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  1. Hello!


    Long time no see!


    After a long time, I logged in just to show my thoughts about what I think is unnecessary (and - sorry if I'm being harsh - ridiculous) uproar. 


    First of all, So Min and Leejoon are professionals, and are known to be very serious and commited to their profession. If both of them should promote their work, and if this requires that they have to promote the chemistry between them and their co-stars, they would and have to do that. If actors who are not single don't promote their work, be that romance or not - even if implies be friendly and make sure their chemsitry is credible, I bet directors, writers and producers won't like to engage those actors that are not single. 


    Second, I would like to ask if it was the other way around (that is: if it was Lee joon or any other male actor being friendly with his co-star) people will make such a uproar about it. Normaly, I'm not someone who likes to explain everything through the bias of sexism, but we can't deny that women are easier to be judged severily and to be expected/demanded to have a certain kind of behaviour, which in a man nobody will think innapropriety. In other words: people will easily say that a woman's behaviour is inappropriate while the same kind of behaviour will pass as normal if it was a guy. 


    Third: I watched the bts' and pics, expecting to see something strange and compromising and to my "deception" there was nothing in it that could be see as different in her behaviour from her time working with LMK. The way she behaves toward SIG is the same as her behaviour towards LMK. If we remember the thousands of "proves" showed by their shippers that they were a item - through the bts and pics - we will see the same uproar as now (but now is worst because as people knows she is with LJ, they read her behaviour as "cheating" or innapropriated or "she have to be single now otherwise she is cheating or behaving as an easy girl"). It is true that she is friendly and confortable around SIG, but IMO it is also true the same with her other co-star, who plays her older brother, and even with a guy who plays a policeman. I really can't see any difference, other than the fact with the male leads she has more time together, and obvious has more proximity. SM is known as someone playfull with her partners, easygoing and probably is doing her job promoting her drama through exposing the chemistry between them. 



    And now, let's be logical: 


    a) Lee Joon knows SM and knows that she is friendly and professional, and in spite of that, he loves her and is willing to date her, knowing how difficult it is to date a celebrity, in special when he has to be "off" and the gilrfriend has to work (on) and knows that the girl has to take all the eyes and "bashing" from the public, which is worst in the case of actresses. 


    b) If Lee Joon doesn't mind when she is being friendly with her partners , why should the fans demands another kind of behaviour or judge her behaviour? We don't know their relationship, and so, we don't know what LJ thinks about this. I bet he understands and accepts it as a trait of SM's personality that he loves. Because I bet he is mature, he is sure of himself, he knows he is enough of a man to her, he trusts her, so he won't be unsure of her (and himself lol!!) 


    c) The fact that LJ is in a special service now, allows them to be seeing each other frequentely. This means that the risk of MS time is minimal in their case. If they broke now it would be because they are not meant. And if it was the case, I bet they would have announced that.


    d) SM knows very well this industry. She knows how things works to women. It would be so idiot of her if she being in a relationship with a guy, is cheating on him, or is liking another co-star, and  while that puts pics and behaves in a careless way that it could betray her and attract public bashing (now and) when news about the supposed broke up/new relationship comes up!! It is soooo idiot to do it that, to me, her behaviour (the pics uploaded and so on) are evidences that she is still very much taken by LJ. 


    e) So, let's not be so worried and sometimes even "mean" towards them. Besides, que sera sera!!


    I don't believe that I wrote so long about what I think is a silly uproar!


    Back to logged out mode!




    P.S.: If people knows what brazilians actors have to do, even married ones, nobary will have any worries about koreans celebrities lol

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  2. Dear fellow MA fans,


    If you are waiting to find a show that comes near My Ajussi on quality and "hooking-ability" to be able to watch and enjoy a new drama, then I'm afraid you will have to wait many many years or maybe forever.


    This kind of quality from a tv production happens only a few times in a viewer lifetime: it is a kind of epiphany that arises through a conjunction of mysterious and mystical phenomena!!


    My advice: put MA on its due high place, then lower your expectations - making an epistemological cut or a Kierkegaardian leap -, and with a detached espirit, I believe, one can be able to watch and enjoy another drama after MA. 


    True: It is not easy, I myself tried two or three times (About Time, Secretary Kim and Marry Me), before being able to enjoy (as entertanment) a new show. This happened with Investigation Couple (I like very much the main actor) and I'm currently enjoying Mr Sunshine (in spite of not being a fan of KES - BTW I'm surprised that some issues from MA surface here too [age gap and "pretty young face can be a cold murderer, but I love him and hope he will get the girl"] lol). I don't expect more than a few hours of pure tv entertainment, nor do I expect (or want) to be hooked, just to have enough interess to be able to follow and enjoy a show without much engagement. And this is working  now :)



    P.S.: Another point - I will be surprised if MA get some awards. Not because it hasn't enough quality (on the contrary!!!), but precisely because its high quality. We can't forget that this is an industry, and in this environiment quality means high ratings: even if MA was a beloved drama, its ratings wasn't the highest amongst the higher ratings (e.g.: LL, Secretary Kim and that Noona food drama have an average higher ratings than MA). I'm afraid that if this KES drama keeps its high ratings, there will be no place to MA in the awards, nor to others dramas :(. So, in regards to awards, I think we should also lower our expectations. 


    This is all for now. Back to my logged out lurker mode ;) .



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  3. Hello @justamom, I'm here every day, only not logged in :);) .


    Yes, I know the book. Meu pé de laranja lima (My sweet orange tree) is very popular in Brazil, through the book itself and also through movie and telenovelas (soap opera). Part of the book's success rests on its ability to be read, at the same time, as a child book and as an adult book.


    It took me a bit of time to understand that Zeze is Zezé (it makes a huge difference in portuguese) lol.  Zezé is a five yo boy, very precocious and prankish, who learned to read alone and lives in a transition between real world and fantasy: he has a great imagination, but at the same time has a deep understanding (for his age) of reality. Due to his pranks, he is severely punished by his family. Only his sweet sister (Glória) can sometimes save him. He has two friends: the orange tree (Minguinho - who is still young and which first blooming happens at the end of the story) and an old portuguese immigrant. 


