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  1. Just allegations by just one person ! I'm thinking when something this occurs it’s easy for staff to make up something like this. It doesn’t have to be true ..JMO
  2. I have been waiting for this drama ever since Ji Soo took the role and I just love the story and how well done it seems to be. I'm glad that it's not cancelled. All the cast and crew has worked so hard. It's a shame that this happened. the production team have made a hard but the right choice to change the lead.
  3. I LOVED the ending. This is one of the dramas that will stay with me for a long time. Not only because I admire LJKs acting. I know some are not satisfy with the story but as I watched the final episode, I realized that the whole story was about DHS finding his true self. He’s childhood got robbed by his father. His teenage years got robbed by the town foreman and his adulthood got robbed by BHS and his parents. In away his whole identity was stolen. Throughout the show he repeats that he “needs Cha Jiwon” . After his s sister she’s his anchor. However I’m glad that the turning-point w
  4. I don’t think the father is innocent given the scene at the school where he meets Baek Hee-Sung for the first time . @Nadnad2112 I think the call was made after Do Min-Seok death but at the same bar. remember the police never solved the case so I assume that the ajumma wanted to go and give the police information.
  5. Now that you mention it the fact that DHS tolled EH never to go with strangers is a red hearing. That girl has two smart parents. it wont be easy to kidnap her. And Gong Mi-Ja is found get that girl. in the end i think she won't let a child hurt. I just Watched ep 13 again and DHS cut off the CTV.. he doesn’t erase it....meaning he got a plan.
  6. I am soo waiting for the next episode. These two were awesome as the writer really has taken viewers on the most roller-coaster journey I’ve ever seen (aside from Time Between Dog and Wolf). You can’t predict what happens next and that makes it interesting!! That said I really believe the kidnapping is staged. Ji-won trusts him and he knows that. By now Ji-won would be stupid to believe her husband is capable to kill anyone. HS knows that the killer has threatened Ji-won and their daughter. He’s sister is safe with Moo-jin. If he go to jail Ji-won and their daughter will be in danger.
  7. I’m in a hurry so I can’t write everything I would like to. And many have said what I want to. But I will say this, it’s unfair to say that one has to switch off brain cells to watch the show. I mean every show has flaws. But this one is on of the best I’ve seen. It’s not taky and every actor is doing an amazing job IMO. I love that DHS isn’t all dark. He has got shades of gray and layers that even he himself doesn’t understand. We got 5 episodes left. Wait until we have seen them and then call the show stupid!
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