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  1. For me a third season is more than welcomed, however if it's not with the same casts I don't see the point
  2. Just watched the raw, oh my, what kind of story is this. We have so many things left. The story is really good but really for a prerecorded drama, this is such a disappointement
  3. How are we all doing ?!! I can't believe we've waited two months. By the way the trailer ! DON'T TELL ME EUNSEOM is going to be "dead" again.
  4. Oh my saaaaaame !!! This is why I don't really like shoujo kkkk. Anyway, though I like the action/plotting scenes, I would like some lovey-dovey scenes kkk I'm waiting for that scene when Eunseom and Tanya will dance together, they mentioned it in an interview. Or maybe it's Saya, because they hugged each other in the preview in Sept and maybe Saya wanted to learn the dance so they did it ? I caaan't waiiiit
  5. After this episode, I think I prefer Eunseom's mindset, his free spirit and his kind heart. I like how he keeps trying even when he dreamt about TY regretting meeting him. I just like him and when he smile he looks so innocent, I missed that smile of his. Saya is a complex character and it's great but I prefer his brother. Can we just appreciate how SJK made them SO different ? And I can't wait about that damn reunion with TY !! Like all of you said, Sept is reaaaaally far away
  6. YAAAAAAS YAAAAAAAAS YAAAAAAAAS !!!!!!!!!!!!! TANYAAAAA MY BABY She's amazing !!!!!! Even the characters were so amazed ! Eunseom it's your time too !!!!!!!
  7. Hey guys, what about the ratings ? I saw many comments about how some watchers are going to drop this because of the sad news
  8. Same ! I'm totally rooting for him for now. I just hope he won't hurt his brother it'll be too cliché. The 3 objects aka Tanya, Eunseom and Saya should just team up already !
  9. Okay, I've watched all the episodes. Sometimes the story is going a bit fast, but the characters are sooooo interesting. Saya is amazing, he's a calculating guy, he's not that easy to handle and I though it'll be the opposite. Eun Seom is suffering too much, I can't anymore and it's high time he reunites with Tanya. And though I didn't want Eunseom to die, the man who took his place, maaaaaan I was SO shocked, how the hell did he deserve so much suffering, it was really sad. To finish, I really like the underlying theme like: betrayals (when Eunseom was ready to rescue those 2 Wahans, forgot their names), civilization through Yeolson ( I think) 's eyes when he went to the library. It's a great drama, a bit too fast and schemes going on with Asa Ron and Tagon that I don't always follow but yeah I guess I'll need to rewatch it kkkk. Ah just one more thing that made me laugh, I saw some people getting so hyped because of Jisoo, it was even trending on Twt worldwide but she only appeared like 5 seconds
  10. OH. MY. GOD !!!! First of all I didn't even think that Tagon would be an Igutu. Secondly ! I couldn't help myself so I watched the raw AND the brother, THEY ARE TWINS OH MYYYYYYYY AND AAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!! THIS IS SO GOOD ! I CAN'T EVEN ! THIS IS AMAZING ! I hope the brother is not evil and I'm afraid for next week ...What will happen to Eunseom ? I don't want him to die ! I want a Tanya-Eunseom reunion And can I just add that Song Jong Ki with long hair is everything I'm seriously in love right here
  11. Finally, I managed to catch up, Jiwoooooooon, WHAT A PERFORMANCE when she pronounced the curse. This drama is AWESOME, I had some issue understanding some parts but yeah best drama this year in my opinion.
  12. TOMORROW GUYYYYS ! I don't worry about the acting, I trust the actors, I'm just a bit worried I won't like the story. Let's see !
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