    Making comparison between Zezé, the young orange tree and IU's lyrics, I really understand why one can see it as an erotic song. I don't know if this is widespread, but in my country, a flower can be a symbol of virginity, and to say to take "the flower" is a metaphor of to take the woman's virginity.  I will not deal with other words in IU's song, but it seems to me that the lyrics of her song can be seen as very controversial, in special in a conservative country like Korea. 


    Bye! :) 






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  4. Hi!


    A few days ago my computer logged me out from here. I thought: Good, if I can't logged myself out, the gods of work did that for me lol. 


    But, after lurking through My Ahjussi Fan Site, I can't help but come here to congratulate everyone who helped to make this amazing site. Thank you!


    Now, I will log out for sure. But will still follow you here and at the Fan Site. Bye


    P.S.: Two things about DH and car - I think that at episode 3 or 4 DH said that he didn't have a car (when he answered a ["fake"] phone call from KB). I think that this add to the insights that you are making here about this issue.


    Second, the Family's Honor Drama has is a similar situation where the girl (regularly) sits back while the guy drives. This couple (my favourite) has a age gap and the guy is in a divorce process. They share something with DH-JA couple, in the sense that the girl falls first and acknowledge this easily; the guy thinks he is in a friendship relationship and doens't want to be/know he is in love (the development is different though). But, the fact is that she sits back and then, I thought it was because he was still married/ fresh divorced and she was younger; so it was to avoid people gossip and to keep a respectful distance. Nonetheless, their conversation during those drives where the moment when they talked and shared ideas and feelings. In other words: they were occasions for fall in love with each other. ;) 



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  5. I didn’t intend to post here again. Till now I could resist temptation, but after what @andius wrote about DH and “Thank you”, I couldn’t resist anymore. Her (his?) insight made me remember and think about a few details, maybe not that important, but it helped me to understand even better the end. So, I would like to share my thoughts for the last time.


    On DH’s “thank you” to JA: directly and indirectly.


    Preamble: I need to say that, to me, from the very beginning, DH was intrigued and drawn to JA. When the bribe event occurred, aside for being intrigued he became also unsettled by and upset with her. After the resolution, he became still more intrigued and drawn to her, but also grateful and ashamed because he thought ill of her; this happened in episodes 1 and 2. During episode 3, he was grateful, uncomfortable, unsettled, upset, perturbed by her, and still intrigued, drawn to her and bewildered by her capacity of insight; in this episode happened the kiss and “The Train” – he was here also “physically” challenged by her. From episode 4 to the first half of episode 7 their friendship begins, he begins to let down his guard and became comfortable around her, it is also when he gets a better insight and understanding of JA. At the end of episode 7, DH is unconscious (but clearly) falling in love with her; and this unconscious process keeps on until episode 10, when JA confessed and he is forced to look at it. From episode 11 to episode 13, it is the “denial” phase of DH: he denies his and her feelings, when he can’t deny her feelings he tries to downgrade it as pity and/or crush; it is a time when he is also busy with his marriage and office battle. In episode 14, with his office problems and marriage troubles relatively settled, he can’t deny his feelings for JA anymore. Episode 15 and also ¾ of episode 16, I think that, despite his feelings for JA, he has decided on not act upon it because his baggage (and what it implies): here he gives prove of his great willpower. At the end of episode 16, he is free and ready to begin a new life.


    1. The first time DH said “thank you” directly to JA was at the end of episode 2 (1: 10’ 24”), in the train. Earlier, he tried to invite her (to eat/drink) as a means of “thanks”, but she brushed him off. After that, he gathered with his brothers. Here, something (that I had forgotten) very interesting happened: KH said seriously that JA liked DH (due to her help with the bribe), SH joked about that; but, later on KH still serious said to DH he should “keep your distance from her”, because girls were reckless. He also said that if it was him, it wouldn’t be a problem, but “if you’re corrupted at all, than you will die”. After that, JA calls him to eat, and then came the “thank you”.

    2.  The second time that he said it directly was in episode 6 (52’ 07”). He scolded JA because she hit the office guy, however he also said “thank you for hitting him”. After that, it was the first time that they went to “their bar” and for the first time JA let her guard down in front of him.

    3. The third time that he said “thank you” directly to her was during the first half of episode 7 (34’00”), when he invite her to drink and eat at “their bar”, and he said “I’m treating you to thank you” for her help with the bribe case. He even bought food to her grandmother (a gift!!).

    4.  From episode 8 to episode 12 he didn’t say “thank you” to her anymore.

    5. In episode 13, he said two times “thank you” to her, but now in an indirectly way. First in the car, after she messages him; then near the train line, when he said “thank you for being by my side”. It is here also when he said that to say it directly he knows how it could be understood.

    6. In episode 15, DH said three times “thank you” directly to JA, after meeting her at janitor’s house. It was a very emotional encounter.

    7. During episode 16, when meeting at “their” bar, it was JA who thanked DH, and it was then that he made the “clearest” confession to her, albeit being DH (ambiguous). I think it was also an indirect way to thank her, so I included it here.

    8. Finally, at the end of episode 16, he said looking into her eyes “thank you” (directly).


    Conclusion: Why, during episode 13, DH gave so much weight to say “thank you” to JA? It is implied that he won’t say it because it would/could be seen as a confession. But why? If we look at the first 7 episodes, he said “thank you” to her often and without embarrassment. He even invited her to eat and drink to thank her. Furthermore, nobody could argue that then it would be innocent, because:

    a) the first time, he said thank you after KH clearly said to him that JA likes him, and then KH even alert him to keep his distance from her – if SH was joking about JA, KH wasn’t.

    b.) the second and third (with dinner) times was after the attempted kiss, and after the “slap face”. Both actions could be seen as she liking him, so saying “thank you” could be easily misunderstood by her (or anyone) as more than that.

