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  1. Son Ye-jin's innocent look

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    Son Ye-jin posted a picture on her Instagram on the 28th, tagging make-up artists ands stylists.

    In the picture, she has her face in her hand and has her eyes closed as if she's thinking of something pleasant telling by the smile on her face.

    Her face line, nose and slender arms resemble a Mexican Aster.

    Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin is starring in "Bad Guys Always Die" and "The Last Princess" this year.


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    Actress Son Ye-jin says she is too deeply attached to her job to get married.

    Son, 34, told Chinese website Sina that her passion for her cinema career has been growing and she has no time for a boyfriend.

    "I didn't understand at first why I couldn't meet a guy for so long," Son was quoted as saying. "But as time goes by, I understood why actresses usually get married late. I think their hearts for work become bigger and happiness from the work takes the most space in their hearts."

    But Son, who is one of the most-loved actresses in Korea, did not rule out marriage.

    "I think part of maturity as an actress comes from their experience in getting married and having children," Son said. "I hope I don't get too old before I can get married."

    She said her ideal husband would have to have a big heart and understand her irregular work schedule.

    The interview comes as her latest film, "Bad Guys Always Die," opens in Chinese theaters Friday.

    The movie, co-directed by Korea's Kang Je-gyu and China's Feng Xiaogang, has reportedly received positive reviews. It opens in Korean theaters on Jan. 21.

    The black comedy action film stars Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin. It is about Chinese friends touring Jeju Island who meet a mysterious woman (Son) and get involved in a series of incidents.

    Son complimented Bolin for being able to speak Korean in much of the movie. She said the crew laughed at her every time she spoke Chinese.

    Son debuted in 2001 with television drama "Delicious Proposal" on MBC. 




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  3. Korean Movie 나쁜놈은 죽는다 (Bad Guys Always Die, 2016) 30초 예고편 (30s Trailer)



    Korean Movie 나쁜놈은 죽는다 (Bad Guys Always Die, 2016) 예고편 (Trailer)


    Korean Movie 나쁜놈은 죽는다 (Bad Guys Always Die, 2016) 손예진 걸크러쉬 영상 (Son Ye-jin's Video)



    영화가 좋다 : 나쁜놈은 죽는다(Bad Guys Always Die, 2015 Movie Trailer) 예고편



    출발비디오여행 160124 나쁜놈은 죽는다 (손예진, 진백림, 신현준)


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  4. Bad Guys Always Die

    손예진 '나쁜놈은 죽는다', 오늘(11일) IPTV 오픈마이데일리|입력 16.02.11. 11:15 (수정 16.02.11. 11:15)



    [BTS] Bad Guys Always Die/壞蛋別惹我 - Son Ye-Jin, Chen Bolin


    [BTS02] Bad Guys Always Die/壞蛋別惹我 - Son Ye-Jin, Chen Bolin


    [Movie 2015] Bad Guys Always Die/坏蛋必须死 trailer 2 - Son Ye-Jin, Chen Bolin, Qiao Zhen Yu



    [Movie 2015] Bad Guys Always Die/坏蛋必须死 trailer 3 - Son Ye-Jin, Chen Bolin, Qiao Zhen Yu

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