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  1. I'm just passing by, but I watched episode 14 yesterday and it ended with the Emperor hugging uri Empress from her nightmare and I was like "NOOOOOO, writer-nim don't you DARE make me fall for this ship!!!!!... NOOOO I DON'T WANT TO REPLAY THIS SCENE" and I was replaying it GYAAAAAARGH the struggle ! I mean I think you're probably like me, struggling because of Lee Hyuk ! I can't....I can't... everyone is sooo evil and this guy he killed two people already and he doesn't hesitate to get rid of someone NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sorry just ranting~~~~
  2. Hello ! I start to watch this drama and just one thing: MONSTERS !!! DEMONS. GOSH !!!! I'm at the 8th episode and... Lee Hyuk, Yu ra are MONSTERS !
  3. I feel like at the beginning of the series, they were willing to give BTS, I remember SBS has uploaded two videos on the same day, but then later, there were less BTS... The wedding scenes should have been shown in the BTS. It's as if they don't even have time to show BTS for this drama... Well
  4. YSJ did not hear when the director said cut so he kept kissing SHS hahahahaha !!! Yeah!!!!
  5. Just adding my two cents, besides SHS is a virgo and YSJ a capricorn and those two horoscopes go well normally !.... Kkkkk
  6. Guys we got our last kiss!!! So cute and fits perfectly the drama ! This drama was amazing !!! One of the best romcom for me!! It was an amazing ride with those beautiful and talented actors !! Thank you guys for the fun and see you in another forum as well !!
  7. This drama is Amazing guys !! The character development Oh okay they're married !
  8. Hahahahaha I'm just overracting hahahaha Jennifer's beauty is amazing though !!
  9. Those people sure love letter/post it Can Jennifer comes back when WJ and SR have their children?
  10. OH MY GOOOOOOOOODDDDDD GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE HAVING A DATE !!!!! She thinks he's going to propose hahahahahaahzh I can't with her The poor guy ahahahaahahahaahah!! Ohmy so awkward HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA
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