    My argument is that, from episode 1 to episode 7, DH didn’t feel or see himself as emotionally deeply attached to JA. He could see her as an interesting and intriguing person, someone with whom he could talk and be friend(ly), but any other kind of attraction arising, he could still easily brush away as nothing: so, he could say “thank you” directly to her as a friend/colleague says “thank you” to another, because he didn’t see himself emotionally attached to her. However, from the end of episode 7 to episode 13, even if he doesn’t acknowledge it and/or didn’t permit himself to think about it, deep down he knew that something was happening to him, that he couldn’t brush away his emotional attachment to JA anymore: from this point on, say “thank you” to her implied and meant more than a friendly sentiment of gratitude, it would imply a confession. It would imply and mean an expression of love; it would mean expressing a deep feeling of gratitude towards the loved one. Therefore, when DH said he couldn’t say directly “thank you” because how could it be seen, it wasn’t because JA could misunderstand him, but because she could get him right, even more due to her ability to understand him. It was for his protection and not for hers; it was because he couldn’t be free to acknowledge it; it was because he couldn’t confess to her and particularly to himself what was going on with his feelings.

    Episodes 14, 15 and ¾ of episode 16 was when DH finally acknowledge (only) to himself his feelings (but the others – brothers, YH and JH – knew or felt what was going on), but he decided to keep it to himself and to endure his current life. The “thank you” here came during his unclear/ambiguous confessions to her, and as making part of those (no)confessions: if he was saying so much (even if not enough), saying “thank you” wasn’t dangerous anymore. It is interesting and very important that, for the most part of the moments they were together during these two episodes, DH’s body was very stiff and keeping distance from JA, as a way to counterbalance his (no)confessions. I think that, as he had decided to not give in to his feelings, he had to send a message to JA that clearly stated that, and his body countenance was the medium. So, with words, he made (ambiguous – maybe yellow sign?) confessions, with his body he put a red sign in front of her.

    Therefore, when at the end of episode 16, holding her hand and looking deep down in her eyes, he said “thank you” to her, this was the green sign that JA was waiting for. That “thank you” with everything that came together: smile, eyes expression, holding hands with that intensity (with no sign of repression in his body), doesn’t wanting to let go of her hand – means his confession, his “now, I can go to you” answer. To DH, being thankful to JA is an essential part of his love for her. So, DH saying “thank you” to JA means a confession.

    JA understood his last “thank you” clearly and hopefully.


    P.S.: I’m sorry for this long post. My only excuse is that this will be my last post. I have to go back to my real life, now! However, I will still come here to keep in touch with your thoughts. Thank you very much to everyone here. I loved yours wonderful thoughts, good humor and sympathy. I had a great time being part of this thread. Thanks again! And Bye! :) 

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  6. 11 hours ago, justamom said:

    So they replied! The My Mister Director Cut's team. Here's their message in full, in Korean:


    안녕하세요 나저씨 감독판 추진팀 입니다. 문의해주신 답변을 해드리자면


    1. 자막같은 경우에는 아직 확실하게 정해진 바가 없습니다. 하지만 해외수량이 어느정도 채워진다면 저희쪽에서 영자막에 대해 문의는 할수잇을 것 같습니다.


    2. 저희가 알아보고 다시 알려드리도록 하겟습니다 죄송합니다


    3. 전회대본집같은 경우에도 마찬가지로 확정된 사항이 없습니다.


    하지만 저희쪽에서도 특전 중에서도 전회대본집을 가장 원하고 있기 때문에 받을 수 있도록 할 것입니다. 하지만 이 모든 것이 이루어지려면 수량 채우는 것이 제일 중요합니다. 목표수량이 채워지지않으면 요구할 수 잇는 것들도 점차 줄어들게 됩니다. 앞으로도 많은 참여와 홍보 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다


    Translation, and my questions below:


    I told them I'm representing fans from Soompi's My Ahjussi forum, and there are more than 10 of us interested if there will be subtitles.


    1) Have the subtitles been confirmed?

    No, nothing has been confirmed. If there is enough overseas demand, from our end we can start looking into providing English subtitles.


    2) Will the Blu Ray be play-able across all regions?

    I'm so sorry, please let me get back to you on this?


    3) Will the scripts be provided?

    At this point it hasn't been confirmed. But we understand (from all the feedback) that amongst all the specials this is the one most in demand.


    To fulfill all these requests, the most important thing is to have sufficient numbers! If we can't hit our target numbers we can only request less and less things...So if I may kindly request, please participate and get the word out to more people! Thank you very much! (bowing emoticon)


    to be continued...


    @mylovelystar you might want to share this with IU fans?


    P.S. I'm going to ask him/her to pass a message to the PD team about how much we loved the show, and that we have fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Russia, the US, Kenya! Anyone else? Let me know!



    From Brazil!! :D 

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  7. 6 hours ago, justamom said:


    Haha! I'm not Christian, is it rude to question a pastor like that? :ph34r:


    They may still be married. But their marriage is beyond irrecoverable. (That's the basis of my fanfic as well)


    @Joseph Lim Thanks!! I believe that's how she was able to convey Lee Ji An with so much emotional depth. You can see the sorrow in the depths of her soul in those scenes.



    lol You were so polite!!! Maybe because I'm Christian I will feel myself freeler to be more "rude" lol. 






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  8. 6 hours ago, kappy said:



    @nhara - I am like you and most everyone here...finding difficulty in moving on.  My Ahjussi is such a hard act to follow! The bar is set so high! Everything else pales in comparison.  But there are other worthy dramas out there, as I’m sure you know. You just have to fight your tendency to compare it with others, though, for a period of time - the “getting over” period.  And who knows how long that will be?


    In the meanwhile, would you consider an “other Asian” drama?  I stray from Korean dramas when I get tired of the predictability, unbelievability, over-the-topness, and/or extreme behavior (like mothers hating on their adult child’s dating or marriage choices) that often play a big part in some of them.  Anyway, I would recommend “My Dear Boy,” a Taiwanese drama that tells the story of younger man and older woman (10 year difference) who fall in love but find opposition (surprise, surprise). It’s light with its serious moments. I enjoyed the acting and how they tackled the subject.


