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  1. ..hellow guys!!so happy that this thread is alive again.. Try to watch this guys,Hana is so cute here...
  2. .hellow guys.. been a silent lurker here since the start of the season enjoying discussion of everyone,and after this season finale--I'm just like...what just happened???never expected what just happened at the last episode of this season,so many question that keep us wondering,and the biggest question is..Is kang center still alive???Will she be in season 3???(writernim what a cliffhanger to end this season,you surely want us to guess until the next season..).I'm still positive (hoping I guess ) that we will see kang center in season 3. Have any of you wonder what kang center heard or did she really hear something before the explosion that can save her??? I'm still down until now,,been so attached to kang center,Been fan of Lee hana since season 1,(she really have sweet,soathing and calming voice). Her portrayal of kang center specialy in season 1,is one of the best female heroine in kdrama I think., Still hoping that she will be in season 3,She is the heart and soul of Voice,and I can never imagine Voice without her, Sorry for the long post guys...
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