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  1. yes yes, i am curious too about this drama doing in China, i wish they are doing good there. Is the drama air tonite? i thought is Wednesday (because on WeTV its said the drama will be updated every Wed & Thurs)
  2. Is it Wednesday yet? Why this two (FL & XQ) has so lovable chemistry... If I had not read that Bie is already married, I would think that he is really in love with Wan Peng Btw, thank you @pad-hari for the gifs
  3. I would like to share my current watch japan's drama : Coffee & Vanilla --> But the dialogue it's too cheesy, so I pause at episode 6 of course later I will continue finished it. Looks like Soshite Ikiru is interesting drama... I will try to watch it... Update : I have just finished Soshite Ikiru, its worth to watch, not a cheerful drama, but its understanding and heartwarming.I happened to see clips looks like LDK remake, do anyone know the title for the re-make? Will scroll up for another recommend drama Arigatou.....
  4. is it me who you refer? I am sorry if my statement or questions annoyed you. I am just too excited, knowing soompi here has a thread for this drama... And yes, I am jumping to the last two pages just for knowing what the last topic you guys discuss, oh you caught me please sorry guys..
  5. hello soompiers... i am coming back to the forums just because this pair, it hooked me like i wish somebody do live recaps like other K-Dramas i am also surprising, this thread only have 7 pages Just wondering, what episode is air for the live version? Thank you
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