    Speaking of age difference in a love story, I seem to be drawn to them...lately, anyhow.  I admit that was part of the draw for me about My Ahjussi. After watching the first episode, I knew it wasn’t going to be your typical age difference love story.  Why, I wasn’t even for sure it was going to be a love story even though it was touted as such. However, I knew it was a keeper. It was so obvious because it just radiated excellence.  


    Anyway, when it comes to the age difference thing in a love story, I hardly bat an eye.  The reason for that is my parents were 18 years apart. They married when he was 36 and she was 18, so he was twice her age.  They were deeply in love, but as you would guess, they ran into difficulties because of the age disparity, and my dad was accused of “robbing the cradle.”  Thank goodness both families were okay with the marriage, and since those were the main ones that counted to my folks (besides each other), they took a “heck with the rest of them” attitude and lived their lives happily together, later adding six kids to the mix.


    Now the age difference between Ji An and Dong Hoon is about 6 years greater than that of my parents, but it’s still not a big deal to me.  I was sad to hear about all the uproar regarding that age difference. And then, an apology by the drama people? Oh for crying out loud. I wish they could have just thought as my parents did...heck with them!  I know, easier said than done. As one or more of you have expressed, I do wonder if there were any changes made in final product, post uproar. Would we have gotten a kiss at the end? One where he is leaning in on her in contrast to her tippy-toeing up to him?  Like some of you, I really would like to see the script, especially if there was a before and after.


    One more thing - I’ve said this before, but another reason I don’t think much on the age difference is because she’s had to grow up so fast because of her hard life, that it’s like she’s been an adult for a long while.  Sure, there are things that she didn’t know, like how her halmeoni could qualify for a permanent free stay at a care facility, and that’s understandable. As for him, on the other hand, seems like his stagnant life has kept him at the same stage - and age - for a while.  Which is why I think of them as equals and the perfect match.


    I do understand you very well. I found that whole uproar about age gap amusing, but also a bit rude towards people in this kind of situation. As well as you, in my life, age gap is something "normal": my grandparents were 15 years apart, my grandmother married at 17 years old (back then it was legal and usual in my country!), and their love story is known in my family as the most beautiful and greatest love that ever happened between us. They had many children, two daughters married with a greater age gap: 22 and 18 years apart from their husband. I, myself, did follow my grandparents example. :wink: 


    I agree that what makes their relationship right, it is the fact that they are both adults and mature; in many aspects JA did seem to be older than him, her soul was old, and this is why it didn't look out of place when she said she was 30 thousand years old. Their relationship was balanced – sometimes it was JA who learned from DH, sometimes it was DH who learned from JA; they understand and respect each other as a full person, and as equal, despite their differences in life (age, status, etc.).  And in part, this respectful and balanced relationship comes from JA’s attitude: she never accepted to be treated or considered as a not full adult, never accepted be treated by DH as a kid/child. She always put herself as a woman/adult in face of him. In a sense, I think JA considered DA as an innocent and naïve guy, who should be protected by her. They complement each other because DH was, let’s say, “humanistically” more mature than JA, and JA was “realistically” more mature than DA.


    This is why I think that to say JA has a hero worship love towards DA is to infantilize and disempowered her, it is to downplay the depth of her character and everything she has battle for, including her independency and autonomy. JA didn’t find a hero in DH, she did find in him, for the first time, a real human being. And that is something so precious to her, that she has to protect him with her whole being. JA didn’t need a hero, but a real human being with his strengths, his fragilities and kindness; someone with who she can rest, share her hardships and learn how to live her humanity to the fully. From JA’s (adult) point of view, it is impossible not to be in love with DH, with him she not only can receive, she can also give. And to be able to give and to receive is to love deeply and fully.   

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  9. @noor1 lol, You tried always to be very objective before (and appear to achieve a higher degree of objectivety than most of us), but forgive me if I say this: it seems that the ending has playing with your emotions more than you would like or would expected, and this is maybe affecting your normaly way of see things objectively. Am I wrong? I apology if I am. 


    I will say why objetively YH and DH are over, albeit it isn't clear if they are already divorced:


    1. The drama never ever tried to make any movement to show any process of healing their marriage. So, narratively wise, there is no room for saving their marriage. If we agree this writer is good, not dealing with this "saving marriage" and then presenting them on the last minutes as "couple saved" it would be just bad writing. 


    2. The drama showed many times the impossibility of saving this marriage, which one was the barman saying that you can endure for a time, but then it is ended a marriage if there is betrayal.


    3. As many pointed out, YH was ashamed maybe repented, but she wasn't in love. She just wanted to attone for her sin. Never she tried (at least not hard enough) to save their marriage, she was just waiting for DH's decision.


    4. The pics: objetively, for someone who kept a family photo (he, wife, son) on the office desk after knowing everything about his wife betrayal, why wouldn't he keep a family photo on his desk after everything is forgot and healed? No, this means exactely that they are no more a family, and the 3 brothers's pic shows his family now. Three pics with mother-son from three different moments means that she is abroad for a long time. She is settleted there. Plus the info about the fact that the mother wants the son to stay there until college tells for itself. 


    5. The pics show that DH is in good terms with YH, and in a sense he doesn't alianates her from his life. He is a generous person. (plus, if he hasn't any hope to be with his soulmate, what difference makes to have his son and mother's pics? lol).


    6. What is unclear is if they are already divorced. If this is an year time skip, so probably not yet. It would be in character: if he or she hasn't others plans (e.g. marry somebody else) they probably could stay many years separated, but not officialy divorced. 



    About DH-JA meeting again and she being only kindred hearts of him like the monk would be. First, the show stated that the monk and DH were best friends, but never stated/showed that they were soulmates/kindred spirits (or at least I never saw that way). Second, the drama till the ending showed that JA is in love with DA, but let implicitely his feelings. If we are talking about kindred hearts or soulmates, and they are kindred hearts/soulmates of each other, the logic says that in this kind of situation both kindred hearts/souls will be at the same page; therefore, if we have one half that explicitely shows its feelings, we can deduce the other's half feelings from the first half of the soulmates/kindred hearts. So, logicaly, if JA loves DH, then DA loves JA. That's simple. 


