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  1. So we next week is going to be the final week right? So sad! I can't get enough of their love story. Cjm really steal my heart this time.i like him before but now i love him! I hope yeh will have another project with him. I thought this drama is going to be a light and a happy drama but no..too many obstacles.aigoo. and looking at ep15 preview that witch still going to ruin everything.it feels like I'm watching a weekend drama where the plot goes in circle.next week better be good P/s: i reaaallyyy hope yeh will not go into hiatus again after this. She's one of a kind.
  2. Ep 11 and 12 were not that bad.though it can be shortened to just 1 episode.and what's with step brother encounter with that witch? Will they tag team to get rid of cwh or what. I really can't understand this writer. I think he should help cwh instead since he save his life before. Khj really push everybody to the edge and i can't wait for karma to hit that witch. The longing feels real and i can feel how they miss each other. Yeh n cjm really good together. How i wish the movie is longer than 16
  3. Just finished ep 8.i know I'm late.but hey tonight is new episode.yay. The editor for this drama should be fired.i can't really enjoy overall scene because of the sloppy transition. It's too obvious in ep 8 when yyj is sitting on her bed.. suddenly the flash back of the movie date. When was that happened? And after that suddenly they talked on the phone. I really thought the legal son is non-existence. hehe. well, quite good looking.he should be the second guy instead.imo his acting is way better than jwj for that few seconds..jwj is worst second lead so far in kdrama. He lacks emotion. Well..our leads save everything anyway. Can't get enough. I really love them to bits! Ep 9 is must watch because they'll be having beach getaway.so typically kdrama plot.lol. The overall plot anyway is interesting for me. I hope that it will continue have a success.
  4. Somehow i guess yyj n cwh will have to break up just to protect each other..the situation will get more intense after this. Finish watching ep 6, i can't wait next Wednesday. I love cjm after this drama.i always like him but in this drama he's so good.the lead acting were on point i just can ignore anything else. The second lead can't act in my opinion.his face lacks emotion. Yeh looks ok to me. So beautiful in most scene.Maybe some of you watch with hd so can see her imperfect make up. I really hope yeh won't go into hiatus again after this drama.i really miss her in rom com.she should do it more in the future.
  5. Aw..my heart really is fluttering right now. The acting was superb from both lead. I really ship them now. Thank God for this comeback.the storyline gets better each episode..i really miss this kind of kdrama
  6. Funny right. For me there's nothing wrong with her face. Make up can pull tricks too.but I don't think these haters are aware of this because their heart full of hatred.
  7. Camera angle also is weird at some scenes in ep 1 especially during individual conversation
  8. Watched ep 1 and I'm satisfied. The storyline was not something new but it's entertaining. Thank god the male lead is a seasoned actor. Yeh n cjm make the story interesting and yes i can't wait for next epi..i think she sounds a lot like go eun chan in this drama. How i miss her in this bubbly character. For me the wrong car scene is so funny. What's your favourite scene guys
  9. Thank you dear. But i can't watch viki in my region
  10. Hi guys.. it's great to see our princess back on screen. Is there any forum related to this drama? Also where to watch it with engs sub?
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