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  1. 1 minute ago, denarvie said:

    on the dark note

    I think the reason why PM still wants an heir and eager to kills CP is because he knew YS will die young but has potential to be a kings, 

    if YS can become a kings, then the king gonna be the KIM and not the LEE, 

    but with YS death, all the hope is shattered, nothing for him anymore, 

    aaah FIRETRUCK!!!!

    I think youre in a wrong thread

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  2. 39 minutes ago, Immortal_Angel said:


    Basically to cook someone alive like when you're boiling food in the pot 

    in the cversion 

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    she was put in a huge pot and steamed/boiled to death outside and all the maids, servants, and eunuch were to witness it as a warning to whoever betray the king. Both 4th and 13th figured who was the spy so 4th wanted to send a message. Ruoxi character promise her friend/sister that she will try to protect her but it failed 


    Damn those punishments were brutal back in the days

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  3. 3 hours ago, violet90 said:


    in Cvers RX understand why 4th need to punish Yu Tan but she cannot accept the punishment... 4th steam her and let all the maid see this as a warning to not betray him.. in this version i don't see WS that cruel so i doubt CR will receive the same punishment but she will die... 

    its not about blaming WS but HS will slowly give up on her life (same thing with RX) because too many people that she care died in front of her.. the burden seeing all this will eat her alive and the last string will be IF she miscarriage... than she will be done with herself , WS and palace...

    What is steaming someone?

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