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  1. Watched this the entire day and now I don't know what to do with my life. Honestly, my husband and I started watching it this morning but he has to go earn a living soooo he gave me his permission that I can continue watching on my own. Hopefully the wait for season 2 will not be that long. Is there an English version of the webcomic on the internet?
  2. Honestly, this show is messing up my mind. I hope the writer is hiding something logical up on her sleeves to tie the pieces together because it would be such a waste if the story will stop making sense as the show goes on which is actually happening right now. This drama reminded me of the movie Inception which is now giving me a bad feeling. Thoughts to share, my husband said he likes this drama because 1. it has a game element on it and maybe the reason why some players die might be because they can actually feel the game that's why their bodies are reacting to every wound they get even if it is not real and 2. that PSH is beautiful. One more thing is how JW started walking without his cane. Just see how powerful our mind can be. He was determined to finish the freaking game, he brought his A game and his cane is just slowing him down which lead to him finally let go if his cane and walk normally. As for PSH, I totally understand that she's kind of a wallflower in this show because you know in reality, women are always standing in the background. We have this saying that behind every man's success is a woman, right? That's why every time PSH appears on screen, it is not flamboyant or momentous, but it definitely is a catalyst for what is going to happen next. I don't want to be over dramatic but she is somehow the driving force in the story. You can't see it, but you can feel it that's why I love how PSH owns the screen every time she has a scene. I am hoping that the writer will not spoil this wonderful drama as it is because I like how it was well thought out so far. Ok, some things may not make sense right now but who knows, maybe next year it will. Happy New Year everyone!
  3. Hello guys! Finally joining the thread! I don't usually join threads that I'm not truly invested in since I pretty much don't have enough time to "interact" and just skim and scan everything during my free time. However, I had this eureka moment while in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom, where all life decisions are made. As I was saying, SJ said on his phonecall to JW that Dr Cha is a "bad guy". maybe, just maybe, Dr. Cha told the boys to go on a duel you know to see what will happen if fight you a co-player or he pitted the two boys against each other leading to the accidental death of Marco by the hands of SJ. Can't wait to see how everything will unfold in next episodes.
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