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  1. Since Sejoo discussed about that Instance (?) Dungeon to the IT guy... and with Jinwoo being an NPC (really!?)... I think they’ll be able to find a way to bring him back. The episode should’ve started with Sejoo finding a way to bring Jinwoo back. Why did it take them a whole year to do just that? The ending could’ve been the actual Jinwoo returning. I need the subs. Maybe those two random guys thought he’s an NPC because of his level. But he DID flicker like Cha and Secretary. Whyyyy....
  2. I just watched the livestream and I’m so shocked it ended just like that!!! SEASON 2 PLEASE!
  3. Thank you for the making translation! So I’m actually right about Hyun Bin saying “eat” at the end. Hahahaha. See? Not only fans know that word when it comes to kissing.
  4. Park explained it. Jinwoo just thinks he's not in pain anymore when he's playing. He limped again after the dungeon quest because he knew the servers were shut down so his brain kind of went back to normal. This is also noted when he outran the cops in Myeongdong and one of them said how he's supposed to have a limp but ran very fast. His brain just does its own thing when he's playing, I guess. It's like he's invincible and he can do anything.
  5. Can someone translate the making video? I only understood Hyun Bin saying something at the end about Jinwoo, lips, kiss, and eating. Hahaha
  6. I think it’s because they are in the early stages of their relationship and Jinwoo’s still being considerate. I know they are both mature already but somehow, the gradual development of their relationship makes sense. They simply don’t have enough time to be deeply immersed into a passionate liplock when the time’s ticking? Also... Hyun Bin? Shy? Kissing? Hahahaha. You should watch his compilations on YouTube. His “Late Autumn” kiss scene deserves an award itself. https://youtu.be/cnouihYoDG4
  7. That kiss reminds me of Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in Drive. PD should show us less over the shoulder shots and MORE close-ups, please. Gotta wait for a few hours and then watch it. Thanks everyone for the recap!
  8. Park explained that in the episode when talking to Prof. Cha. He said that Jinwoo’s brain couldn’t distinguish the injury when he’s playing. He started walking normally again in the train back to Granada and then had a limp when the servers went down. Now that it’s back up and he’s playing again, the injury he has disappears from his mind or something like that. Yes, he’s still playing the game. Just “taking a break” as he said to Heejoo in the restaurant. Hehe. There even was a soldier he shot while they were inside. I think that as long as the server’s up, he can’t get away from the NPCs because of how high his level is.
  9. Wow! I stayed in Jamsil for a few days 3 years ago and I remember going around that park and the Lotte Mall. I actually have a picture with the building in the background. When will I get rich as well to afford living in such a place? Haha Anyone livestreaming the episode tonight? I hope my internet won’t fail me.
  10. @Kasmic POLL: 1. Yes 2. Sejoo So funny how it’s always like this for the very few dramas I’ve followed on Soompi... fans thirsting over kiss scenes. Hehehehe
  11. Random thought since some of us brought up their ages. So Jinwoo and Heejoo met for the very first time on March 1st in Granada. And 3 days later, it was Jinwoo’s 38th birthday. We never got to see that because he was at the hospital recovering and being haunted by NPC Cha. At least now we know that Heejoo’s 27th birthday is also in March and they are actually 11 years apart. I love ‘em handsome ahjussis.
  12. I think in the drama, the age difference between Jinwoo and Heejoo is around 11-12 years. I remember in the beginning, Jinwoo is said to be 38 (in ep 3, he showed her his passport and he was born in 1980) and Heejoo is 26. Her calling him ahjussi is justified. It’s cute though. The subs are quick because the illegal sites just rip them from Netflix.
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