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  10. 6 minutes ago, ccl82 said:

    1 more point to add before I zonk out, or head to fan fic land :tongue:


    Some believe that the VO (is that what it's called?) at the end, where DH asked JA if she's found some comfort in her life is a telepathic chat... a fantasy element. 


    The concept of telepathy was never introduced throughout the show. 


    However, episode 16 introduced a new concept to viewers twice. "Tell, don't show". 

    First VO (in the past): Revealed a conversation JA had with DH. We were never shown this scene [we first hear of this conversation in epi 15, via flashback of the three kids]
    Second VO (in the future): DH asking JA if she's found comfort, etc. 

    Both VOs relate to JA. One closes her old chapter, the other opens a new one. 





    Yes! Good insight about the two VO.


    Since the first time I heard the VO at the ending, I thought it was the present and the future overlapping. This is why I'm convinced they are together, happy! :D 

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  11. 52 minutes ago, nearsea said:

    Thank you so much! I have watched the last episode properly only now. So the last scene was quite puzzling for me. At least this one is solved, thanks to tvn's subtitle. Cause the one that's available on other sites[ dramafever's] is totally messed up. They made it look like dong hoon sent yoon hee to the US so she could learn English? :|

    Even if I consider tvn's subtitle, why would he still talk to a friend about the wife, if they have separated? Could it be that he didn't want to talk about the seperation to people until it is all sorted out?

    Also, I am eating my own words, but that photo of yoon hee with the kid, has me got all confused. That's like a happy picture. Is that how separated couples keep their photos on their desk? 

    I am pretty mad at the writer/  dong hoon for not ever telling ji an how he felt about her, but one thing is pretty sure till the end. She loved him. That last meal they are having together, she says it's quite pathetic that I used to take rounds around the neighborhood just hoping that I could get one glimpse of you. So seeing how you are saying you are gonna be happy without me, I can't deal with that. That's an outright confession there. And he listened to her and smiled. [He looked quite upset once he got to know that she was leaving, but he didn't say anything.] 

    Anyway I am sorry for changing my words but from the recaps what I thought would be the case, it didn't appear that way onscreen. Although once yoon hee left and like the way dong hoon gave the information to omma that she would be staying there for a while, it just seemed that he can sense the separation was coming. But then the dialogue with the colleague happened, and it is making me question my own deduction lol. 

    My only consolation would be ji an still loving him and looking at him the same way like she used to before. Even the voiceover, my pessimistic self is thinking whether that dialogue is just the two souls speaking to themselves in their mind.

    Honestly, I do think the writer caved in and didn't give us the ending she originally intended to happen. Cause the way ji an has been looking at him all through ep 16 and like she said, ajussi hasn't come here once since I have been staying here, it speaks a volume about her feelings. But dong hoon kept telling her that he would be happy, and like she says she's hurt that he can be happy without her. 

    Anyway separated or not, he looked back at ji an when they were leaving, and that look does say something. It's just upsetting that we didn't get to know what he thought about her. At this point, I even find his promise to ji an about being happy a fake promise tbh, because is he really happy? Why does he make that sad face when he looked back at her for the last time if he's actually happy like he promised he would be. 

    Watching the final episode I came to the conclusion that both dong hoon and his monk friend are same in this way that they never acknowledged properly the women who loved them. Even when the monk comes to visit jung hee, when she asks him if he ever felt guilty because of leaving her, he just gives her this blank smile. I thought he was being quite cruel, by thinking that it's okay to leave this life, the girl who needed him, he didn't give a proper closure to her feelings for him. Likewise, dong hoon always knew how ji an felt about him, but all he did was taking her words in silently but never giving back anything verbally. Their interaction at the end is giving me the feeling of two people meeting at a stop and then after their having their rendezvous for a short period, going back to their own lives. The ending didn't feel like the main course, it felt like an appetizer lol. Sorry fellow shippers for ruining your mood. :(



    To me, from TVN's subs (and from what ower translators said), that conversation was about the son. YH appears there as the mother. It is normal that when parents (divorced or not) are talking about their children, they will make references to the other parent. I don't see any indication that they are together, because YH's reference is only secondary to the conversation.


    What is the purpose for that conversation? To me, to do the up date about DH's personal life. Could it be done differently? It could, but the whole thing about this show related to DH's character (since the first episode) is: they don't show it straightforward, they show it in an indirect, hidden, implicit way, through nuances and half words. In this sense, the drama remained consistent.


    To me, that random guy represents "the Viewers". Writer is telling to us that YH is living abroad, time has passed, she changed status from "my wife" to "JS'smother". 


    If we get it this way: they are definitively separated, we can appreciate better what comes after that. 


    What I see then is a DH "out of character" because he isn't passive anymore, he takes action to show interest and to make physical contact: he invites her, he asks to shook hands and keeps it until she makes the moviment to drop the hand, he stares at her with emotion, he simply can't contain his bliss/happiness when she makes a promisse to buy him food. To me that sad face is in fact only a half sad face, due to the fact that he can't prolong their time together there. 


    I will share a personal experience about sad face: when I first met my husband, after some time, we exchange our telefone numbers and I said "have to go". He said ok and made a sad face: I read that as if he was sad because I had to go and he was really enjoying my company and would like to prolong it. His sad face made my heart flutter :).


    I really thing the whole scene was well played and directed: we can see many emotions at play - shyness, insecurity, awkwardness, happiness, sadness, fondness, longing, determination, hope. And, to close it, a foreshadowing from one of their dates.


    After a first impression full of conflict, I'm really in peace with this ending now. I'm sure they will be happy together.  



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  12. 1 hour ago, ccl82 said:

    @berny, I think some people here have translated that conversation in detail; at this point, you would need to go back, I dunno... about 20 pages? 

    Here's the English subs from tvN channel, word for word. DH's lines in red, his friend's in blue. Note: I don't speak Korean, and have no idea if these are correctly translated. I have since grown frustrated with subs. 

      Hide contents


    Hello, may I take your order?

    What shall we get?
    What should we get? She's buying today.
    So Ji-an, pick something expensive.

    Hey, it's your turn this time. 
    In US age...
    Is he in the US?

    An ice Americano for me.

