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  1. Both episodes are fully subbed in Kocowa. I will watch them soon but already saw a ton of spoilers
  2. New long teaser. I'm getting more excited for this drama
  3. Just finished this drama this weekend and I was blown away. I have been in a major drama slump and have even considered quitting watching Korean dramas because for the past couple of years none have really touched me that much but this renewed my interest in a big way. I am a person who has worked extensively with dementia and alzheimer's patients and the way they portrayed them and their families is so spot on! I believe the writer either has had a family member with this condition or researched it thoroughly because she did an amazing job. This has quickly moved to my top 5 kdramas of all time.
  4. Yup it's on April Fool's , which is so fitting for this drama. I saw Light of your Eyes. Amazing drama, it climbed up there to one of my favorites all time
  5. This drama looks so interesting. I love Siwon anyways so I'll definitely watch
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