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  1. I haven't visited this thread for a long time, a fellow Song Hye kyo fan PMed me and directed me here to read @guemchanwha's post, which perfectly describes SHK as how real fans know her. Thank you for the wonderful post @guemchanwha. After reading the post, I decided to lurk and start reading some posts. I hope you don't misunderstand and tell me I'm being negative or a party pooper but I can't help express disappointment. I have been here since day 1, I started delurking at page 3. Back then, we were wondering why there weren't any posters as much. Back then, @joongkyohas always been active and helpful in this thread. I started to stop visiting this thread when I got busy with life and realized that there were already many posters and I don't have anything substantial to add. I am no loss. Unlike Joongkyo who I thought was one of the backbones of this thread. Don't get me wrong every one of the shippers here, whether active or just lurkers are important in this thread. But you can't deny how Joongkyo help this thread become not one of your ordinary shipper threads. She gave this thread facts, information with substance, not mere spazzing and delusions. This ship is not mere matchy-matchy outfits and couple things and whatnot. Yes, there's nothing wrong with spazzing and delusions, that's part of shipping. So what sets us apart from other shipping threads, besides the facts and correct information given by many contributors, are the investigatory skills and rational thoughts of Joongkyo making the "spazzing" even more fun! I'm not saying you follow Joongkyo blindly, call her out if it's necessary. But to banish her, to the point of her leaving this thread disheartened me. She has been a solid Song-songcouple supporter, never did she waver. People just misunderstood her unwavering adoration and being overprotective as being a "tyrant". I am in no way close to Joongkyo nor is she aware of any of this. I feel the need to come out and support her. Since she's one of the few people here in this thread who welcomed me by PM-ing me whenever she feels like spazzing, for sharing information with me, despite me not having anything to share to her. I was the only one benefitting from our conversations and yet I never felt burdened by her. @joongkyo, I hope you're doing fine and I hope you won't stop supporting the Song-Song couple. In time, many people will realize how much of a loss you are in this thread. I am not active in this thread anymore, but I'm sure many will miss your investigative skills and your logical explanations, your translations and funny gifs. To the rest, I'm sorry, I know some people might feel that I'm being negative since I have to post disappointment after all the positive vibes. Keep supporting Song-Song couple. I hope you share only facts, and stay delusional but logical at the same time. Be a responsible shipper. Enjoy your weekend!
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