    But I can't sleep when I drink Americanos.
    It's a dilemma. After middle school, should he come back here? 
    2 Americanos, and... 
    But later...
    Vanilla latte and cappucino.
    Two Americanos... 
    Then there's the army service.

    Yes. Where are you going, Ji-an?

    His mother is, well...
    I'm ordering an iced coffee for you. 
    She wants him to go to university there.

    But I thought he was fluent in English.
    No, it's because of his English that we sent him. 
    But everyone speaks it nowadays. 


    He looks down at me because I can't speak any!
    His pronunciation isn't like ours at all.

    As long as we can get the message across.
    You think we can?






    How I whish I could have watched the episode with TVN subs!!! I wouldn't have be so conflicted about the ending, it wouldn't have downplayed my pleasure. 


    What I big difference it makes. The whole conversation is about the son, not about the mother.

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  13. 11 minutes ago, berny said:

    Okey, i know this had been discussed and debated upon a trillion times over.. but i had re-watched the last episode...and well.... could the site i've watched has an inaccurate subtitle? cause im so sorry to be still soooooo confused.


    That day when DH went to his mom's house after dropping YH to the airport, his mom asked when is she coming back? he said in about two weeks, cause she's looking for a university for helself to study.  meaning at that time she was still coming back before finally moving to the US to study).


    Also that same day, when he and KH was watching TV.... KH asked him NOT about YH but obviously about JA, 'how is she' 'did she not call you' ? and went about talking about a movie of kids having "inner strength" inspite of being abandoned.


    Then after that DH cried miserably in his apartment - definitely not about YH living in the US, cause as mentioned she was still to come back after two weeks....


    And so he cried it all out....


    And then a year or two had passed... JA was back in Seoul and he was at the cafe now the sub / translation here .. is just so...

      Hide contents

    At the site that i got to watch on... DH was merrily chatting with a colleague or client as to why his wife is staying abroad... it's about him needing her to "discuss" coordinate with some people there in English ( in his behalf???) cause it seems he is not confident with his proficiency in English, and when he does speak it the Americans don't understand him and he was laughing at that...


    Now, now if this translation is correct... i m so sorry to have doubts.. but he  doesnt sound like an estranged husband if what is implied here is she's there in the US because she's negotiating some business for him/ for their construction business. vs. she's there because they decided to live apart... thats two very different situations..

    .....i don't want to burst the happy bubble of shippers, but is that how it was subbed as well at the sites where you have watched..?



    That is why it would be most appreciated if you know the site that has the most reliable sub-titles, the nearest, accurate translation.  because being ambiguous is better than outright sabotage of those translations.




    Believe me: the subbers are nonshippers lol!


    I think only Dramafever has subbed it, and the others sites "pirated" the subs. 


    I have the same problem as well when I first watched the drama at Kissasian. The subs make no sense with the flow of the story. So, they are not reliable.


    But our own wonderful translators here, who I'm sure are more reliable, have already solved this problem. You just need to read their posts. Through then, you can see that DH and YH are really no more a couple: they are separated for sure, but it is not clear if they're already divorced. My bet is yes.

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  14. 6 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:


    In my view there is a tendency around the web to idealize DH... like he's extraordinarily kind or that his affection for J'A is a philanthropic platonic love in a bid to whitewash the more "taboo transgressive" aspects of that relationship.

    But I wonder if DH was as extraordinary in his kindness and as philanthropic as some might prefer to classify him as, why hasn't he tried to replicate that dynamic with other young people. If the writer wanted us to believe that DH was an extraordinarily good man who was "just" doing a down and out young woman a good turn, why hasn't he for instance, started a non-profit with the big money he's apparently making creating apprenticeships and work opportunities for young people who are doing it tough. I know lots of people who do these sorts of things because they are truly philanthropic. They are people with a calling and a mission. They see something bigger outside themselves that needs to be accomplished. I don't see that with DH. For him, his world is a lot smaller. Geographically and emotionally. His relationships and own sanity was on the line.


    I'm not trying to diminish what DH did for J'A  and vice versa but if we're speaking to motive here, I have to wonder. After all he says to her, "I was dying and you saved me." It's an intensely personal comment about his own personal happiness.


    Even if he would be gentle with young people, it would be the male one. He barely speaks with female workers. The drama not only did show his reservation towards female workers, it explicitely did say it: during the last meeting with the directors, when everything about JA-YJ was revealed, they pondered what kind of feelings DH had, they explicitely said (amazed) that DH never did drink even a cup of coffee with a female employee!

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  15. 8 hours ago, justamom said:

    My Ahjussi just brings back so many feels from the previous relationship with the person I mentioned earlier. But I stepped out of it emotionally the moment he invited me to his home and I met his wife. She was just such a generous, kind, open-hearted, and intelligent woman I knew there was no way anything could ever happen between us. It's the same thing with Lee Seon Gyun. The moment I watched Jeon Hye Jin on stage -- wow. What an amazing woman. They complement and deserve each other, and I mean that in the best, best sense possible. There are some couples that just work. 


    I feel a little better after working on my fan fiction. It's been a loooong time. @arctichare I've been working on my own work the last few years. It's so much easier to write fan fic when the characters and settings have all been developed so well already! Thanks for the encouragement :)


    Ahhhhh! It's been so good hanging out with all of you here. This drama has truly warmed my heart from the inside out. It is the greatest of dramas--not only did it made me think, it made me cry, it made me laugh, and when it finished I truly felt the world was going to be a better place :heart:




    It explain why your husband classifies DH-JA as father-daughter lol. He is sending a message lol. :wink: 

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  16. 2 hours ago, ccl82 said:


    Hmm... I'm referring to the tvn character guide. Let's say at the start of the show JS is 12, going on 13. And DH mentioned he's 14 American age? At most I would say, 1 year plus. 


    Did DH also say YH's been there for 3 years? 


    @tiger457_stv Special treatment. She knows someone who knows someone... HAHA. I would be devastated if this is more than 2 years tops. In fact, if this is more than 2 years, WHAT SERUM IS DH USING? Gimme some of that. 


