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  1. waaah... it's nice to find a Cha Eunwoo thread in Soompi. The last one I know was archived (I don't know why). Thanks so much for making this. Hopefully we'll get find more news about him here
  2. Your wish is granted! he is considering a new role in an upcoming OCN drama "Island" as an exorcist priest together with Kim Nam Gil and Seo Yea Ji! Hope he will accept it!
  3. These are the things that we can only understand if we watch True Beauty with an open mind and heart, and follow the narrative structure that the drama wants to tell us. Some people are just to busy to think and being jealous why their favorite can't get the chance to get the girl. They dont care about friendship, insecurities, the wounds that should be healed, the real meaning of true beauty, family, or the social issue "bullying" that the drama wants to tell to the viewers, and so on. They just care about their fav. gets the girl. It doesnt matter if their fav character loses his
  4. I found somewhere that he's got cold ulticaria (alergy to the cold). On his recent show, Master in the House, the the neck rash seems to be bigger and clearer.
  5. Seriously, some fans humiliate even insult the actors, like, bring an actor up but bring down the other actors, the show, etc. I am happy that the drama ends nicely, but I feel bad for the staffs, crew, and main actors. They give their best for this drama, but some people just cannot appreciate it. Yes, we need to agree that some people are indeed selfish. I remember someone says that True Beauty is a "healing drama." They put Suho and Jukyung as the center of the story since the beginning. Love triangle is there, but the drama is never meant to be a mystery who's gonna
  6. Finally, I just finished watching True Beauty with subtitles. And now I understand. You say it really well! I streamed the drama on the day it was aired and got a little confused why Suho turned out to be like that, follow Jukyung here and there. It's not like Suho I used to know lol. But, after watching it with subtitles, now I understand. He wouldn't follow Jukyung here and there if he didn't meet her at Namsan Tower. He believed that Jukyung still loved him, so that's why he tried to get her back. Everything went well and acceptable. So, I don't understand why Suho gets more hat
  7. Nope, if im not mistaken, HIY ig followers was about 700k something. 50k maybe when he was in 18 again. It's good to know that all actors gain their new fame after True Beauty. --- On the other hand, I agree with you. The drama fits the title "True Beauty." This is the reason why I like drama version more than the original webtoon. The drama version has a better story to tell. Everyone gets resolution. All characters develop well, and find their own True Beauty, which is not only based on looks, but also personality, kindness and conscience. The drama
  8. Really? I've never been reading or following these blogs for a pretty long time, so I just know that. I do. For me, yes, the ending is nice and satisfying. Everyone gets their happy ending. I didn't expect much from the drama at first. I watch it only for fun, then, it got me hooked. Sometimes it's a bit cliche and cringey, but still okay. Everything is just fine. I know not all people like this kind of drama, but you'd better try to watch it first.
  9. I know this blog, I read this one and some from ddoboja, what I mean is like kpopkfans, pann choa, netizenbuzz...
  10. Totally agree with you!!! We know already that Suho is handsome with whatever hairstyle he has, but... hey, it's 2021, why does he has that kind of 90s vibe hairstyle!! Rofl Where are those blogs when True Beauty was aired? They didnt even post any news about the drama. And here we come... they post this, oh yes... they need attention lol. Understood! I wouldnt say I am okay or not okay with this, but.. hey.... why dont they just ask all actors shooted with their mask on? First, there are crew and staffs, also fellow actors and actors who p
  11. Can't believe it that True Beauty is over. I first watched it without any expectations. Not knowing who are the actors, dont even care about the webtoon. Not even interested when seeing the teaser poster. It was just a random preference "what kind of drama is this, let me check!" The first impression was not that strong, but Lee Suho x Im Ju Kyung catch my attention and makes me want to continue watching the next episodes. The story might be prectiable, cliche, sometimes cringey, but I love it. I dont know since when or which episode that makes me get into t
  12. It was nice to see how releationship between characters are developing in previous episodes. The romantic, bromance, friendship, etc. But this ep. 15 feels like wasting what the drama has been developing in previous episodes lol. I hope the last episode can be much better, please end the love triangle thing in the first 5 or 10 minutes. Then we move on to other issues: resolution for Sujin - Jukyung - Suho, the wedding, the future, dream, friendship, and definitely relationship of suho x jukyung should be wrapped satisfyingly. @pilucheyes, how dare SJ try to kiss his bff's g
  13. I think what makes him look sad is because he only doesnt get the girl. And I dont think it can make him become the saddest boy in the drama or even put him in the same position as that second lead in start up or even jungpal in reply 1988. Nope. It's SJ choice to keep loving a girl that his bestfriend love and never see him as a man. This is why I can't relate or even sympathize with his character. --- Okay, since today is gonna be the last ep. I want to see more lovey dovey scene of Suho x Jukyung (I know we've got them already in previeous episodes, but
  14. @starrynic Yes, SJ needs closure. Although it's annoying how his character is developed in a selfish way. He's got everything, fame, family, friends, but he even wants his bestfriend's girlfriend lol... like if it's in real life, I gotta go and find someone else... Well, it's just a drama anyway.. so it may need that dramatic love triangle thing
  15. Okay, I gotta agree that this episode is a bit boring lol... Anyway, text preview for the last episode https://www.instagram.com/p/CK1dMOvjV2T/?igshid=ch0tfofdpq5u
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