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  1. Hi @CallieP and @pixie0622 , it was my pleasure to tell you my experience. I do not want to leave Seoul , I think I left my heart there. The city is so efficient, the directions are well detailed and the food is great. Yes, I have researched a lot and booked my day tours (only the Namsan Trek and The HanGan River Cruise) via Trazy.com. The rest of our tours were via train and a lot of walking. I personally like Lotte since LMH is one of the models and I know the Star Avenue, Lotte Duty Free and Lotte Department Store are all located just beside the other building which is connected via bas
  2. Hi Chingus I had the time of my life last week. My husband treated me to a 5 day trip to Seoul . It was my first time . We're booked at Lotte Hotel Seoul and we had the luxury of time to visit as often as we can the Star Avenue (lots of LMH memorabilia and his hand of course!) located within the compound of Lotte Dept Store adjacent to the hotel. I was able to visit Sanggojae which was 2 stations away from the Hotel's subway station. I must say that among the Hanok houses in Bukchon, it's the most popular even the information officers are trained to give you direction in how to go there
  3. How sweet of Minho in remembering a very loyal fan who passed away more than two years ago. True to his facebook status at that time "I will keep on remembering you". I think most of his loyal fans love him because he really loves us back in return. I remembered the last time I saw him , we waited for 10hrs just to see him and when he was finally in front of us 5 meters away, me and my friend were so starstruck while everyone was waiving , jumping and screaming aloud. He carefully scanned the venue from left to right , up and down, and when he saw us not waiving but all smiles at him , he
  4. @teddydoobie I am so happy for you . Surreal right? It was a moment where you want to stop the time , and only you and him can talk for hours. The excitement even though you conceal it just kept on surging high, up to the point thar you really cannot think of anything whilst in front of him. Hi five my chingu, for finally meeting the Namja . I know the feeling. - the soft hand , the warm smile , and husky voice still linger in my mind.
  5. Annyeong @monika_leeminho I must admit I have known lots about LMH via your web page . Everyday , I made it a point to visit your "imaginary world" for updates ><
  6. @akoito I guess you're a Filipino. That rumor was only in FB but it you open the link it goes thru a different write-up pertinent to his arrival in Manila. It was a spam and no one cares about it really because there's no truth about it.
  7. OMG, the FANMEET of Bench brings so much good memories. Wish there is a portal available so i can go back to November 15,2012. I will be his constant stalker. I know all the details of his sched with gratitude to @maja .And the best part is, I can hold his hands again.
  8. Hi @sia3, I have been busy backtracking Faith.Well forgive me but Faith really is my true love. =)) I wanted to thank you, @awesomeduck, @myphim , @wuthmone, @luvminho,@maja @everyone since I cannot remember their names with numbers like mattie, vangsweetie. I also like CH because of our Daejang. To everyone, have a very merry Christmas. I was busy preparing and wrapping gifts for loved ones,but then again, my addiction to lurk stop me from continuing that endeavor. Saving all the gifs etc, and reading all your posts are things that I am looking forward to everytime I wake up in the m
  9. @sia3, hotness overload , thanks for the pictures. @maja, according to StarhausM, LMH had a CF sched while he was here last November. Do you know what was it?
  10. @maja, thank you for the pictures. MH looks so tired. The poor boy, it must have been so hard for him to smile all the time Maja said: Before I get my beauty rest... ) ) He's now safely back in Korea... ) MH why are you making such a face?!... ) ) cr as tagged
  11. I don't know if this news is already shared here in Soompi. LMH bodyguard LKH is Hyun Bin's bodyguard too. Hot hot hot Modern Woodalchi:)
  12. @maja and @sia3 thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and videos. You guys are the best. I am still on ice age trying to attach a picture here in soompi.
  13. @haruharulmh, LMH is more than 6feet tall. About 6 feet and 1 2/3 inches tall. He is so lanky with long and slim legs.Funny how he looks chubby on screen, but he's the opposite really in person, much more up-close.When he walks her legs are always enterwined that it's like he might fall anytime .I call it "lampang lakad" in Tagalog. Sorry Minoz but he has a distinct walk, maybe because of his long legs? @sia3 and @maja, thank you so much for the pictures.
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