    I assume that TVN character guide are using korean age system. 




    1. At the start of the drama - winter season round february: he is 12 going on 13 in korean age, which means 11 going on 12 in western age.

    2. At the end of the drama - round mid of spring season: he is 14 in western age, which means 15 in korean age.


    If his birthday is before the mid spring, then 2 years have passed.

    If his birthday is after mid spring, then 3 years have passed.


    At the end, we have at least 2 years of time skip, but I'm more inclined to believe it was 3 years. Anyway, 2 years is a more reasonable time to set up a successfull company, and also (as @tiger457_stv has pointed out) to make plausible the company transfers JA to Seoul's branch office. 


    About YH, the pics at DH's desk show clearly that she is living there; before his break down, he said she will live there to study (as excuse of separation). The very moment of the break down is telling us that he is living alone. He confirms it after time skip when he said she is living there. We have at least 4 opportunities where the show tells us they are separated and she is living abroad. To me, there is no doubt that she is living there since the period she was looking for schools to herself. 


    At the end of the drama, the writer wanted to show two health, healed, comfident, well off and (relatively) happy people. To achieve that stage two years (at least) makes very much sense. As to the fact that they wait such a long time to see each other (leting things to fate): this keeps in character, imo.  



    Btw: It was @brose_stv who translated the part of the son's age. (Thanks!).





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  17. 13 minutes ago, ccl82 said:


    Don't forget that JA too suggested he opened his own business, without resorting to bashing him (can't really recall what YH said over coffee, but it was demeaning) 

    I would say JA wanting him to be truly happy trumps  YH asking him to "look how other men your age live" (not staying out drinking with childhood friends, being 'successful', etc.)


    JA wants what's best for DH; YH compares him to other men. 


    @tiger457_stv  I don't think this is more than 1 year.


    • Two men (chairman & DH) can't possibly still be talking about a former office temp 3 years on. 
    • YR may likely get the billboard spots on account of her successful comeback 
    • As for DH, he's already got connections via Saman E&C + his own neighbourhood pals who would recommend his business. Remember what JA said that night he checked the restaurant owner's building? Plus, his office didn't even look that big, and a few employees could very well be interns. Interns are cheap. LOL. Plus plus, it seems he's very hands-on, implying the start of the business, where CEOs actually take calls :grin:
    • The son was 12 when the show started, as per tving. If he seemed older in the photos, I would put it down to puberty
    • The report JA handed to her boss was of the 3rd and 4th quarter. K I dunno what that means, just throwing this out there. 

    Just for fun: "A ghost has risen again. Huh? Where did it go? Huh? This is an expression that says you're quite taken aback." :heart:


    I think @tiger457_stv is probably right. Unfortunally I don't remenber who wrote it but the post translated the dialogue between DH and the guy, and then DH was saying that his son was 14 years old in american age.


    And I agree too about the business: even if you have many contacts, normaly it will take more than 2 years to be relatively successfull. As this is a realistic drama, I think it is the case here. I really thought it very weird when I first watched the episode the fact that DH  had already that level of success just in 1 year, but after the info about the son's age, it became clear. 


    About the dialogue: after the correct translation of it here (thank you very much those who helped us!!!!), I think that that dialogue is VERY important, full of information, and gives closere to many things:


    1. Says the age of DH's son: he was 11-12, he is now 14-15. Three years has passed;

    2. YH after three years is living there - definitively separated;

    3. It explain too that he had enough time to put his company in the path of success;

    4. He calls "son's mother", indicating the status change. I think after three years, they are divorced or in the way to it. After three years, family (mother) already knows about it. In regards to his son: 14 years is old enough to understanding it. 

    5. It give to JA (as well to the viewers) the opportunity to know that he isn't married anymore.


    So, I think that every thing was clearly tied up when they see each other. Everything was cleaned to let a new future and happy and health life begin :) 


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  18. 14 minutes ago, MsMinnieFran said:

    "I also find it weird that so many are bothered by the age gap, when if there's anything to get all hissy about is the fact that a married man is choosing to spend his free time unloading his deep inner thoughts and feelings to a woman who's not his wife."


    i'm not married, but is the above okay for you wives? Is it only wrong when the two kiss, or have sexual relations? Was it because  it devoid of those things, why it became such a fatherly/friendly act in some peoples minds?


    I don't know, maybe i'm too simple minded.


    For me there is so much evidence of it being planted in the viewers minds, of a not so innocent relationship between the two, that it really boggles my mind how people end up with only friendship/fatherly relationship after the whole shebang.




    I'm a wife, and nope I wouldn't like it.  I am the soulmate, kindred spirits of my husband lol.  


    I remember I posted round episode 3 my thoughts about woman-single meats her kindred/soulmate man-married, and I said it couldn't work, because it would jeopardize the marriage, even if it was only platonic. I said then that: or the soulmates would have to be apart (what will make both not completely happy), or the marriage couldn't stand.


    No wife would like to witness her husband sharing (platonic) relationship with a kindred/soulmate. How can a marriage go on when the man (or woman) has more confidence, support, communication and understanding from a third part? When a third is able to know the husband/wife better?


    I would feel myself betrayed, even if it isn't sexual and purely platonic. Emotional relationship can be more deep than a sexual one. 


    As many said here: DH - JA were having an emotional affair lol.

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  19. 51 minutes ago, chickfactor said:



    I interpreted that sequence this way: she's living a great life, a life she's never known, a fun and fulfilling life for a woman in her early 20s. Good job, friends, working as a sign language teacher, too... but her life is not full until she sees HIM again. That is why we don't see her face until that moment.


    They needed this year-long break. Ji-An did need to get away, free for the first time in her life, and enjoy life on her own. She has never known this kind of carefree, normal life. She needed this time to herself. Maybe after being by herself for a while, she can figure out what she really wants.


    When they see each other again, he looks absolutely thunderstruck. They begin their conversation catching up, "so where do you work now?" Etc.


    Then he asks to shake hands. When they shook their hands, it really was electric. He looks into her eyes and says, "Thank you." Thank you for what? Everything she's done for him, for being happy and healthy, for staying strong and growing up, for being here right now.


