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  1. Fans Chose The Top 5 Hottest Korean Drama Actresses Of All Time As a Korean drama fan, we often wonder who's the hottest South Korean actress or who's the sexiest actresses from South Korea? Those questions keep running inside our minds knowing that there are many gorgeous South Korean actresses in the industry. And to answer that question, there are a lot of sites that created some surveys to determine who's the most beautiful or who's the sexiest Korean actress of all time and surely, these beautiful South Korean actresses are pretty, cute, sexy, and talented! A complete pack
  2. Happy Birthday for my actress favorite of Korea: Eun Hye Yoon.
  3. Korean Netizens Select The Top 10 Best K-Dramas People Have 1. "Coffee Prince" (Photo : MBC) "Coffee Prince" is a 2007 drama that aired under MBC. The story is centered around a popular coffee shop that only allows men to work there. Strange things start happening when a girl decides to work at Coffee Prince, masquerading as a male. It is a story about the beauty of youth and love that causes viewers' hearts to flutter. https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/119020/20201001/korean-netizens-select-top-10-best-k-dramas-people-watch.htm
  4. ‘Coffee Prince’ posts highest rating for ‘Docu Flex’ series https://mb.com.ph/2020/09/25/coffee-prince-posts-highest-rating-for-docu-flex-series/
  5. Hello, I am very happy for the Coffee Prince reunion, since I love this couple of Eun Hye Yoon and Gong Yoo, they are my favorites.
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