH have tragic enlistment? Maybe I should google it to know more haha

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  4. Hello, I am a new Choi Jin Hyuk's fan. I finished watching OCN's Tunnel recently, and officially I am become his new fan. Truthfully, I had watched him, in The Heirs, but he didn't get my attention (well, the drama itself didn't that great also).

    Fortunatelly, I decided to download Tunnel. I hesitated at first because I didn't really know anyone from the drama. But I heard Tunnel got good reactions and criminal drama is my fav, so I watch it, and wow I really like Park Kwang Ho character. And I really love how Choi Jin Hyuk acted as Kwang Ho.

    Now that I did his filmography, anyone can recommend me his drama/film that worth watching? Thank youuu :)

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  5. @lavenderose kyaaaaaaa lucky you  <:-PI think I will need tissue for my first shinhwa concert hahaha I will cry when I see how beautiful the vocal line and how hot the rapper line. LOL.
    @linakyon are you planning to go to Shanghai? Woooooow, hope you can make it XD.Go to shanghai stop and tell oppayam to buy camera lens for you, or maybe just ask oppayam's camera lens hahahahaha, so you still get camera lens and even go to shinhwa concert =))
    I hope shincom will held concert in Japan around May, I'll be there that month. Huhuhuhu, but I don't think they'll be in Japan on May :((Still hope they remember Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore.
    Tweet for TigerJK

    People hitting me up telling me M posted something on his IG. What a G. He ain't even tell me about it.

  6. OMG @kunjit congrats, you've achieved one of shcj's lifegoals : watching shinhwa concert.
    I envy you. Hahahahahaha. I hope Shincom remember South East Asia for their concert tour. Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore pleaseeeeeeeee  ;;)
    @0728 hello dear, welcome to this thread. Haha, after we're digging to deep about them, we can't help it but we'll turn into their die hard fans.

    Dongwan: We, Shinhwa, don't want to be the most important to Shinhwa Changjos. pic.twitter.com/fnvn0LNCPo

    — 말바보 (@malpabo)

    April 5, 2015

    that's from KDW. I feel grateful that I become this idol group's fan. This man is so true so real.I am a shinhwa changjo. But I am also a girl who has a lot of dreams so I heve to set my priority :GOD, family, school & work, and then my life as a fangirl aka shinhwa changjo :)

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  7. *cries* *sob* :((I thought I can enjoy OT6 fancam today. I am going out from my cave today for shinhwa. But the show got cancelled. Huuuuu. T_TOk, fine, 2 months again, just 2 months left until next year.
    Wandering around in youtube, and found this

    Hahahahahahaha, andy-ya~~~~~~  =))*sorry if this video has been posted in this forum*
  8. @heidimx12 @linakyon @hkana LOL, now that I think about shinhwa pairings, I can't tell which one is my fave. hahaha. I was thinking, oh woodong is my fave, but I love ricmin the cute CEOs too, and Ricdy, and I love ricwan, and ricsyung, and wanjin, and wandy, and the birds, and the maknaes. Waaaaaaah I love all of them, I can't make ranking about shinhwa pairings. LOL =))
    Starnews did a very good job. Definitely love that starnews article. “present progressive form for 16 years”, stands out more amidst reunion rush!I love all the 1st generation idols, and I am happy if they have reunion, but people should read this kind of article.
    Oh that roygen photoshots <3 Charisma, charisma, charisma everywhere :DBut the KKT convo just LOL. Time, Ocassion, Place. Minwoo Daebak! =))And of course I know Jinnie oppa, you're the fashion king =)) I can't deny it. LOL."We cook fashion" Anyone can explain that phrase to me? Hahahahahaha :))

  9. Oh no, Jun media, I hate you so much!
    The boys are awesome, people around shinhwa, shincom are awesome. They will survive whatever happen.Justice will always come anyway. SHINCOM fighting!!!
    2014 is really something for us. So many issues, LOL.Everyone fighting!!!

  10. Oh well, actually I was a little pissed when I read the recent update.. But, whatever. Aish.
    SHINHWA is SHINHWA. They are still going strong until know. They don't care about the number of their fans. They always give their best. They never think other group as their rival. They are just happy become a shinhwa member and have shinhwa changjo. And here, I am happy as well become a shinhwa changjo <3
    ----oh yes, talking about the encore DVD.LOL, what the, sept 23th? shincom, you're too funny =))I wish I get my money soon, so I can buy their DVD. *work hard, pray harder* [-O<

  11. Kekekeke, long time no see soompi. I miss you all :xAnd of course I miss u too SHINHWA :D
    Lately I was busy preparing my graduation and celebrating eid.
    Seems like I am so left behind anything bout shinhwa.
    M's birthday!!!! Kyaaa, happy birthday oppa (hehe, sorry I am late). Why did you get IV drip? Please stay healthy uri cool guy :DAnd there was an awful news too :( Himnae oppa!!!!!Just like @loveoppayam said hope is in the air. There was bad news, but also some good news. Uwoooo, fighting SHINHWA!!!If I were a law student, I would graduate quickly, went to Korea and be shincom law consultant. Keke. I really want to help them.
    Shinhwa changjo who has money, please buy their original product, album, dvd, goodies, etc.Shincom needs money. Hahahaha :))
    Btw, I just remember this morning that JJ's birthday is the same day as my graduation ceremony. Hahahaha, just simple thing like this makes me happy.
    Btw again, I miss Andy so bad! :( How is he? Hope he is doing fine.

  12. Aaaaaaaaaaw, shinhwa sent wreath to g.o.d :x They gave heartwarming feel.
    The Young The Future ended well. Kyaaaaaaaa, there were a lot of pics floating around in internet. They were ugh :x
    Hyesung has released the first remake project, Buen Camino ft. Lyn  :-bd  =D>  <:-P

  13. @lavenderose *high five* fighting! :D
    @linakyon ikr! It's a big surprise. We were talking him playing guitar plus singing ENGLISH song. Aaaaaaaand, tada he uploaded his latest covering english song. Well, although this time without face, but it's still super big surprise.
    shincom twitter update :BrXuBg_CMAEfgAS.jpg

    O.M.G, Eric, the man who always good looking *.*Whoooooooaaaaaah Discovery of Love really promising. It has Eric, plus Sung Joon. Whoaaaaaaah *.*, plus Eric and Jung Yumi already have great chemistry. Whoaaaaaaaah.

  14. @lavenderose, whoaaaa let's be the awesome health practioners :D
    Yeaah, he sounds gooooooooooood. And maybe with that video, he wants to show us his improved english ability. LOL.
    ---Wah, it's like a happy day for me. I got a good mood. Last night suddenly minwoo appeared on my dream and performed "kiss it away" in front of me. And when I woke up, there's KDW updated his YT acc. :x LOL

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