    Everything they've felt for each other before is still there, still the same. She immediately lowers her voice slightly and becomes the Ji-An she used to be. She offers to buy him something to eat. He grins, very chuffed, just like when she told him what a great person he is.





    I think it was more than that time. Then, It was still restrained, he didn't let himself completely give in to his emotions yet. Now, he was overwhelmed by his happiness, joy, emotions. He appears now completely free, unrestrained, as a little boy getting his most precious and anticipated toy. For a second I thought he was out of character lol. But no, he is in character, only he is now free to love and to be loved. 

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    My dialogue with my 12 yo daughter about the last scenes (I showed to her only this part):


    She - Will they not end together?!?! .... Oh, they are cute!! 

    Me - Cute, how cute?

    She - Ah very cute. 

    Me - What kind of feelings you think they have?

    She - Ah they are romantic feelings... It's a romance...

    Me - .... [showing some doubt in my face]

    She - Is it not a romance??!!!??!!!

    Me - Some think it is not.

    She - Mom!!! They speak telephaticaly!!! Telephathy!!! ... It is a romance!


    lol. I thought she was being very cute in her reactions lol. 

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  21. 11 minutes ago, justamom said:


    We need to trade husbands!! :lol: 


    I didn't hear that line at all on rewatching -- "she who hasn't even hugged me once". What could that have been and why did they delete it??



    Mine looks like this:

    1. My Mister

    1. Secret Love Affair

    3. Misty 

    4. Coffee Prince?? Autumn Love?? (which was so bad in a gooood sort of way) Signal??


    Where was this? 


    Like @40somethingahjumma says I don't know what's going on at TVN and JTBC but that's a truck load of good scripts on their laps. I think it says a lot that my three favourite dramas were all cable productions this year.


    I've been watching Korean dramas for more than 15 years, but just casually -- watching the big hits and not really knowing what else was going on in K Drama land...until Secret Love Affair, which shocked me with its quality, and then I just fell into the rabbit hole and this year... has been exceptional. But like quite a few of you here I really need a break after I come down from the high of My Ahjussi. Watching Misty + this show live consecutively has taken a toll on real life! I was playing with the kids today and totally spacing out and the husband was like "Mommy? Mommy? Please come back to earth." :ph34r:


    I came into My Ahjussi expecting some sort of thriller-mystery. It's the sort of show my husband likes, he loved Signal, so I thought he would love this show too. I did not expect a love story and it took me by complete surprise. But starting from the episode with the slippers, I began to see the clues the author had inserted, like a trail of breadcrumbs leading to Dong Hoon's point of no return. Maybe because I'm a writer but these things just jump out at me. I mean, I'm pretty sure the screenwriter wrote these stage directions in, e.g.


    Ji An's friends call. It is time to go, but he isn't ready.

    DH: Let's have a handshake

    DH reaches out for Ji An's hand. It is smaller than he remembers. A warmth starts to spread inside his chest that takes him by complete surprise.

    JA: Let me buy you a meal. Something delicious

    She glances at his hand, the same hands she once admired from the back of his car. He's still holding on to her. But her colleagues are waiting.

    JA: I'll call you.

    The smile that breaks out over his face warms her from inside out. He can't stop smiling, and neither can she. What wondrous fate is this that brought them to the same cafe? How long did they circle in the same orbits in the past two months? His hold loosens, and she takes it as her cue to go. She takes a step back and his hand slips past her fingers. As she turns away she can still feel his hand on hers.


    Man, I really need to try and get my hands on this script. @africandramalover I'll ask my screenwriter friend about your suggestion and see if she can help. I'm definitely in! I've been sending her my non-stop praise about the show.



    I'm not a writer (at least not a literary one, just write scientific papers), and my english is not worth lol. So I will suggest to add the sequence from the moment she hear his voice, and putting how her shoulders show her altered breath when seeing him. This was a detail that I think shows how much she was affected by it.  

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  22. 9 minutes ago, justamom said:

    Chingus! Soompians! So many, many thought provoking comments over the day from @40somethingahjumma, @anipanch @timidjock0819, @africandramalover @brose_stv @tiger457_stv and more! I will come back and savour them over and over again in the next few days. 


    I really want to write another really long essay because all of your reviews have given me so much to think about (and possibly a short fan fic too!). But it'll have to be piecemeal for now because I'm going on a weekend trip with the family and more importantly, I just watched #16 again with the husband! And he has a completely different view from me even though we watched the same damn thing! I'm starting to wonder if I married the wrong man! 


    Around episodes #13/14, he commented that this was such a touching story, their love for each other was so deep.. etc so I asked him, how do you think it will end? That's when he made the passing stars in the night comment (which turned out to be true) but he also said "she's infatuated. and he's just a father figure to her." After watching #16, he gloated. "It's just as I expected."


    Me: "What about that longing gaze?"

    Him: "You're imagining things. It's the contented smile of a father figure knowing his young friend is doing well."

    Me: "What about that moment when he broke down?"

    Him: "He misses his wife?"




    I almost threw the pillow at him! But I held my emotions in check and asked him what he meant. He said he hasn't had a moment in the show where he felt that Dong Hoon had romantic (ie longing, lust) feelings for her. I'll admit I never thought their attraction was sexual on his part, I just thought it was a very deep need to have her back by his side. And that, to me, is the deepest sort of love. 


    Soompians, I need some comforting! Did I marry the wrong guy?? :fearful:


    P/S Let me just add. He was completely bored by Secret Love Affair, my all time favourite drama next to My Ahjussi




    Maybe he isn't just into subtle things? But I agree that that crying scene has more to do with his broken marriage (not missing her) than with JA, although I think that she has her share in it. I read that scene as his finally accepting his projected life doesn't exist anymore. Even if one isn't in love, it is very painful to let go of a marriage that represents what one thought it will be his perfect life. 


    Well I showed to my two kids (a girl of 12 - she hadn't see any scene then, and a boy of 16 he had see a few shots) the scene when he asked to the barman if that pretty girl didn't come. My daughter asked if it was a love triangle (because KI) and both said they were in love. So... 


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